Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just another post :-)

The last time when I scribbled here was in Aug '10, it's been 5 months and I have never ever been detached from 'Blog Vibes', for this long, ever since it came alive. It's not that I have been so busy in my life, that I couldn't take out even half an hour to put up something gibberish, It's just that I did not feel like blogging. It felt, as if there is no need to write and let the world know what exactly I was going through or was thinking, coz nobody cares that deep, nobody thinks for us as much as we do for ourselves, nobody would be there forever, in fact sometimes I think, even if I had deleted the blog, it wouldn't have mattered to most of the people and it's not surprising at all !

But all these things aside, I am good and as a result have gained a few extra pounds :P
I measured my weight today and it's 75Kgs, phewwww !! My weight was constant between 60-65 since 7-8 years but then this is a good change, I guess :-)

I have also observed life closely in last one year, things that are important and are not taught to us during school days, things which we learn ourselves, things which life teaches us.

Life teaches us, in fact only life teaches us !

Whatever I learned in school or college never came handy whenever I was sad, happy, excited, afraid, curious or frustrated. I either only learned a new way to deal with it or used my previous experience to enjoy or get over any particular feeling. History did not help me, neither did Chemistry. All I am trying to say here is; while growing up, everyone around us including us, are so ignorant about the harsh realities of life, that we just confine by wish or by command to only the interiors of what we can represent on a piece of paper. No one tells us that there would be grown up monsters who would act sweet on our face and back-stab us and eat us alive the moment we start feeling that they are nice. No one tells you that anything but trust is to be trusted if you are in a relationship. No one gives you heads up if YOU getting screwed benefits them even a penny. No one is pure, no one is sane and no one is noble, It's just that some people are close to being one and rest are far from being the same !