Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peterosphy !

There are a few things about this life which makes it funny, weird and ironical. I am not too much in to philosophy but then it is in my genes coz of my mom (whose a philosopher btw). I have seen a-little-too-much-enough (and whatever that means) about this life, to at least go ahead and write a post about it. I generally try not to bore my readers but then I can't guarantee about this post. It's not one of those 'YO' posts and neither those 'YUCK' posts which you see here normally. It's just a post Post which I will post, post which you can post your comment.

So here are a few things,facts, questions, in fact it's a mixture of a few questions unanswered and a few answers unquestioned...

1. Everyone comes in your life for a reason, irrespective of how small/big, good/bad, relevant/irrelevant the reasons are. But the answer to the question I am seeking for is,"What if you don't understand or refuse to understand what the reasons are?"

2. You run away from responsibilities and they run after you, they throw shit at you, you try to duck and someone else gets the shit & you run away clean. Next time the same person ducks after being chased by the responsibilities and you get the shit for no reasons whatsoever. It does get balanced ultimately.

3. You get a hair cut & the whole world notices, someone gets his/her wrist cut and the whole world remains ignorant about it.

4. Someone fails an exam and commits suicide because he is afraid of being called a loser and some losers make that as an issue for the next election and rule a territory.

5. Sometimes the life is so hectic that you don't have time to have a look at yourself in the mirror and sometimes the mirror is the only source of entertainment you have around. May be coz you need to take a break from laughing at others and laugh at yourself at times for a change.

6. There are times when a song reminds you someone and then the next moment there is someone who reminds you a song, both equally good, that someone and that song.

7. Someone leaves you and you miss him/her and someone one misses you, but you still leave him/her, so does that get balanced ultimately ? The person who loves you, makes you hate him/her and the person you hate, makes him/her love you even more. what an irony !

8. When you are right, others look at you and give you a mocking smile but when you are wrong and lame they appreciate your silliness and want to see YOUR mocking smile at any cost. I say take revenge, being Silly Rules !

9. When you are at your best there is no audience, but when you are below average they are ready with their video cameras on.

10. When something goes wrong no matter what, people are always there to help you, but when something REALLY goes wrong no one is there to help you, No Matter What !!

Now as it has become a fashion to write your favorite quotes at the end. I too have one to write for this post and it's one of those Coolest quotes that I have ever come across, for more than one reason.

In life go straight and turn Right - Salman Khan !


  1. ahemahem I love Peter baba's philisophy no#6 and 7
    good job
    it's good to knw tht aunty se u ne kuch toh seekhaaaaa

  2. nd haan keep writing such Peterosphy posts :)

  3. Nice it was...although some were a bit confusing and not agreeable but then again its philosophy, to each one his own che :)

    would love to see part 2 of this post.
    and i like that quote by sallu.

  4. Aha.. mindful thoughts!

    1. That reason might be coincidence.. No?
    2. Yeah, agree.
    3. Yes. Probably coz you cut your hair more than required? :P
    4. Hmm...!
    5. Mirrors are one's best friend! But what about Blinds? (ohh thats too much philosphical)
    6. Songs! Thats what their motive is.. Isn't it?
    7. :-s
    8. hehe.. yes double effective revenge!
    9. true.
    10. possible! not sure.

  5. Good stuff! Philosophy is definitely one of my interests :)
    P.S. Reasons why people come into your life are irrelevant. You have to find a reason for them to be a part of it. If you can't, they weren't meant to be a part of your life in the first place.

  6. Haha cute little points you have mentioned..love point 5 and 6..You write well so keep writing..have been following you for a while but you post after really long spans..would be good to see more of you :D

  7. I have loads of comments :
    1. My answer is then u r precisely dumb. :|

    2. for this : that's life sweetheart :)

    3. he deserves it.. loser :| why cut wrist?

    4. SAD!

    5. Wonderfully said.

    6. wow!

    7. really...wat an irony.

    8. :D

    9. :| :| bad luck

    10. So true..

    I love Salman ...haaye!! but this post is really refreshing like f5 :D kitney din se mujhey intezaar tha aisey kisi post ki :)


  8. Nicely penned.
    Liked how you stated the 9th one.

    Agree with most of 'em.
    Didn't get the 8th one though :| cldn't relate.

    Love the quote!

  9. #1 i mean who has d time to actually figure out who comes n for wat reaon? A person meets so many people in a day, n infinite ppl in a lifetime. if we actually sit down n start figuring out d reasons, tab toh band baj jayegi !! :D

    #2 The point u r tryin to make is someone does always get the shit..how come it never misses its target is 2 b considered next?? :P

    #4 So true n so witty!

    #5 mirror is actually a big source of entertainment for me :D

    #7 Oh! yes! it ultimately has to get balanced.. If whoever u love, starts lovin u back, life would be so boring!! The fun lies in d chase, not in the destination. Coz this is proven: once u get ur target, d very next moment u r bound 2 lose interest in it, as its urs n u can safely take it for granted! On d other hand, if d person u hate, starts loving u, it leads 2 u running away frm d person n in the process get a whole lot of activity in life.. running,chasing, n getting chased is fun.. remember d childhood games- pakdam-pakdai :D Infact, this can be a whole lot of case study analysis!!

    #8 acting dumb n silly is easy..u just need 2 sit back n relax.. i mean who wants 2 work der a** off n act intelligent all d time.. its a whole lot of work, stress n tension.. intelligence comes with a heavy price tag in d name of responsibility!

    #9 aajkal footage khane ke liye below avg n distress mode me rehna padta hai!!

    #10 apna kaam swayam karo= apna dukh khud jhelo !!

  10. I loved all of the wise words you said. I have experienced most of these feelings before and the only word that i mutter in such situations is "Damn Murphy".
    Its only Murphy's law which seems to be working in life....for me at least.

    And quote dena fashionable nahi hai. Ok? i did take it personally. I include quotes bcz that's my style and I love quotes. period. :))

  11. You answered some of them yourselves and left some to be answered.
    not every question can be answered and not every answer has a question.
    Salman Khan said that? That's quite something.. my bad that I thought he couldn't.

  12. de very fact that i've reached yer comment page excites me ;) it's been such a long time since v met !! hectic life yaaar...missin de fun in bloggersville ;)

  13. The fifth one was pretty awesome,made sense especially after reading it. :P

    *Sometimes the life is so hectic that you don't have time to have a look at yourself in the mirror and sometimes the mirror is the only source of entertainment you have around. May be coz you need to take a break from laughing at others and laugh at yourself at times for a change.*

  14. Its completely a YO post :-)
    philospohy never bores me!!#1 is somthing that I so agree with!!
    It was a nice read from the usual...one of ur best post for me :-)

  15. So good old Murphy has got competition? Peter's law on the way :) Some of them are really nice though..

  16. Philosophy pe na jaao, apni akal lagao :P Isliye you've been featured on my blog. Hop on over! :D

  17. Philosophy pe na jaao, apni akal lagao :P Isliye you've been featured on my blog. Hop on over! :D