Saturday, March 13, 2010

F*c* OFF !

Since the day I started facing the outside world, I always faced a certain someone who did not like my FACE.

In kindergarten, there was this class monitor who would hate me for no reason. Once I was so happy to have the same colored 'Donald Duck' Instrument box with me, that I actually went up to him and showed it expecting that he will be excited, Kid's psychology you know ! But he gave cold shoulders and if that was not enough the very next period he complained about me that I was talking loudly in the class.

Then in class 5th my English teacher slapped me 10 times for a very silly reason, that I laughed in the class..but I was not alone, at least a bunch of 20 odd kids had laughed. But she picked me up, may be coz back then I was bald headed and I looked ugly of course.

When I came to High School, my games teacher hated me to the core. He would insult me in front of everyone, would kick me out of every alternate class and made sure that no one helps me out. Once I remember I got injured in the playground coz of a defective sea-saw and the injury was so extreme that my toe's nail came out,even though I was wearing formal shoes. Socks were all red and soaked in blood, but I did not cry, till the time the asshole gave a smirk and said "You got a nice lesson, I am happy now".

Then there were those senior guys who never missed a chance to bully me, that prick who stabbed his divider on my palm, the fat-ass who kicked me and pretended that it was a mistake and said sorry,the retard who pushed me all of a sudden and my face got bruised, the mocking meatheads, who made fun of me in 11th when I failed for the first time in Maths. Engineering Professors who intentionally screwed up my grades throwing me in to exceptional bottom cases.My team lead, my boss who can't see me having a better logic than what he has and hence screws up my QA reports. A few far-off relatives who always made sarcastic remarks when I tried something different.

Everything common with these guys are that, somehow they all did not like my FACE and I am not just saying it, I have gone through it. The very first day I meet someone I get to know that he/she simply doesn't like my Face hence my expressions and sometimes it's the way I talk. Some say I carry arrogance, some call it attitude some don't say anything but hate me, as if I kick their balls on a regular basis when they are asleep or as if I have taken out their kidneys and sold it for free.

Whatever the reasons may be, I know I don't come across as a very nice and pleasing person to everyone I meet and I don't think it's even necessary to please everyone. I told this to my friend and she goes like "haan teri shakal he aisi hai" so yeah, be it "ab meri shakal he aisi hai, change nahi kar sakta isse" so if you got a problem with my FACE, then F*C* OFF.

Not Everyone is good looking, not everyone is fair and charming, not all of us are the same. But everyone is beautiful the way he/she is and it's not their fault if we don't like their face, It's actually our fault that we discriminate on face-basis. But contradictory to whatever I just wrote I know a few people personally who have the most slapable faces in the world.

Don't let them say you ain't beautiful, they can all get fucked just stay true to you - EMINEM !


  1. yeah even i kno sm ppl who hate my face...n i feel nt evry1 sud lyk it...i m nt born in dis world to please others...:) yeah its a bit tortorous in conditions lyt wat u den dat is da evil part residin ...

  2. @ Kiddo

    I know bahut problem hai :(
    buy yeah hi-5 !

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  4. i know how it feels :)
    we literally think such people don't like our FACES but i have friends who tell me how ugly i am :P beat that now!!

    take care, and just ignore these people coz u know how good u are...and thats what matters :)

  5. lol ok i like this attitude haha :) Going by the display pic, i can't imagine how somebody can end up not liking your face but at the end of the day, some people are just f**ktards..ignore please :/

  6. @ Mads

    Yeah I know,a few of My family members say, I look bad beat that !!

    yeah thats the most important thing :)


    lemme go back and read the rest.

  8. @ Aeish

    Hmmmm...yeah looks are deceptive and ugliness lies in the eyes of the hate-holder :P


  9. firstly they are MAD!!! not apne madsy wale mad but the kinds who are perverted enough to smirk over a kid who is bleeding! shakal se problem hai?
    u know what peter i think its the other way round, they have an inferiority complex about themselves coz' they are ugly as hell and are simply jealous. & the sorry thing is they weren't even nice people
    shessh! stabbing a divider!!
    main hoti to lath mar deti!!

    shallow people shouldn't be cared for. and if they are family well tell em that they r lucky ki ek to banda acha paida hua!

    am not sorry for the xtra long comment, i just get angry when people show cruelty judging on looks.

    stupid stupid stupid those people, you shine on and rise on :) that mirror doesnt lie like they say :)

  10. Let's FACE it.. some people are very quick at making conclusions just from appearances and 99% of the times they are wrong!!

    Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai "stupid stupid stupid those people, you shine on and rise on :) that mirror doesnt lie like they say :)" :)

  11. @ I'll try to be truthful

    I know thats why this post is about them..ajeeeb those guys are ...I have been a bechara somehow :(
    lol okay enough of crying :P

    Liked your comment as usual :)

  12. @ Abhinav

    yeah 1st impression matters ..but its not everything ...after all life is not a 15 mins of HR interview :P

  13. kya????

    u look bad??
    ppl dun like ur face??
    I thot ppl wud be all the tym gettin jealous of ur looks :D

    no seriously..!!

  14. @ Priya

    Yeah tell that to those guys !

  15. You look bad? achha!

    Peter... I have to be a positive demon then... :-w

    It is soooo shallow to judge someone by how they look, whether for the good or for the bad... x-( And I hate it when I hear people do that, esp during weddings... judging how the 'couple' looks together... utter grossness... when in the first place you don't even have to be spending your life with them... :|

    Mannn!!! bade toh bade, bachhe bhi! There has to be something very seriously wrong with the way kids are brought up then! :|

    And for the record, I am a HUGE fan of your looks... :-w not that I would judge you by that, but I am...

  16. I dont hate ur face coz u look like one of my *close* friend :-)..And let go off those suckers who are sooooo judgmental..

    Either they are jealous of you or have a 'BIG' complex..tats y they bug you!!

    Heck!! we all meet such people in life..its just tat u hav met more...!!

    Aree vo mile toh hum bhi toh mile na :-P *Be positive*

    Abi koi aisa mile na toh 2 chaante dena pakad ke *phew*

  17. Really.. you shouldn't even bother about such narrow minded people! You actually gave such jerks more importance by dedicating a post to them! I am a late bloomer.. so I've got those comments myself early on. Coz of that, I don't believe the compliments I get nowadays either :|

  18. Dont give a damn dude..
    Deeds, not luks, matters...


  19. @ Akansha

    I hate that kind of comparisons too and I don't know but yeah it does look like kids get that from their parents :-s


  20. @enchantinganki

    "I dont hate ur face coz u look like one of my *close* friend"

    else u will hate it :O

    Yeah i know, I don't have any problem if people hate me ...but hating me without any reason or coz of a silly reason is weird :-s

    thnks :)

  21. @dhanya

    u made sense after a long :P
    thnks :)

  22. Happened with me too.
    One of my teacher was partial just on the basis of how the students 'looked'.It used to be so annoying and hate her since then.

    some people judge you ALL the time ..every blink of your eye! But like you cannot please everyone , so chuck it! As long as those ppl don't matter to you , try not letting these things bother you.

    And in school/coll such things always happen.You must have been too popular among girls , maybe that's why the seniors picked on you :P

    Aur boss kay bare mein kya bolna..from many instances that I've heard , I've come to a conclusion that they cannot tolerate someone smarter than them.So by hook or by crook - they are going to prove that smarter person a fool !

    Relatives , I think , are born to shoot taunts.Green eyed monsters.
    Inka kuch nahi hone wala :D

    I like the quote :)

  23. @ Sugar cube

    Jealousy is one factor i know, in fact one major factor but ..everywhere and every time it doesn't fit in somehow :-s

    It's not a quote but a song ...but yeah makes a lot of sense :)

  24. dude are u kidding me?
    this post has been written by u of al the ppl has taken me by surprise
    time for some reality check-
    1. your face rocks. you are one of the hottest guys i have (or my hostel frnds) have seen (atleast u look very hot in your pictures)
    2. We (i n another male blogger frnd) were discussing bloggers generally and he actually referred to u as oh vo jo thoda handsome sa ladka hai..u talking abt him?
    3. people who think u r ugly are plain jealous of yuor looks
    $. If they misbehave with u or are biased thats probably because of ur i-dont-give-a-damn attitude jo ki duniya se bardasht nahi hota..logon se dekha nahi jaa ki ye banda tension free n 'cool' aur chilled out kaise kyun nahi raha.. they just want to make sure they disturb ur peace of mind

    So for god's sake stop thinking ki tu ugly vugly hai..aisa kuch bhi nahi hai..This is a huge confession but my frnds have actualy perved over ur photos for days!

