Monday, July 19, 2010

I never.....But it's just !

I never claimed that I am or could be that perfect guy,
But it’s just that I am a mirage of perfection and I always die.

I never brought my emotions from inside out, knowingly
But it’s just that my eyes say it all, without a doubt undoubtedly.

I never walked an extra mile to prove, that I am always right,
But it’s just that I pretended to run, even though my shoes were too tight.

I never achieved something intangible to get back my lost self-esteem,
But it’s just that my nightmare had turned in to a beautiful dream.

I never attempted to sing that best melody of all time,
But it’s just that my own verses sing to me with the sickest rhyme.

I never knew, all this while I was killing the life’s flow,
But it’s just that I thought, life was a boring one night show.


  1. i really loved the starting 3 paras
    and the other 3 paras went a little upar :S

  2. It is like eminem eminem.
    You never knew that why you were despondent,
    Its just that things seemed that way.

    -hope they change :)

  3. First question, why vomit?

    Loved the shoes line

  4. It never was possible that I didn't like this stuff,
    Its brilliant, its real, its rough, its tough!

    Keep going!

  5. I never had the courage to read your posts,
    But it's just that I had already survived after reading mine!!

    amazing stuff man...aap tho poet ban gaye Peter sahab:)

  6. Ditto with me... loved the first 3, last 3 were intangibly tangential :P

    :-s I keep re-reading them, but still can't get the xact context... :-w

  7. All your poems are written in different styles.This one's something new too.

    Nice :) really liked it.

  8. i am the cyber ghost....i visit every few months or so!!

  9. I loved shoes vala line and also last two are also awesome :-) Very nice !!

  10. Isn't that exactly how life is about!?

    It flows at it's own pace, irrespective of our choices and desires. What we do is adapt wth it!

  11. I NEVER thought u cud write something like this,
    BUT ITS JUST that u r always unpredictable!! :D :D
    do i need to mention in words dat i liked it???

  12. guess i'll have to agree with the others...the shoes bit was the best :)

  13. this one is amazingly written and impressive...