Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Piss of mind !

Does it ever happen with you that, you are pissed at something/someone, you don't discuss it with anyone and then you kind of forget it after a few hours.BUT YOU ARE STILL PISSED. Your friends go like, "hey what happened ? you okay? you look like you just stepped on dog's shit !" and all you can answer is " yeah I am okay, of course duh !" then some more friends bug you with the same question and then your family members and of course some of your colleagues, who have only limited stock of words like 'Hi' and 'Bye' for you.

Some of you must be wondering, "jeez ! he doesn't remember why is he pissed? what a loser !"
and I am sure some of you must be thinking, "ohh yeah ! yea yeah yea, it does happen with me but you just said it, you are damn right",well yeah thank you, most of the times I am, but you guys realized it just now...LOSERS !

But the point is, It does happen. With me it happens a LOT and I know a few more people who face the same problem.Quick agitations,unreasonable mood swings, severe depressions, irritability,self-loathing, concentration problems, loss of interests, unexplainable headaches, abnormal aversions. well,Been there, been that !!

I don't know what is it called, but Bipolar Syndrome sounds the closest of all. It is very common in 20 somethings. But well, when you are facing it, all you want to do is; jump from a suicide point, shout at every random person you see (kids, aunties, grown ups,blinds, dumbs, retards well yeah everyone), slap anyone who argues or is tooooooo polite,kill for money,fire bullets,throw your dinner plate away, kick an ass (figuratively, literally and metaphorically), punch glass doors,abuse loudly, curse and be meaningfully mean,eyeball every bitch,show middle finger to every jerk, get doped, be dead sarcastic and well yeah of course murder 'that' person !

If you are wondering how often it occurs and why it occurs, then let me tell happens in series and sequences, morning, afternoon, evening, night, it just keeps getting accumulated and then when you get up the next morning you look like a fucked up zombie and your attitude worse than a psychopath. It takes sometime to get out of the system and by the time it gets over, it has already taken a lot out of you.

P.S : FUCK as I wrote all this I am getting in that zone, for more than one reason !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7 Random Facts !

It's almost been a month since I wrote a post and the messed up part is that I wanted to write almost every single day during this time. But then this bitch won't let me write anything,coz she is a bitch and thats what bitches do.I am talking about 'Writer's block' btw.So,I will write something gibberish, not out of any box or closet. I remember Harshita's tag, to reveal 'seven random things about myself',I don't understand why it is 7 ? why not 10, 12 or 9 ? Is it may be coz 7 itself sounds like a random number ? Well, I have already done that tag but doing it again, Coz these are not PRICE TAGS :P :)

So everything is gonna be random about this post, now dun give me that random look :|

(Pahla Nasha). I have a list. Wat ? really ? yeah not to kill a few people before I kill Ghajini kind of list, but a list of Do's and Dont's in my mind and If my do's fall in the Dont's and vice versa at times, then it results in a turmoil in my brain which in turn reflects on my face.
Sigh, sometimes I don't know how to end long sentences.

(2D). Sometimes I really miss me, Well that sounded weird and spooky..isn't it ? yeah coz may be everyone likes you the way you are, but for me, I define duality (may be coz i am a Gemini?). I can't be the same person with everyone, I need to change myself every now and then, but that absolutely doesn't mean that I fake it. There are just more than one side of me, the dark side, the bright side, the fun side, the vague side, the nice side, the bad side, the list is endless...The more number of people I meet, the more number of sides I carry. Talking about multiple I a Polygon :O ?

(3 Idiots). I am superstitious. I don't believe, I just wrote that. Okay lets move to the next point.

(4 Square). Just like Harshita mentioned, I am a commitment phobic too..I might just reach on the verge of committing and then change my mind. How sick of You :O ? Yeah I know, thats is what you are thinking but then I won't commit unless I am 100 percent sure, be it anything and fake commitments, well nothing worse than that in this world.

(5th Element). I have a lot of gyaan for the whole world, a few unconventional, a few practical but it all does make sense to me but,I can't shout shit and risk it, Give a damn ? I don't know what the damn is to give it. Seeeeesshhh ! RAP instincts ruling at 2:30A.M,something seriously wrong tonight, amavasya ? :|

(6th Sense). Well this point reminds me, that my sixth sense does work a lot of times, but the 'dilemma' is again a bitch. I mean c'mon if I sense that something bad will happen if I go somewhere, then why does this bitch give me an option to go and risk that something.And then I have a doubt too, I do understand the signs, but I don't know what to do with them, Alchemist are you listening ?

(7th Heaven). Kids hate me, yeah ! I mean why wouldn't they ? If I ask a 3 year old "wassup ?" he will obviously tell me that the sky is up and the stars are up too :| I just can't make funny noises and entertain babies and Well, some grown up kids hate me for no reasons whatsoever :P

BTW what do you think about the numbering pattern ? Random, isn't it ? I told you ;)