Monday, December 2, 2013

BAD GUY Eminem

"This is my Legacy (Legacy)
This is my Legacy (Legacy)
There's no guarantee
It's not up to me
You can only see
This is my Legacy (Legacy)"

As I write this down, the above lines are playing on my iPod. The track is called 'Legacy', From Eminem's new album 'The Marshall Mathers LP2; shortened as 'MMLP2'. This is Marshall's (Yes, I am calling him 
Marshall, coz that's his name) eighth studio album and it released on Novemeber 5th this year and went straight to number one on all the charts in 83 countries and is the highest selling RAP album (even after getting leaked 6 days before it's release) of this year and 2nd highest sold album of all the genres combined. Since the album has went platinum in its second week itself, I think anyone who said Eminem is down and out should go and jump of a bridge or keep listening to the corny ass whack rappers they listen to. In the age of the digital media when people download music illegally, it's difficult to sell CDs and here we have a white guy dominating the black music genre and becoming the most selling artist of the decade. So basically since the time Internet has boomed, he is the only artist who has been heard the most throughout the world and that goes from rap to rock to pop. In fact I would argue that he is a genre in himself. No other Artist has even come close to him in years when it comes to sales figures but then,  I am not going to talk his sales figures or critical acclaims in this post because it would not be possible for me to sum it all up in one post. This post is all about that one favorite track of mine and how I think this song is one of the best songs of all time in my personal opinion. 
BAD GUY: I swear to god, there has never been a song in my entire life that I heard for the first time and cried. Except for this one! Matter of fact, I have cried everytime I have heard this song in last one month. So I don't hear it as much as I should, even though it's my current favorite. This is the introduction track of the album and for me this alone is worth more than 100 reasons why I will give this whole CD a straight thumbs up.

The song starts with a feel of an old insanely controversial track called 'Kim' from MMLP (2001), that talks about how Eminem wants to kill his own wife and bury her and how she has made him a mess.Well, if you haven't heard that song, you have missed out one of the most insane songs of all time. Go YouTube it now !!! 

In the second verse of 'Bad Guy', he reveals that it's probably not about his ex wife Kim, but someone else, nevertheless he sounds really mad at that someone but the verse does reveal how that person has made his life a hell..the excitement doubles and you get goosebumps at the end of every line (Well,yes you do if you are really an Eminem fan). 

After the first two verses, the third verse makes you perfectly picture what he is saying and where and how far he has gone with his plan to kill that someone... it's THAT beautifully narrated. After all, no one tells a story better than Eminem! But towards the middle of the song, a line comes up that says, "and here's your Bronco hat, you can have that shit back, coz they suck!" and just after that the whole feel of the song changes, Eminem starts sounding like how he did exactly 13 years ago, (since the time I have been obsessing with his music) and this is when the tears start rolling down my cheeks !!

You realize, this song is the seqeual of the legendary song "STAN", the song that is so famous that every single hardcore Eminem fan likes to call himself or herself 'STAN' (yes irrespective of their gender), because he was the fictional character in his previous song (Stan, short for Stanely) who was obsessed with Eminem and kills himself and his girlfriend after Eminem doesn't reply to his multiple letters. In this new song Stan's little brother Mathew has grown up and is ready to take the revenge from Eminem because he thinks Eminem is responsible for Stan's death in a way and his life is a garbage because of that and all of a sudden every single line that was said previously in the song starts making perfect sense.

The way Eminem has related the previous song with this new song is absolutely and remarkably the signs of a genius. You should probably go through the lyrics of both the songs and figure it out yourself, but I will just site one example from  the previous song where Eminem raps as his fan(Stan):

"But you could have signed an autograph for Mathew, that's my little brother man, he is just 6 years old, we waited in that blistering cold and you just said're like his fucking idol man, he likes you more than I do"

Later while replying to his fan Eminem raps as himself : "here's an autograph for your brother, I wrote on starter's cap"

In the new song Eminem Raps as Mathew; "To think it was you one time I worshiped, Shit!" and, later, "here's your Bronco hat, you can have that shit back, coz they suck". 

You feel me?

Well, probably you can't just by reading it, you really have to be a fan to see how amazing this all is and how nostalgic it makes you when you hear something like this after 13 years of obsession...but wait I am not done yet.!

The last Verse of this song is absolutely one of the best works of all time in my opinion. Doesn't matter if you are a fan of hip-hop or not, if you don't like the last verse of this song you are probably hating it for no reason whatsoever. 

The last verse reveals that Eminem has actually been dreaming and it's his guilty conscience that has been rapping all this while. HOLY SHIT!!

