Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exposed !

I avoid writing posts when I don't have any special ideas in my mind, but then I also hate not posting for long. So what I will do is, take up a tag ..Yes I know it's so unusual me and I already see a few raised eyebrows. I will do a tag that reveals a few of my secrets, well actually 7 of them..Okay I see a few more raised eyebrows ..Great !!

Secret 7: When I was a kid I used to kick a lot while sleeping but the most embarrassing thing is that I used to hold the person's ear sleeping next to me.I absolutely have no idea,where did I get that habit from.

Secret6: I get bored quickly of anything, specially of whatever I write. Matter fact, I get bored of my creations as soon as I am done writing them. See, I am bored of 'secret7' and I am on the verge of getting bored of 'secret6'.

Secret5: I day dream a lot and I hate doing it. It only feels nice when you actually dream, but when you are back to the reality,it sucks more than the reality really does. Know wham sayin? :P

Secret 4: Whenever I listen to any song with a certain degree of Rage, I put my soul in to that and it does feel Awesome.

Secret 3: I haven't watched '3Idiots' yet and I am still ALIVE & KICKING, in fact I don't have any regrets and I am not even excited to watch it. I will watch it the day I want to, not when the whole world wants me to.Those People planning to leave comments like "you are an idiot if u haven't watched 3idiots" or on the similar lines are idiots themselves and yes I have all the comments and rights and wrongs reserved on Blog Vibes !

Secret 2: The way I sound or the way you picture me here, I might appear only 40-50% like that, if you meet me in person. But that doesn't mean that I fake it here, it simply means that I don't express things in real life the same way like I do on my Blogs.

Secret 1: I try reading minds, & if I connect well with a particular person I surely do an excellent job.


  1. Hey Hero ;)

    I have also not seen 3 idiots *hi5s* and am mast aisey hi.

    Abt u gettin bored of ur writings.. can understand... :)

    Also, u being diff as a person...hmm... yeah! I think it's easy to bring open our souls in writing that in real life.

    So the 7 secrets are out now :D

  2. But i knew them all :P
    kuch aur likhte...
    my fav is secret 7

  3. secret 7 & 5....DITTO!!!! weird habit i dreaming is so addictive,but sinful as well...some kinda guilt comes after it ends tht makes u feel like a loser.

    secret 6..ok, weird :| i actually keep reading my stuff..reminds me of tht time i wrote it.

    secret 4...i understand..this happens me also sometimes..its so rejuvenating :)

    secret watch the movie,not tht u r an idiot if u hvnt,but because,yehi umar hai achi buri film dekhne ki :D

    secret 2..blogs r meant to reflect ur 'other side' i guess...thts why our tangible frns hardly read our blogs..

    secret 1...i plan to come to hyd, read mine.

  4. Came across your blog following links from one friend to the other and now I can't remember how I landed up here... but that's an old story in the blogosphere.
    As for secret7, I used to turn around in my sleep so much so that there have been days when I would wake up with my head where my leg was... do you get what I am saying?

  5. reading minds? bet mads loves that :D
    haha just kidding, that holding ears while sleeping was funny. how long ago was that? :P

  6. About secret 6,5,2...I am just like that!!!

    ppl say (and I agree)I am a lot different in real life, than I am online.I talk a lot less etc etc

    When I read your post, I got a feeling like I've written all this!lol...well I mean 6, 5 and 2. :D

  7. ROFL @ first secret... oops.. I meant secret7 :D That's the best secret I have heard actually... coz it's so umm... different!!!! :)

  8. Thanks god it was just an ear LOL!!!

    Secret 1 - give me 5.. and trust me I am pretty good with it.

  9. Apparently intellectual here.

    i second huye kaan kheenchne vala secret was the best!

  10. NO big Deal...Idiots is not that great too..and yeah do ask your parents abt holding ears, they might tell help u in findin the reason :P
    ..hehe weird hai pinku..

  11. Ok, so we finally get to know a lil more about you...considering that you hardly delve about yourself on your blog (unlike others), it was a nice change.
    nice way to keep writer's block at bay!!!

  12. Abt 7th: My cousin has the same habit of holding the ear of person sleeping next to him..He says he likes rubbing the lower muscle part of the ear too ;)

    Abt 6th: I wonder what kind of gal can impress you. I mean i do not say, impressing you is a tough job or something but then if you know her completely, then there is no point in urging yourself to know her and all. I suppose you may fall in love with a girl who is best buddy of yours... hehe..wrong place to use philosophical logic i guess ;)

    Abt 5th:Nothing wrong. Every soul feels it that way.

    Abt 4th: Good way to do that.

    Abt 3rd:Well its a good movie but that certainly doesn't mean that one has to watch it. But yeah, before Avatar goes out of theater, then no point in watching it at home or ur lappy. Because Its a movie worth watching only in theater..

    Abt 2nd: While writing , only a part of our self is involved. So, face to face conversation definitely changes perceptions, preconceived notions if one has it domestically developed, because one can see you completely as in what you are.. ;)

    Abt 1st: Isn't connecting well, indirectly means finding whether the other person is of same frequency as yours, which of course if is the case, you become great friends with them. Isn't?? :P

    I am sorry but i think i made my comment look like 'Its obvious dude' type :) But it was good knowing you early morning when i am going thru Monday blues :D


  13. You can get bore after wirting, i can understand..
    and your Secret 7 is the not that weird.. :)

    and finally u have to be yourself.. need not to follow somebody n listen somebody unnecessarily..

