Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Chance

Life changes, priorities too and hence the human behavior. To study them and adapt accordingly is a big task and takes a lot of smart work. You have to be first of all READY for the changes, should be able to take risks and get going. The bigger the risk, the higher the return. Yes ! I am talking in management terms, but doesn't that apply to life as well ?

You want to get a video game as a kid you are scared that your parents would scold you, but you take the risk and ask them and voila !! the next day you have a brand new PSP or the likes.
You want to ask a girl out, you are scared..but with putting all your chances of a nervous breakdown aside, you ultimately do and she says, the magical word "OKAY". You want to hit a sixer and show it all off, the bowler is planning to bowl a yorker delivery and your luck makes it a full-toss when you are two steps ahead of your crease and bang ! SIXER !!! You don't like being neglected at work place, in college groups or in parties, you stand up for once and suddenly you are a hero and people like you for the balls you showed !

All these happen, doesn't matter if you are reading it and shaking your head like it never did in your case. Just try recalling the times or better just wait for a month, it will all come hitting you in the face but of course in different ways.

You have to take chances, go by your gut feeling and then if you fail, at least you don't regret not taking a chance !

I don't even know why I wrote this post, may be somewhere inside I am happy, that I took a chance and so should you !