Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Irritate !

This post is dedicated to all the irritating people in the world. You people do your job so effortlessly, that it seems it's in you genes and I will have to meet your parents to confirm it. Man ! do you guys get paid for all the things you do ?or are you all naturally annoying ?

Trust me, it doesn't matter which society you belong to, it doesn't matter how big or small a group is and it doesn't matter how stupid or intelligent guys around you are, you will always have one JERK who misfits in your group and gets on your nerves. I have seen plenty of them everywhere right from my innocent kindergarten days to happy high school days to vulnerable graduation days to my working days. Sometimes I think about them and the activities they perform every now and then and I start wondering whether they do it on purpose to annoy me or is it something which is their life's motto ?

I can go on and on and on, about the things that irritate me like hell. But I would list a few for now:

1. Assh*les and assh*lisms : There are guys and yeah girls too,who go on giving their stupidest ever ideas every now and then which even a new born baby would reject. They either inhale stupidity and exhale the same or they eat stupidity in the breakfast and keep vomiting throughout the day.

2. The braggarts : They have a land on the moon, a palace on pacific ocean and a toilet on Everest. Once when I was in school, a guy in front of me went on swearing by his every member in the family that, when Sachin hit a sixer the ball came out of his TV. I mean c'mon I was just 10 then, but not stupid.

3. The irritating eaters : Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrp, Crunchhhhhhhhhh, munchhhhhhhh, and the ooom nooom ooom sounds while eating are so annoying, so so so annoying that I get annoyed by myself when I eat a crunchy cookie or suck a noodle end. But I hate people who do it even while chewing a piece of sliced bread.

4. The High maintenance club : It's bearable as long as a girl is like that but when a guy does it, I not only find it ridiculous but also feel like slapping him hard and there are guys other than Chandler who go for pedicures.

5. The interrogators : Why ? when ? where? what? who? which? Okay these are words to be used sensibly even when you talk with friends but I have seen students and even trainees putting all these words in their stupid doubts. I mean if 'X' is unknown then let him be, why do you care ? when there are so many other variables you can't find either.

6. The loners : They are so lonely and dull that even if you take them to the dance floor in a DJ night with 6000 Watt of rocking music all around, they would somehow manage to take a nap there also. I have a couple of good friends who are the perfect examples and I kick them all the time for being like that.

7. The sweeter than the honey ones : If you have someone like that in your life then go for a check up before you die being a diabetic.

and not the last but the most irritating of all is;

8. The ones who try to outsmart you/me : Yes I hate them and on a given day I can even kill them. Putting up an opinion is a decent thing but putting it up as if it's the only opinion possible is arrogance. People who are always under the impression that they are always better than the best, are losers . No one knows all the things in the world, you can learn from a 5 year old kid and teach a 50 year old man. So, if someone thinks that he is always better than the best, then he perhaps forgets that there is always someone else who's better is far better than his better. So he better be careful.

P.S : Like I said, I can go on and on but it will be too lengthy, so why don't you all put down whatever you guys find irritating ?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exposed !

I avoid writing posts when I don't have any special ideas in my mind, but then I also hate not posting for long. So what I will do is, take up a tag ..Yes I know it's so unusual me and I already see a few raised eyebrows. I will do a tag that reveals a few of my secrets, well actually 7 of them..Okay I see a few more raised eyebrows ..Great !!

Secret 7: When I was a kid I used to kick a lot while sleeping but the most embarrassing thing is that I used to hold the person's ear sleeping next to me.I absolutely have no idea,where did I get that habit from.

Secret6: I get bored quickly of anything, specially of whatever I write. Matter fact, I get bored of my creations as soon as I am done writing them. See, I am bored of 'secret7' and I am on the verge of getting bored of 'secret6'.

Secret5: I day dream a lot and I hate doing it. It only feels nice when you actually dream, but when you are back to the reality,it sucks more than the reality really does. Know wham sayin? :P

Secret 4: Whenever I listen to any song with a certain degree of Rage, I put my soul in to that and it does feel Awesome.

Secret 3: I haven't watched '3Idiots' yet and I am still ALIVE & KICKING, in fact I don't have any regrets and I am not even excited to watch it. I will watch it the day I want to, not when the whole world wants me to.Those People planning to leave comments like "you are an idiot if u haven't watched 3idiots" or on the similar lines are idiots themselves and yes I have all the comments and rights and wrongs reserved on Blog Vibes !

Secret 2: The way I sound or the way you picture me here, I might appear only 40-50% like that, if you meet me in person. But that doesn't mean that I fake it here, it simply means that I don't express things in real life the same way like I do on my Blogs.

Secret 1: I try reading minds, & if I connect well with a particular person I surely do an excellent job.