Monday, July 19, 2010

I never.....But it's just !

I never claimed that I am or could be that perfect guy,
But it’s just that I am a mirage of perfection and I always die.

I never brought my emotions from inside out, knowingly
But it’s just that my eyes say it all, without a doubt undoubtedly.

I never walked an extra mile to prove, that I am always right,
But it’s just that I pretended to run, even though my shoes were too tight.

I never achieved something intangible to get back my lost self-esteem,
But it’s just that my nightmare had turned in to a beautiful dream.

I never attempted to sing that best melody of all time,
But it’s just that my own verses sing to me with the sickest rhyme.

I never knew, all this while I was killing the life’s flow,
But it’s just that I thought, life was a boring one night show.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The New June

The last time I blogged was when probably Limp Bizkit was a popular band, Mobie and Obie sounded like an Oxymoron in "without me" and perhaps B.o.B a.k.a Bobby Ray was trying to be the next rapper coming out of 'A' town. Errr...let's not exaggerate, all I mean is, I wrote a post more than almost two months ago and it's been hell of a journey since then. Like a roller-coaster ride, it went high and then dropped and went high again. Shocks, surprises, events, parties, betrayals, insults, ecstasies, meet ups ...well you name it and I had it !

But but, lets not forget that June brings my birthday and has hardly been nice to me ever and the fact that I don't celebrate my birthday obviously doesn't help either. But this June had much more than I could have thought of and if you are someone who is reading it and nodding along with it thinking, "ohh well I know, what you talking about !" then let me tell you...NO you DON'T know what I am talking about even if you are god !

In case you still don't know then let me tell you, that I have now met all my SFT buddies and It has been awesome :-) .There is a slight change in my future plans. Yes I took a huge decision, but since you were not aware of my previous plan, this new plan won't interest you either, so chuck it. I also have realized that it costs more than your brain to understand someone. Well, I wanted to write a lot of things but it's like I have lost my writing appetite or someone just took away my writing ability. I just can't write these days, else why do you think I took so long to update this post and started with those shitty lines which you just read.

Anyways, other thing that is keeping me alive is EMINEM's new album 'RECOVERY', which was supposed to be 'Relapse-2' after 'Relapse' and 'Relapse-Refill'. But things changed for good and this album is a kickass product. HE is back big time, I mean the moment the official video of the song 'I am not afraid' leaked on youtube, there were 10K views in a minute and now it has crossed some 37 million views post release. I have been listening to all the songs day night and I don't know which one not to like. I mean the flow, the lyrics, the beats, the anger,the darkness, the variation (without any accent, remind you), the punchlines, It's a hell of a collection with so many artists contributing to it, from Rihana to lil wayne to Pink and everyone doing an awesome job.This whole album concentrates on Proof more than any other else. Eminem gave tribute to him posthumously, in relapse too and now this is the second time he has done it. The legend has also been declared as the Best-selling artist of the decade and of course that makes me happy :)

Phewww, I read whatever I just wrote and now I realize I can't write :( Read and comment on whatever shit I have written above, only if you are jobless, else I am sorry I wasted your time...blah !