  14. secret :D
    secret 6..umm not really a secret for me
    secret 5 : Lol I think i get this one.
    secret 4 .. can totally relate to this!
    secret 3 : Ah well..its ok! You know I rushed to watch the movie since everybody hyped so much about it but it did no good coz I didn't get to 'enjoy' the movie so much
    So yeah..let the hype wane off and then watch it.
    Secret 2..Ditto!
    secret 1 : wow that's cool.

  15. koi na yar...3 idiot is not a damn good movie to watch :|

    bohoot secret ho gaye:D

    7th wala...weird tha :|

  16. u still have tht habit of holdin the ear?? :P i hvnt watchd ny movs aftr 2012!! u stil in hyd bro?

  17. yes we knw hw u r in real n in blog.. U r better in real :) Winks.
    first secret was ROFL . too much. never heard something like tht . I cant help imagining n laughing again

  18. **Secret 7: When I was a kid I used to kick a lot while sleeping but the most embarrassing thing is that I used to hold the person's ear sleeping next to me.I absolutely have no idea,where did I get that habit from.

    ROFL!! Doesn't morning show the day??! :P

    **Secret5: I day dream a lot and I hate doing it. It only feels nice when you actually dream, but when you are back to the reality,it sucks more than the reality really does. Know wham sayin? :P

    Me too!! I hate coming outta the trance! :)

    **Secret 1: I try reading minds, & if I connect well with a particular person I surely do an excellent job.


  19. reason of secret 7: past life karma gone bad- jaise ki.. u might have been a victim of a strict master ji who loved punishing his students by holding their ears.. thus ur kiddie soul was trying to come out of that trauma by doin the same in sleep..kinda revenge (wah i m amazed by my funny take on this!! kya kare past life regression thingy is in vogue these dayz ;) )

    n same here, it's hard to keep me entertained or engrossed for long.. so i get bored of everything in life including my writing(bah!)

    daydreaming ka shikaar toh aajkal sab hi hai!!

    n on #2- i had once written a post on the same lines voicing my concern of being a far different person from what is apparently projected here..

    So there u go!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. hehe.. the 7th is amazing.. thank god I never slept with you.. :P

    Bored..? why why?

    Dreaming is good unless you dont waste time in dreaming only

    Music is good food for soul.. :D

    I give you credits for not watching 3 idiots.. The movie is not path breaking, earth shattering or revolutionary.. so its OK..

    secret 2: Okay! :D

    secret 1: Ohh okay!

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  23. ^ hahahahahahahahah

  24. @ Harshita

    Yes the seven secrets are out :) I wonder if it's anywhere close to the the 7 wonders :P

    @ Mads

    You knew all of them ? antaryami u are :-w

    @ Chitwan

    Ohh 7th is Ditto :O nice :)
    coming hyd ? awesome :)

  25. @ Asmita

    I know serendipity that is :P
    yeah i get what are u talking about, been there done that too :)

    @ I'll try to be

    Mads does that too kya :O ?
    That habit was when i was 2 or 3. almost 19-20 years ago :)

    @ PJ

    Okay then same pinch :)

  26. @ Dhanya

    Yeah hence it's embarrassing :(

    @ Scattered thoughts

    Yeah lol :P :D
    mind reader u r ? like Matt PArkman :P ?

    @ Apparently intellectual

    haan bhai bahut embarrassing hai, kya karun ab :(

  27. @ Joie de vivre

    Accha ?
    yeah they only told me that i acquired it from nowhere :P

    @ Prianca

    I know it was way too much about me :P

    @ Mahesh

    Wow, so i am guessing you were in ur office when you wrote this?
    Nice, you are getting payed for commenting on my blog, it must have taken at least some amount of time to type those many number of words.
    Thnks :)

  28. @ Pallav

    I know, must be happening with u too, normal thing right ?

    @ Sugar cube

    we are partially alike :P

    @ Ams

    wah i see people here not extra ordinary things about 3I, so the other guys who boast are they being payed to say so :P ?

  29. @ Anil

    obvsly not :| ohh 2012 was nice :) and yeah i am in hyd only.

    @ Sweet addiction

    Accha so that's may be my non-secret, and yeah laugh i know its funny :P

    @ Pooja

    i think u missed a few secrets here and there :P lol
    yeah antaryam that is so natural to me :D

  30. @ Shruti

    There goes Shrutiology !

    @ Abhinav

    I too thank heavens for that :P
    yeah i know movie would be a masala flick, still not interested somehow and this hype makes me more reluctant to see it.

    @ Anonymous

    Whatever !

  31. :D :D dunno if mads does that :P :P
    edward cullen se related hai hhehe

  32. @ I'll try to be truthful

    hmm i saw the movie recently, I hate that guy more :P

  33. dont u dare bad mouth edward cullen !!
    yes i read minds :| but of only people im close to...but how did u know @ amrita? :O