Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let Bygones Be By Guns !

Hover over my head, run in my mind, days and nights,
cover my thoughts, sign a plight and shine in the fights.

Tell me the tale of the Princess when her beloved was gone,
The cold hearted prince bogarted her feelings with his heart-bone.

Giggle, Wiggle and point out how I ate the sour grapes,
Hide the smear of your tear, behind your pink drapes.

Give me twinge, give me pain or strain, else I will have to fake it,
Give me curses, give me sick verses, else I will have to take it.

Burn the trust, be the first to throw the dust on him- 'the mystic'
churn your lust, let it burst, you don't wanna become the victim of statistics

Massacre the body, with the rose that you gave me, made up of iron
Murder my peace of mind and a piece of mine, with the silence made by a siren

Kill the realms of the dreams, hold your breath and smash it,
Before it dies, take the torch of time, look for the past and flash it.

But,when it will all be about to end and the seconds are left a few,
I will straight look into your eyes and smirk like I was the one for you !


  1. very eminemish :) but ofcourse with better words!!!.Loved it.

  2. Awesome, one has to read between the lines to get the actual message. Loved it.

    Motivating. :-)

  3. @ Manisha

    Don't think I wrote a Rap, but yeah the double entendres are oozing out here :-)
    Thanks !

    @ Hitwicked

    Exactly !!
    I don't know how much can everybody relate to this, but I sure have left a lot of hidden remarks from my side !