Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big-Inning !

A thousand stories untold,
worth more than coffers of gold,
unbelievable as it may seem,
it's the reality, not a dream.

I woke up and I slept again,
uncovered myself and felt the rain,
not ugly shall it ever be,
I am the end and the beginning is me !


  1. oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee remember me?! Kajal/The Pink Orchid.. I am back to blog world.. came looking for you and was welcomed by an insipirational piece of work.. "i am the end and the beginning is me". You said it dude! you said it! :)

  2. and yup the "Kajal" on your sidebar with "lifeofthepinkorchid" is NOT me..that's some fake blog with my blog address which i deleted long back.. change karo jaldi se :(

  3. Peter :) I am on twitter @SunSandRain. And thank youuuuuu sooooooo much for stopping by!!! I don't know how many times I will go but I know that I will always come back find my buddies!! :)