Saturday, July 4, 2015

Excercise: Magic Realism (Time:20 Mins)

He stormed through the elm-wood door, with one hand in his pocket and the other with a half burnt cigarette stick. His lips were pressed hard against his teeth in anger and he stared at everyone present at the crime scene through his hundred dollar night shades. He did not utter a word but brushed his noticeably long greasy hair back with his fingers.

Just when the twenty something press-reporter clicked his picture and thought he got away with it, Nathan, grabbed him by his trench-over-coat collar and whispered in his ears.

‘Delete it and do not do it ever again.’

The reporter dropped his camera in fret and scampered to the door. While leaving the room, he said it out loud in his head, ‘This asshole...’

‘I heard that’, Nathan yelled and turned every single head in the room. Now there were multiple cameras flashing at him, all at the same time.

He walked out of the room, away from the mess of the press, and lit up another cigarette.

‘So, what really happened?’ he asked his sub-ordinate who held the umbrella on top of his head.

‘Not sure boss, but looks like the lady was killed for a reason’, the sub-ordinate answered casually.

‘That’s very smart of you Eric, because in 20 years of my career, I have mostly seen people get killed for no reason. Of course the murderer had a purpose you dumbass’, he blew a puff in his face.

The sub-ordinate lowered his eyes down in shame;

‘of course you know all that, because you are old and experienced, unlike me.' he thought.

‘Shut the fuck up’, Nathan shouted.

‘What?’ asked the sub-ordinate bemused by Nathan’s response to his mere thoughts.

‘You heard me.’

Nathan threw the cigarette filter on the ground and turned-it off with his boots
‘Boss, the lady’s husband is here and he looks like he is ready to give his official statements’ informed another colleague.

‘Call him’. Nathan ordered.

A man in his mid forties, with an intermittent but conspicuously distracting right eye and right neck twitch, walked-out through the door and stood right in front of the crew. He looked at the intern first and then jerked his neck back at Nathan, he repeated the same action thrice before he opened his mouth.

‘Ya so…what do you want to know?’ asked the man.

‘You know, what we want to know…’ Nathan counter-questioned him, popping a vicodin pill.

‘Ohh yes, of course, let me think.’  The man looked down at the floor, like a complete lunatic and did not utter a word. His awkward twitches from a 90 degree angle made the intern snigger but Nathan elbowed him in his gut to keep quiet.

‘Now we could do this a couple of ways. Either I make a fake story, tell you how much I loved my wife all these years. Tell you how, I never doubted her intentions even when I knew she lied through her teeth, every time she came over from her boyfriend’s house and made up unbelievable excuses for nearly three and half years.
I could tell you that she knew that I knew.’

The man kept gazing at the concrete floor lost in his own thoughts.

‘She knew what?’ Asked Nathan.

The man looked up from the floor after a very long pause in disbelief, ‘WHAT?’

He stared at Nathan, without uttering it out loud.

‘What?’ Nathan kept quiet and looked straight in to the man’s eyes.

‘Did you say something?’ The man thought in his head.

‘I did not, did you?’ Nathan asked, still quiet as a wall.

‘You mean you can read…

‘You mean you can read too…? 

Wait …pause…Refresh.’ 

The main replied, with his twitches growing more rapid and awkward.

‘Did you just say? Wait…pause…refresh.’ 

‘Yes. I did.'

‘Jesus! this is a fucking nightmare, I can’t even stand someone who can do what I can do. I might as well kill you for having the same power as I do. There can’t be two of us, not in the this world at least.’ Nathan;s cheeks turned red in rage and his hands reached out to his revolver tucked in his belt.

‘Well, in that case you know why I killed her.’ The man, winked at Nathan, twitching his neck, as if he dodged a bug.

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