Saturday, March 19, 2011

To, The dasholes !

Alright stop smirking !! It reminds me the smug look of a Toad breakfasting on fat marsh flies. Yes !! you being the toad, coz you look like one. So, when you type bullshit or utter bullshit, all I can read or hear is "Turr Turr".

If you already feel this blog post is targeting you, then read it till the end. I am sure you'll not be disappointed, coz man, I don't know what your problem is, but I am sure even you can't pronounce it. Hence all I can do right now is make you understand that either your sense of humor is obsolete or your sanity is down market. You don't outsmart me or anyone for that matter, matter of fact if you were twice as smart, you would still be shamelessly and arrogantly stupid ! And come out of the illusion of being funny Mr,those unfathomable jokes would even confuse you if you read them after sometime coz the truth is, you did not understand what you actually meant when you cracked them up. Like it goes "if you think you are a miracle comic, then it's a miracle if you are comic."

Gah !! with qualities like these, you are at every damn place. Carrying 'that' cocky face, posing like you are the ultimate womanizer, talking like every line of yours is a punchline, commenting like you are THE man and everyone else is a loser.Basically, on an average you are one narcissist asshole out of every 30 odd people in this world.

The funny thing is, the moment someone praises you, you become the Batman and he becomes the Robin, you the Captain America and he the Bucky and the moment someone crosses you, you become the Superman and he the lex Author, you the Spider-man and he the Green Goblin, you the Batman and he the Joker. Getting the drift ? But forget fictional characters, we are human beings, what are you ? a raccoon ? coz you look like one ! Had it not been for this fake world, the illusion of you being listed among the "who's who" for any shitty category would be questioned by "what's that?"

I see you on FB, on blogsville, on the streets, in office, inside the lift, inside the parking lot, in a mall ,in the lobby, basically every damn place. You have infinite faces and all of them are ugly with a capital 'U'. But here's the truth, we don't take you serious. It's not that we don't like you, it's just that we hate you. Period !!

Give Narcissism, hypocrisy and cynicism some respect, else I have no freaking idea, how will you react if you start feeling the way you look !!

P.S : I hate you !


  1. just wishing won't fulfill the needs, you need to work hard to become one !

  2. turr...turr...

    ...jaane kya baath hui...??

  3. @ Shruti

    Your statement can be interpreted in two different ways,but I would choose, the one I like :)

    @ Vinnie

    aap batao :)

  4. The thing is when I'd posted that comment I was in a daze as to what to make out of the whole post, so I posted something that came in my mind. Yeah, see I'm so honest!! =]
    And I like the new template, goes down well with the theme of your posts: dark, grim, grisly (and incomprehensible).. ^.^