    P.S.- i have stopped commenting on blogs even if i read them ..main comment kar rahi hun,..soch mujhe kitna shock kia hoge teri post ne!

  25. abhi i read mads ka comment n bakiyo ke comments upa upar se..
    mads tu achi khaasi dikhti hai.. kirpa karke un saare ku**e frnds ko meri taraf se ek thappad marna..
    and peter sir apne khud hi dekh lia sab ladkiyon ka reaction..sab ne aaj kitni khul ke confess kia hai..tu mast dikhta hai!!!

  26. people can be so judgmental sometimes.Judging anyone on any basis that way is wrong! who are we to judge??!


  27. I can't believe this post is written by you. If i can remember you have also been compared to an italian once..remember?? **wink wink**
    Dude, if you think ppl judge you only on your face value, then you are quite good looking. enough said.
    wo kya hai na, faaltu tareef nahi hoti mujhse :p
    And I know you don't care about such losers. Just keep that spirit.

  28. he he thts was kinda funny.. and entertaining...

  29. @ Apparently

    Thanks for whatever u wrote :)
    but I never said or thought I am ugly ..I just mean they hate me, my face my body,my voice and everthing that is associated with me and that too without any reason :|

    Ahem ..I read ur comment again and have to say thnks to u and frnds for all the compliments :)

  30. @ Pooja

    No one.. thatz what :P

  31. @ Prianca ..

    yes u said it all :)

  32. @ Uncommon sense

    your comment was surely uncommon :P :)

  33. Better to say F@ck off and be done with it coz you know they're being pricks. Simple philosophy that keeps me going :D

  34. n guess wat,,,its nt even been a week dat i read dis n commented on dis n i go thru da face sr doc gave my fren highest marks n nt me cozz he literally doesnt lyk my face...damn da marks was given on da basis of da project we presented n i prepared it all...all my efforts...jst put da oder gals name cozz c's a fren n we r in da same group!!! i desperately wanted to speak out da title of ur post to him..damn...

  35. Have went through the same.
    I don't care about them now...

    You'll always find People who will criticize you. I guess this also helps in growing they say...remember the compliments and forget the comments. :D

    take care

  36. @ Kiddo

    My sympathies ...I told u my case too right ?

  37. who wudnt like ur face!!mast to hai the cost of sounding weird,i must say u r good looking (atleast ur camera tells me so :D)

    but one cn make u feel inferior without ur consent..same shud be when some sycophant tries to pump u up!

    just info sake..did tht guy actually pin the divider in ur palm???and tht toe nail thing??u were in which class then?? *shrugs thinking abt the pain*

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  39. post humare liye likhi kya?????...tu toh hero dikhta hai be :|...

    btw...the best thing is...who all dont like ur face..ignore them..or..start hating dere face..simple..
    tic for tat :P

  40. may be coz you haven't find that special one who will like you despite your bald head and ugly face.. ahem ahem.. straight from those romantic novels or KJO movie.. yuck!!

    before you say f**k off.. why are you so pissed off? Team leader ka gussa? office politics?

  41. Who better than me to comment on this?? lol

    Mera face nahi.. main poori ki poori is disliked :D :D

    Abhi toh I dont give a shit...

    *joins in and shouts* F**K OFF to everyone who has a problem with me ;)

    You are awesome yaar... *pulls a dialogue frm Love Aajkal* tu hamesha sahi baat bol deta hain jaaneman :D :D

  42. @ chitwan

    I was in 6th when that Divider thing happened and I was in 7th when that toe thing happened :(
    It was PAINFUL !

  43. @ Scattered Thoughts

    Yeah all that :-s :(

  44. @Harshita

    I also meant the same thing ...people dislike me and hence my face ..apna style he kuch aisa hai ..LOL
    thnkus :)

  45. emapthy is at peak now!!
    coz i m 1 of those poor souls who are always on the verge of being on d verge of being ridiculed by people who almost ALWAYS hate the way i look, be it my face, my complexion, my height, my hair n blah blah blah.
    As a kid i used to loathe myself coz every other kid used to pass snide remarks coz i looked different from the lot..
    so yeah it sucks with a capital S :X

  46. :O :O I don't get it. What is wrong with your face! Mast toh hai. :-P Lol..anyway, I totally agree with Dhanya..these people don't deserve any kind of a reaction. And I totally agree with the last para. And also the last line. lol ;-)

  47. @ Dr. Acula ...

    I agree to Agree too ;)