Sunday, August 22, 2010

The come back !

How could the life end up having such an ugly face ?

How could the life in life vanish without a trace ?

Supreme it is, is it brighter than a fading new moon?

Surreal it is, is it snowing in the mid June ?

Sometimes its forlorn like an old and a dieing man.

Sometimes it outshines everything like a gold and a diamond.

When it ends, it ends with a painless slaughter.

On the verge of getting finished, it starts a new chapter.

The walls are caving in, it could collapse any minute,

The grief is gripping, he has eaten the forbidden peanut.

Ugly as it may look, it has his demon here,

Silly as it may sound, he has to shout the truth in his ear.

One day he will rule the odds out and make himself proud.

Because there is a star shining behind every black cloud.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The World is a killer !

I have been retrospecting a lot lately and as a result writing this post, and now before I forget what I am supposed to write (yeah high antibiotics and elephant size injections make u forget things like 12 -24hrs of your life) let me just WRITE IT !

When I was a KID I used to think; Grown ups are smart, grown ups are powerful, grown ups have money that they can spend on whatever they want to spend on, grown ups are sensible, they can tackle anything and everything, they don't face problems, they are serious people, they have a clear cut idea about everything, they are smart, in short they are just awesome.

We kids have nothing to be happy about, we don't even get to eat ice-cream whenever we want to, we can't even watch Tv whenever we want to, we don't even get toys of our choice,we often get beaten up too, in short We Suck. I will grow up one day and the world would be my oyster.

When I was a TEENAGER I used to think; Grown ups are smart, they are sensible and rational people, they won't back stab, if they lie they can't be caught, if they do something they will do it perfect, if they are mean, they will have a reason, if they have money, they will spend sensibly, if they work, they will work hard, if they love, they will love for real, if they kick us, then may be we deserve it, in short grown ups are awesome.

We teenagers have school tension, we have so many crushes and not even one of them interested in us, we have so much tension everyday from school to coaching to parents to siblings, we can't even play cricket all day, can't even pull an all nighter, can't even bunk classes and go for movies, in short we suck.

Hell I wanna grow up so badly !

Now I think; I was a stupid kid and an idiot teenager, I thought everything about being grown up is so cool. It's not even 10% of what I thought it would be like.

Kids don't hide things so that you get in to trouble but grown ups do, kids don't back stab but grown ups do, kids don't kick you so that you can't stand again but grown ups do, kids don't spend money on things that are harmful for them and for others but grown ups do, kids don't plot against you but grown ups do, in short kids are awesome.

Teenagers don't plot against you like grown ups do, teenagers have real fun even with so called friends, grown ups pretend to have fun with their so called friends, teenagers get crushes everyday but think 10 times before harassing them, grown ups harass their crushes the moment they have one, teenagers are happy with whatever money they have, grown ups can kill for money and still won't be satisfied, in short teenagers are awesome.

Yes ! I think being a grown up isn't cool, not that it brings a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders but because it exposes you to the world, where everyone is a grown up. Hence the world is mean, smartly-evil, desperate, sick, raw, unethical, somehow stupid, lusty, screwed-up, vulnerable and a killer !

Monday, July 19, 2010

I never.....But it's just !

I never claimed that I am or could be that perfect guy,
But it’s just that I am a mirage of perfection and I always die.

I never brought my emotions from inside out, knowingly
But it’s just that my eyes say it all, without a doubt undoubtedly.

I never walked an extra mile to prove, that I am always right,
But it’s just that I pretended to run, even though my shoes were too tight.

I never achieved something intangible to get back my lost self-esteem,
But it’s just that my nightmare had turned in to a beautiful dream.

I never attempted to sing that best melody of all time,
But it’s just that my own verses sing to me with the sickest rhyme.

I never knew, all this while I was killing the life’s flow,
But it’s just that I thought, life was a boring one night show.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The New June

The last time I blogged was when probably Limp Bizkit was a popular band, Mobie and Obie sounded like an Oxymoron in "without me" and perhaps B.o.B a.k.a Bobby Ray was trying to be the next rapper coming out of 'A' town. Errr...let's not exaggerate, all I mean is, I wrote a post more than almost two months ago and it's been hell of a journey since then. Like a roller-coaster ride, it went high and then dropped and went high again. Shocks, surprises, events, parties, betrayals, insults, ecstasies, meet ups ...well you name it and I had it !