The tempo of the song changes, his flow rockets from normal to brilliant and his devilish side along with his normal side raps at the same time making you shiver inside. It's scary and full of regrets, you feel like crying with every word that he says, about how his actions have hurt a number of people from his own fans, to homophobic people to anyone who he offends by the jokes he cracks, his double standards towards other women and his own daughter, how he thinks that the polyps at the back of his tonsils eating his vocal chords after the concerts are the results of his own karma , how he hated his high school bullies but he became one himself once he became an international star and how he fears his glam sham is not going to be there forever and how people will forget him after he stops rapping and if that all is not enough to give you one hell of a time he says how MMLP2 could be his last album and how he is back just for one last time! 

I don't think I cried this much while listening or watching to any speech, any song, any movie or any artistic thing ever in my life and I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one..I think everyone who has been an Eminem fan for years and has grown up listening to him and ONLY him on a regular basis, cried too!

So, if you actually want to know what I am talking about do the following: 

Go to YouTube --- Listen to STAN with lyrics by Eminem (if you haven't already) and if possible see the video as well ---  then listen to Bad Guy with lyrics --- and cry !!

and if you think you can't do that..then I will leave you with the last few lines of the song to tell you how wonderful it sounds even while reading through this 7 minutes of absolute brilliance !!

So one last time, I’m back
Before it fades into black and it’s all over
Behold the final chapter in the saga
Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle
Twice the magic that started it all

Tragic portrait of an artist tortured

Trapped in his own drawings

Tap into thoughts

Blacker and darker than anything imaginable

Here goes a wild stab in the dark

As we pick up where the last Mather's left off

Saturday, November 23, 2013


"Your opinions don't matter!"

I have heard that above line so many times in my life that now I am forced to think, that there must be someone in this world whose opinions don't matter at all, anytime, anywhere and in any situation. But let's just say that I am wrong and I think I am, because that line is used mostly in a heated argument keeping the subject-object in a relevant context. But the truth is that it's used more often than you'd think.  All over the internet when people troll each other sitting behind their screens thousands of miles away, they think that it's alright to tell how wrong the other person is by just telling him that his opinions don't matter just like his existence.

But that's just not limited to the internet world, the difference in opinions is evident everywhere and as appalling as it may sound for the one who is under the trial, I think it's necessary in every context. But how often do we try to overcome our ego and get in to the other person's head and understand what he really means? How often do we see the other side of the story? How often are we not biased towards our own thoughts? Well, if you ask these questions to yourself and observe your own words throughout the day, you'd know we fail miserably, in fact almost 90% of the times (the figures aren't from a researched data of course). Some of us are even as rigid as 100 percent of the times.

So, when we debate over how a particular genre of music is better than the other genres or how our favorite artist is better than the rest of the artists or when we persuade someone to taste a special dish against his will or when we think low of someone who is aloof, we simply forget that we are discarding the choices the other person is consciously and righteously making. It's in fact us, who need to stop judging and forcing our views on them. Because it's okay, if someone's taste buds prefer apple juice over martini or if someone prefers Chetan Bhagat over J.K Rowling. It's okay, if someone likes his own company and is not a fan of social gatherings. It's okay, if someone doesn't like to smile quite often but is happy the way he is. It's okay, if someone isn't good at what he does but has high aims of doing something else and it's also okay, if someone is gay, lesbian, transgender or bi-sexual.

...and It's okay if you commit a crime


Of course, you did not stop reading it. So now that you are still reading it, why don't you observe your own thoughts and about what you thought of the last line that said "It's okay to commit a crime", it's of course not okay to commit a crime but then a criminal would argue with that. But he would be horribly wrong. Right? Maybe, maybe not I don't know. But all I know is, I don't need a phD in criminal psychology to understand that one doesn't become a criminal over night and also no one is a born criminal unless of course we are talking about anthropological determinism.

Well my point is simple, it doesn't matter how strongly we claim about understanding someone's situation we can never totally understand it, because we aren't that person. So the best we can do is try. Try to understand where he is coming from and why did he do what he did. Maybe his opinions are wrong but if he thought of something in his head, he obviously did not fake it or sometimes he knew it's wrong still he did it. But why exactly so?

I felt the necessity to write this post because lately I have consciously observed how people can be very opinionated and full of ego and I realized how easy it is (In fact ironical to what I just wrote, I could be one of them sitting here and judging them through this post). However, the good side to it is that they come out as strong personalities but the downside to the same is that it doesn't work that way all the time in every situation. Whereas, if you try understanding everyone's situation your point of argument becomes weak but you know things exactly as they are.

So if I think you are right and she is right and he is right too, then I need to revise my statement that could be in alignment with his statement or her statement or your statement and then we can agree on it or disagree on it or agree to disagree on it but we will never be able to make everyone happy. But having tried to do so, would increase my chances to read you inside out and mind my tongue and actions the next time? well maybe!

Oh what do you know, that could just be my perspective and could be totally ironic to the theme of the whole post, so you could beg to differ. Because you know why?

Coz It's Okay !...