Tuesday, November 1, 2011

U.K so far..

So it's been a month and a half since I had a nice cooked Indian meal or had a mosquito bite, but the worse thing is, I recently was bitten by a spider. The people who know me, know that spiders are the last thing on the earth, I am a fan of. But it's okay, I shouldn't be complaining, for the stay here in England has been pretty good and exciting in all regards so far. I don't even feel like complaining about the weather, coz people don't even get my jokes ! Recently I wrote on Facebook that, "I am supposed to be living my dream, but considering the weather in England, I am living my wet dream", and someone commented, "soon you will be living your snowie dreams", what the hell does that even mean !

I have been wanting to write a post since long, but I couldn't coz internet has dropped down in the constant priority list that I had for the last 6-7 years or so, socializing offline for that matter has climbed up the chart, in case you are guessing too much ! One of the best things about living in a place like this, is that you get to understand the human behavior more and more with each passing day. And the truth is, all the people in this world can be measured on the same level of emotional scale. It's been such a nice experience to meet people from all parts of the world, and when I say "all", I really mean ALL. China, Korea, Vietnam,Taiwan, Thailand,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Iran, Iraq, England, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Nigeria, Morocco, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia,Barbados, Ghana, Argentina, Brazil, Guayana, Mexico, and of course USA are the ones that I could recall right now !

Every single person from every single country has at least been 10 times nicer than what my expectations were. Specially all the European people I have met. Obviously sometimes it is kind of difficult to converse because of the language barrier, but they somehow happen to appreciate my sense of humor better than my Indian friends. So that works ! And here is a funny thing, you might think all the Chinese, Japenese or South Asian people look the same, but when you talk to them, you get to know how different they are from each other, but somehow I had a HUGE difficulty distinguishing among NRIs, they all look the same to me ! Which is kinda weird and unbelievable. All the guys have the same face cut and hairstyle, which btw is the famous crew cut and the same dressing sense. All the girls have a long face cut and straight hair and no I am not kidding !

The other thing is the accent, I simply love the various accents. There is so much to learn from the way everyone speaks, it actually tells you how do they speak their own language and also a lot about their nature. Some people tell me, I have an accent too but they are not sure what kind of accent do I have. But if I could copy the accents, I would start copying it from the very famous British one. I like the way, they throw a rhetorical question at you at the end of every sentence they say. For a person like me, who has grown up watching the American movies, serials and talk shows, has to be as fascinated by the British accent as much as the Americans themselves are.
Ohh btw, I have cooked more rajma-chawal in one month here, than I have cooked maggie in my entire life, that's a bit exaggerated but there is absolutely no doubt that it's hilarious to call Rajma as red kidney beans here, no really ! I mean can you imagine yourself eating something that is called Kidney partly :P ?

The post is getting so long that I am starting to hate it and basically this is why I hate blogging. I can't bloody stop when I start, be it anything. But still cutting it here, with a neat pic on the city street taken one rainy morning ..

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  1. Well done. I mean keeping the sense of humor intact in a alien country. the first thing that diminishes away is sense of humor. At least for me.

    Good that you are getting along with people of all sizes, shapes and mindsets. Great experience I must say. And of course, more offline is always better.

    Snowie dreams. hehe, I don't want to imagine that keeping wet in mind.


  2. an alien*

    before any grammar nazi comes and shoots me.

  3. here after a long time!...was a good read :)
    I had this feeling that the Britishers are a little snobbish. But when I asked another friend who studies in UK about this, she said they are quite the opposite! I guess we judge people too soon.

    enjoy your stay Peter! :)

  4. sounds great! goood going! :)

    love the pic!

  5. I'd have given an arm and leg to be where you are (no, seriously!! :)
    And glad that you are warming up to the place. But weren't you always a firang land material?? :D
    Looking forward to more such stories...
    And beta, achhe se padh lena!! :)