Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stupid are We ?

The motivation for this post came from my very own, Facebook SM which was something like this

"Everyone sharing Kony 2012 video and being worried about it, should stop crimes happening next door if they can, than being fucking worried about something that is happening in Uganda"

..and looks like this SM has really hurt the sentiments of some people. But honestly, I really don't care if they got hurt, coz they are stupid enough to get hurt in the first place itself and I only mean in this context...however one thing that I would wish to change is to go back and throw some more details and facts in the SM itself, than clarifying that all in the comment section and putting some real sense in the ignorant duds.

People, have a habit of catching a trend and blowing it all out of proportion by jumping on the bandwagon of anything and everything, irrespective of the degree of stupidity and negativity it carries. No, I don't mean only my friends who commented on the SM, they are still friends, but a major chunk of the society falls in the same birdbrained category. They just follow what everyone else does, a few times it is good, Like the fight against corruption and for the transparent 'Jan Lokpal Bill' or like the movement in Egypt against 'Gaddafi', which quite obviously was transparent and was done with an honest motive and hence turned out to be successful. Because the people were aware of what was happening and they wanted change. It was all internal, but with this fishy Kony 2012 video with no reliable makers with no proper answers to the millions of genuine questions and with the officials of Uganda itself and US war experts denying the content of the video, leads one to think. Is it wise enough for everyone one to share the video or raise the money ? where will the money go ? is it a Scam ? What will the outcome be, if they say a major portion of the earnings would go for the War ? Who are exactly these guys and what are their credentials, specially if Jason Russell was arrested for public offence ? Why does the public and Government bodies of Uganda deny the presence of Joseph Kony in Uganda ? Could it be CIA or the US government's strategy to start the war, for Oil (like the Iraq war) ? Is it a propaganda for the presidential campaigns ? Why are there so many people involved from celebrities to politicians to sportsmen ? Isn't there other dictators in the world more cruel and barbaric than someone named Jospeh Kony whose name, no one had heard until they saw the video ?

Well as I said, there are no end to questions in this context and probably they will not be answered, because no one knows the answers. But probably everyone should be asking them, before they jump to a conclusion and start promoting a fucking world War by raising funds for the lethal weapons. A traffic of over 83 million viewers over just 15 days, is stupendous and hence raises the question of the authorities involved in making it so popular and also the question of disabled comment section ! If people can share it, they should be allowed to spit their views too, but they would not allow such a thing.

Everyone with a biased view and a soft emotional corner in their heart, for this particular video or the likes need a reality check big big time !! If you want to do something for the society, then go and give some food and money to the poor kids, do some anonymous charity, go and report a crime which you witnessed instead of being ignorant about it. Have balls to slap a guy you see is misbehaving with a girl. Raise money for a transparent noble cause, treat old age people better and for god's sake stop being all flashy about something thats fucking happening on MARS ! Coz it is not fathomable by the rest of the world even and when the actual time comes, you will back off so stop pretending that you are noble, coz you know you are not !

Well, and once again let me just reiterate my view, before everyone starts shaking their heads. I am not denying the fact that Joseph Kony could be a real bad ass dictator and a terror but is it really really true what we see in the video ? I am just guessing there is a hell lot more than what meets the eye ! I would support it the day there is something not fishy and transparent enough. coz you know what ? I am not stupid ! but are you ?