Sunday, August 22, 2010

The come back !

How could the life end up having such an ugly face ?

How could the life in life vanish without a trace ?

Supreme it is, is it brighter than a fading new moon?

Surreal it is, is it snowing in the mid June ?

Sometimes its forlorn like an old and a dieing man.

Sometimes it outshines everything like a gold and a diamond.

When it ends, it ends with a painless slaughter.

On the verge of getting finished, it starts a new chapter.

The walls are caving in, it could collapse any minute,

The grief is gripping, he has eaten the forbidden peanut.

Ugly as it may look, it has his demon here,

Silly as it may sound, he has to shout the truth in his ear.

One day he will rule the odds out and make himself proud.

Because there is a star shining behind every black cloud.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The World is a killer !

I have been retrospecting a lot lately and as a result writing this post, and now before I forget what I am supposed to write (yeah high antibiotics and elephant size injections make u forget things like 12 -24hrs of your life) let me just WRITE IT !

When I was a KID I used to think; Grown ups are smart, grown ups are powerful, grown ups have money that they can spend on whatever they want to spend on, grown ups are sensible, they can tackle anything and everything, they don't face problems, they are serious people, they have a clear cut idea about everything, they are smart, in short they are just awesome.

We kids have nothing to be happy about, we don't even get to eat ice-cream whenever we want to, we can't even watch Tv whenever we want to, we don't even get toys of our choice,we often get beaten up too, in short We Suck. I will grow up one day and the world would be my oyster.

When I was a TEENAGER I used to think; Grown ups are smart, they are sensible and rational people, they won't back stab, if they lie they can't be caught, if they do something they will do it perfect, if they are mean, they will have a reason, if they have money, they will spend sensibly, if they work, they will work hard, if they love, they will love for real, if they kick us, then may be we deserve it, in short grown ups are awesome.

We teenagers have school tension, we have so many crushes and not even one of them interested in us, we have so much tension everyday from school to coaching to parents to siblings, we can't even play cricket all day, can't even pull an all nighter, can't even bunk classes and go for movies, in short we suck.

Hell I wanna grow up so badly !

Now I think; I was a stupid kid and an idiot teenager, I thought everything about being grown up is so cool. It's not even 10% of what I thought it would be like.

Kids don't hide things so that you get in to trouble but grown ups do, kids don't back stab but grown ups do, kids don't kick you so that you can't stand again but grown ups do, kids don't spend money on things that are harmful for them and for others but grown ups do, kids don't plot against you but grown ups do, in short kids are awesome.

Teenagers don't plot against you like grown ups do, teenagers have real fun even with so called friends, grown ups pretend to have fun with their so called friends, teenagers get crushes everyday but think 10 times before harassing them, grown ups harass their crushes the moment they have one, teenagers are happy with whatever money they have, grown ups can kill for money and still won't be satisfied, in short teenagers are awesome.

Yes ! I think being a grown up isn't cool, not that it brings a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders but because it exposes you to the world, where everyone is a grown up. Hence the world is mean, smartly-evil, desperate, sick, raw, unethical, somehow stupid, lusty, screwed-up, vulnerable and a killer !