Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amnesia and Fear

Exercise:  Everyone suffers from amnesia it is only you who can remember things like a normal human, explain how your world would be? (Time:20 mins, Theme: Fear)

They say 90 percent of the people in this world don’t remember what they did the same day last week, but the world where I live in, people don’t remember what they had this morning, for breakfast.

It’s like, if you asked them why they are in a supermarket in their pajamas licking an icecream-cone at 12 o clock on a Wednesday, the chances are they would look you at you, maybe snigger a bit and then ask the same question to themselves, i.e why are they licking an ice-cream cone at 12 o clock in a supermarket on a Wednesday.

It’s like being perpetually high on that fine Heisenberg blue crystal methamphetamine.I mean,  If you were to pull a prank, steal their money, murder their pets or cheat on their better halves, you would be glad to do so and they would never show even an ounce of retaliation. Not even the most dangerous ones and by that I mean not even the 200 pound fat mother of unwanted kids.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

BBC Documentary: The sad truth

So this morning, I saw the much controversial BBC documentary based on the blood-curdling 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident which has gone viral. And in my opinion, has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Just a few minutes in to the disturbing video, and I was questioning myself; when will people in this world start treating the people as "people", let alone the proverbial gender bias? When will there be an agreement on what seems so overtly brutal and out-rightly appalling to many of us, but is mocked, disregarded and shamelessly defied by a massive chunk of brain-dead people co-existing in the same society, breathing the same air? 

Now I am not much of an expert on the subject, but when one throws arguments on the lines of upbringing, depravity, patriarchy etc, mildly cushioning the morally adulterated minds being questioned,  I just don't buy their logic and maybe rightly so. 

In the process of human evolution, something must have gone catastrophically wrong or there must have been a severe disconnect, because deprivation could trigger thoughts. But those thoughts to trigger actions and trigger them to an extent that it takes someone's life away along with his soul, is an anomaly. An anomaly of his own mind. It can't be defended, it can't be debated and most importantly it can't and must not be justified. It just needs to be punished. 

A few days ago, I had seen a viral video made by a brave girl on an airplane, shaming a middle aged man. What was disturbing about the video, was not only the audacity of the man for making such a disgusting move in public, assuming he would get away with it,  but also the site of people in thumbnails, siding with him on Facebook and YouTube comments.  

Who are these people and why are they so blind? Just like the two defence lawyers of the accused, in that BBC documentary. How could some educated lawyers candidly put forward a line of defence that not only dwindles their own merit but also questions and slams their morality in front of an international audience?

If someone has the brains to study and pass a prestigious course like criminal law, I believe he should have the brains to judge what morally is right or wrong, if not in a day-to-day life then at least about the incident that is hurling at a hurricane scale and has shaken the entire world. 

But then again, he probably can't, maybe because his brain is corroded, not because of deprivation, not because of disparity, not because of patriarchy. But because it just is!

We could choose a magic wand or a whip, a rule or an order, a pat or a punch, a rose or a gun, morality or evil. It all depends on us and our minds. Nothing else.