Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life as we DON'T see it !

So you think, it's all unfair with you ? Don't you ? and that is because you failed your silly little exam. Coz the computer gave up on you or the pencil lead broke or may be the autowala's tyre got punctured and you couldn't make it on time.

Nope, I don't, I have worse happening in my life!!

Ohh well !! let's see, did you pass at the time of recession and you are still struggling your way to settle down nicely ? but you can't, coz now you have a year gap or two ?

Neh, I had a break up, my gf got married,my family thinks I am a joke, they fired me from the workplace and I now I have the self-confidence, the size of a dust particle !

Hmm okay, well here it is, "I am sorry, I feel bad for you and now there is nothing you can do to fix it".

Yeah, well it's a lot easier when you are at the preaching end, you know ?

I do know !! but hey, here's a thing, you are alive, aren't you ? your fingers, limbs, brain, liver, kidneys,lungs all intact and working fine, isn't it? you are in your 20's and you aren't in a jail neither do you have AIDS ! Your mind is as sharp as it was before and your body as adaptable as you have made it over the years. In short you are alive and capable !

So ?...

So, Feel The Gratitude ! Thank god for all this ! No I mean literally, Look up and say "thank you god, you have been kind to me."

and then what?..

And then I will tell you to mean, what ever you said just now. Because you aren't my 26 years old smartest cousin bro who died in an accident, you aren't the uncle who is being diagonised with the cancer and surely you aren't the guy who was hit with a hammer and lost all the memories.You are just a normal guy and you had a little downfall in your early life and if you can't deal with it right now, then you won't have a story to tell your kids !

Ohh !!

Yes and you get whatever you have thought of all your life, the universe works that way, if you think negative 24x7,you will end up being the trash forever. If you aspire for the horizon, you will at least get the feel of it.

Yeah but I did not attract all these in my life, I mean why would I bang my head on the wall ?

You know, I will have to be a little bit harsh in your face, and say YES you did get whatever you thought of or at least you always thought of what you did not want to get. To cut the long story short, you have become what you always thought about !

So, now what ?

Now, change your habits, be positive, smile no matter what, say no to negative thoughts, attract goodwill, smile no matter what,have the faith, strive for the best, smile no matter what and yeah more thing smile no matter what !!! Yup that's about it !

Ohh !!!