Sunday, January 11, 2015

20 Random Words and

So in a fun exercise, I was given 20 random words/set-of words, and I had to build up a short news story putting all those words in a context, in five minutes.

The words were:

  1. Realists
  2. Gimmick
  3. Intern
  4. Fantastical
  5. Dice
  6. Anti-incumbent
  7. Parrot
  8. Agenda
  9. Quantum-Physics
  10. Wormhole
  11. Facebook
  12. House-of-cards
  13. Eloquent
  14. Megalomaniac 
  15. Preposterous 
  16. Propaganda 
  17. Phantom
  18. Elephant
  19. Bizarre 
  20. Internet
...and this is what I wrote:

Breaking News:  Internet video of a mysterious elephant goes viral.

In an exciting and the most bizarre news of the day, a giant elephant’s video has gone viral.  An intern and a ghost writer at the, released the video on facebook last night, where a phantom sized elephant is seen to play with a parrot and soon after that, he eats it alive.  Since the time the video has gone viral, people have come up with preposterous theories. Some experts are associating the entire video with the US government’s propaganda to divert people’s attention from the upcoming premier of the third season of house-of-cards. While some are associating it with the eloquent and magical unproven theories of quantum physics, such as the wormhole. However, the anti-incumbent megalomaniac realists are discarding the entire episode as an edited video gimmick.

Whatever the reality maybe, It would be interesting to see which way the dice roles from here on, and how many more depressing theories emerge. While it may be a fantastical way for some of the misleading powerful groups to divert the attention from the upcoming election’s agenda, it surely is an evil prank on elephants and parrots.

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