Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stupid Issac Newton and Alternate History

A final year student from Cambridge, took his afternoon nap on a Wednesday, in a garden full of apple trees in the mid sixteen hundreds. It was dull, gloomy but a warm afternoon, unlike every other day in England. The birds chirped little, the sky was blue and clear and the silence of the trees had put him to a deep quiet slumber.

Soon, a tiny insect crawling on the grass, entered his curly hair and lost its way, but Issac did not move a muscle. He was sleeping like a log; it had been a rather long day for him. He snored loudly and dreamt of failing his final dissertation. He of course, was not the smartest guy in the class and had a reputation for failing subjects twice as much as the other low graders did. Some of his classmates even joked that Issac had less than an IQ.

The stress of finding a prolific Science topic had taken a toll on him to an extent, that he dreamt of constellations, planetary motions and unknown forces of the universe.

Science had not made any significant progress so far, and if it had, then Issac was far away from the facts and it clearly reflected in his thoughts and approaches.

After a long and a powerful siesta, he abruptly woke up from the sleep and sat straight; something had hit him. Something, not too heavy but heavy enough to destroy his dreams. He touched his nose; it had started bleeding. It was an apple.

Apparently, the apple had not fallen far from the tree, but right on his nose. He touched his face, the blood trickled down from his nose to his lips. Then, he ran his tongue on his upper lip, just to be assured.

Least bothered with a broken nose and shattered dreams, he looked at the sky. It had turned dark. Issac had slept more than he had planned for, but he couldn't blame the weather. It had been a beautiful day, and now it was a beautiful evening.

It was a full moon. Issac sat there under the open sky for a while contemplating his next move. He barely had any. Then he gazed at the the moon, it appeared brighter, bigger and closer than ever. Almost as if someone, with long arms could play with it.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea struck him and he asked himself the most remarkable question one had asked in the history of human evolution.

"If the apple falls, does the moon also fall?"

A moment after, he sniggered hysterically like a lunatic at his stupidity, then he grabbed the apple, dusted it with his trench overcoat and took a bite.  

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