Thursday, June 11, 2015

Who did it?

There's a window, by the side-rack, by the shattered hopes.
There are some unfinished stories stacked on that rack, on those dusty frames, in those books, in those diaries, of yesterdays and coming tomorrows.

There's a door, by that window, by the infinite possibilities.
There are some Jigsaw Puzzles and some Rubix Cubes, on those unconnected dots, on those maze walls, on those never-ending sidewalks.

There's a line, by that boundary, by that grass, by that sweat.
There are some foot-prints and some confined emotions, before the line, before the happiness. before the sunrise.

Who shut these windows?
Who locked these doors?
Who drew these lines?

You did...I did...We did. Knowingly...Unknowingly...Desperately...Curiously...Intentionally...Unintentionally.

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