Friday, May 16, 2014

The AAPsolute Defeat

If this was just any other day in the history of Indian democracy, I wouldn’t have voiced my opinions about a national revolutionary political party that is so stringently pro anti-incumbency (oxymoron eh?) and anti-corruption that it made the ‘consummate governance’ the holy grail of Indian politics and anything short of the very idea, an absolute crime!

Before this day, I always restricted voicing my thoughts about them, fearing it would mistranslate into something as judgmental as their own sanctimonious rigid ideology that is quite often backed by mere helplessness and accuses. Before this day, any piece of write-up like this would’ve made me sound like a devil’s advocate with no evidence.

But today is the day when someone like me should speak, coz the nation already has and by that I don’t mean you’re in for a Modi clan triumph. This rant (if you will) is against a self-righteous bunch of activists who grabbed the nation’s (or at least the urban crowd’s) attention in a jiffy from the revolutionary movements a couple of years ago against corruption. But in the hindsight, they were not more than mere mobocratic leaders backed up with paid social media hooligans sh*ting all over your timeline much before the major parties even conceived their stands for this year. This of course excludes the blinded elite class who could actually be reading this and shaking their heads in denial. 

They went head first, from agendas of corruption at all scales to issues of border terrorism, to local prostitutions biased by racial indiscrimination. They accused the leaders, blamed the system (while mocking it), created the gigantic emotional buzz in the capital and assumed that it has spread over the entire nation. They promised you your bare necessities, your additional necessities, then the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the entire fuc*ing milkyway, while milking their every move through the visual, print and the social media. They got instant success at a pace in the state election that they self-proclaimed themselves as the juggernauts of the national elections even before it started.

They formed the government in Delhi (minus the accountability). But they changed their statements and ideologies faster than Lady GaGa changes her hairdo. They went back on their promises shamelessly more number of times than any Internet explorer user ever has through its back button. They threw away the power given to them to gain more power through street protests, through one-sided forceful press allegations, through gullible intellectuals and some fuc*ing annoying group of pseudo-intellectuals that I did not even know existed in every vicinity I have been a part of.

Why am I a tad offensive? Coz I had never seen a bunch of activists play around with democracy on the name of radical overhaul for transforming the contemporary regulatory framework. I had never seen intellectual bubbleheads turn in to chaotic ass*oles on the name of patriotic responsibilities. I had never seen such a rage among genuine souls trying to make this nation a better place under the leadership of a self-centered, fickle- headed misleading chicken of a man who was all talks and no actions. Their gimmicks did not pay off, unlike others; they couldn’t eat off other’s sobriety. I am glad they fell flat on their faces and so did those who did not learn what they were up to even after repeated obvious set-backs on the name of reformation. 

Now, I am glad, probably my timeline wouldn’t look like a place that’s having a clash of intellectual high moral titans anymore. I am glad, there will be no helplessness driven volunteers trying to make so much sense that they end up making no sense at all. I am glad this mentality of “You are wrong, if you’re against us” dies with the verdict and if it still doesn’t then, they surely would be the last comic standing! 

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