But but, lets not forget that June brings my birthday and has hardly been nice to me ever and the fact that I don't celebrate my birthday obviously doesn't help either. But this June had much more than I could have thought of and if you are someone who is reading it and nodding along with it thinking, "ohh well I know, what you talking about !" then let me tell you...NO you DON'T know what I am talking about even if you are god !

In case you still don't know then let me tell you, that I have now met all my SFT buddies and It has been awesome :-) .There is a slight change in my future plans. Yes I took a huge decision, but since you were not aware of my previous plan, this new plan won't interest you either, so chuck it. I also have realized that it costs more than your brain to understand someone. Well, I wanted to write a lot of things but it's like I have lost my writing appetite or someone just took away my writing ability. I just can't write these days, else why do you think I took so long to update this post and started with those shitty lines which you just read.

Anyways, other thing that is keeping me alive is EMINEM's new album 'RECOVERY', which was supposed to be 'Relapse-2' after 'Relapse' and 'Relapse-Refill'. But things changed for good and this album is a kickass product. HE is back big time, I mean the moment the official video of the song 'I am not afraid' leaked on youtube, there were 10K views in a minute and now it has crossed some 37 million views post release. I have been listening to all the songs day night and I don't know which one not to like. I mean the flow, the lyrics, the beats, the anger,the darkness, the variation (without any accent, remind you), the punchlines, It's a hell of a collection with so many artists contributing to it, from Rihana to lil wayne to Pink and everyone doing an awesome job.This whole album concentrates on Proof more than any other else. Eminem gave tribute to him posthumously, in relapse too and now this is the second time he has done it. The legend has also been declared as the Best-selling artist of the decade and of course that makes me happy :)

Phewww, I read whatever I just wrote and now I realize I can't write :( Read and comment on whatever shit I have written above, only if you are jobless, else I am sorry I wasted your time...blah !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Piss of mind !

Does it ever happen with you that, you are pissed at something/someone, you don't discuss it with anyone and then you kind of forget it after a few hours.BUT YOU ARE STILL PISSED. Your friends go like, "hey what happened ? you okay? you look like you just stepped on dog's shit !" and all you can answer is " yeah I am okay, of course duh !" then some more friends bug you with the same question and then your family members and of course some of your colleagues, who have only limited stock of words like 'Hi' and 'Bye' for you.

Some of you must be wondering, "jeez ! he doesn't remember why is he pissed? what a loser !"
and I am sure some of you must be thinking, "ohh yeah ! yea yeah yea, it does happen with me but you just said it, you are damn right",well yeah thank you, most of the times I am, but you guys realized it just now...LOSERS !

But the point is, It does happen. With me it happens a LOT and I know a few more people who face the same problem.Quick agitations,unreasonable mood swings, severe depressions, irritability,self-loathing, concentration problems, loss of interests, unexplainable headaches, abnormal aversions. well,Been there, been that !!

I don't know what is it called, but Bipolar Syndrome sounds the closest of all. It is very common in 20 somethings. But well, when you are facing it, all you want to do is; jump from a suicide point, shout at every random person you see (kids, aunties, grown ups,blinds, dumbs, retards well yeah everyone), slap anyone who argues or is tooooooo polite,kill for money,fire bullets,throw your dinner plate away, kick an ass (figuratively, literally and metaphorically), punch glass doors,abuse loudly, curse and be meaningfully mean,eyeball every bitch,show middle finger to every jerk, get doped, be dead sarcastic and well yeah of course murder 'that' person !

If you are wondering how often it occurs and why it occurs, then let me tell happens in series and sequences, morning, afternoon, evening, night, it just keeps getting accumulated and then when you get up the next morning you look like a fucked up zombie and your attitude worse than a psychopath. It takes sometime to get out of the system and by the time it gets over, it has already taken a lot out of you.

P.S : FUCK as I wrote all this I am getting in that zone, for more than one reason !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7 Random Facts !

It's almost been a month since I wrote a post and the messed up part is that I wanted to write almost every single day during this time. But then this bitch won't let me write anything,coz she is a bitch and thats what bitches do.I am talking about 'Writer's block' btw.So,I will write something gibberish, not out of any box or closet. I remember Harshita's tag, to reveal 'seven random things about myself',I don't understand why it is 7 ? why not 10, 12 or 9 ? Is it may be coz 7 itself sounds like a random number ? Well, I have already done that tag but doing it again, Coz these are not PRICE TAGS :P :)

So everything is gonna be random about this post, now dun give me that random look :|

(Pahla Nasha). I have a list. Wat ? really ? yeah not to kill a few people before I kill Ghajini kind of list, but a list of Do's and Dont's in my mind and If my do's fall in the Dont's and vice versa at times, then it results in a turmoil in my brain which in turn reflects on my face.
Sigh, sometimes I don't know how to end long sentences.

(2D). Sometimes I really miss me, Well that sounded weird and spooky..isn't it ? yeah coz may be everyone likes you the way you are, but for me, I define duality (may be coz i am a Gemini?). I can't be the same person with everyone, I need to change myself every now and then, but that absolutely doesn't mean that I fake it. There are just more than one side of me, the dark side, the bright side, the fun side, the vague side, the nice side, the bad side, the list is endless...The more number of people I meet, the more number of sides I carry. Talking about multiple I a Polygon :O ?

(3 Idiots). I am superstitious. I don't believe, I just wrote that. Okay lets move to the next point.

(4 Square). Just like Harshita mentioned, I am a commitment phobic too..I might just reach on the verge of committing and then change my mind. How sick of You :O ? Yeah I know, thats is what you are thinking but then I won't commit unless I am 100 percent sure, be it anything and fake commitments, well nothing worse than that in this world.

(5th Element). I have a lot of gyaan for the whole world, a few unconventional, a few practical but it all does make sense to me but,I can't shout shit and risk it, Give a damn ? I don't know what the damn is to give it. Seeeeesshhh ! RAP instincts ruling at 2:30A.M,something seriously wrong tonight, amavasya ? :|

(6th Sense). Well this point reminds me, that my sixth sense does work a lot of times, but the 'dilemma' is again a bitch. I mean c'mon if I sense that something bad will happen if I go somewhere, then why does this bitch give me an option to go and risk that something.And then I have a doubt too, I do understand the signs, but I don't know what to do with them, Alchemist are you listening ?

(7th Heaven). Kids hate me, yeah ! I mean why wouldn't they ? If I ask a 3 year old "wassup ?" he will obviously tell me that the sky is up and the stars are up too :| I just can't make funny noises and entertain babies and Well, some grown up kids hate me for no reasons whatsoever :P

BTW what do you think about the numbering pattern ? Random, isn't it ? I told you ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


In the last post I just meant that there are people who hate me for nothing and that's probably because they don't like my face or my traits. But trust me, I am happy in fact more than happy.It's just one of those lines (if you remember), which are true and applicable any day...

"Sometimes I hate myself in the mirror,
Sometimes the mirror hates me when I go nearer"

In simple terms, If you plot a graph between "Weekdays and how I hate my looks" the graph would be exponential or if you really want to break it down then put the values and check in y=e^x or for some decent weeks consider, m= 1 and c = 0 Y=mX+C...WOW that wasn't simple, was it ?..

Alright, so after reading all the nice comments..I have to share a poem which I wrote LONG back, it's amateurish and not my type, but co-incidentally on a similar subject..


Sorrow in his face, wrapped in mournful trace,

he is poor and far from any worldly allure.

Luxury shines in his face, a winner in his race,

he is rich and far from any vulnerable itch.

Struggle in his face, he is a backbone and he is a base,

he is from middle class and he belongs to the mass.

Innocence appears in his face, can’t tie his shoelace,

he is a kid and a phase similar to whatever we did.

Stubborn is his face sometimes with a brace,

he is a teenager indulged in a superficial pleasure.

Responsibility in his face tucked in a formal dress,

he is a man and works as hard as he can.

Helplessness signs in his face, ready for death to embrace,

he is old, and his life could have been better than being on hold.

Shyness in her face and the beauty which you can’t replace,

she is a girl & if she were to be a gem, she would have been a pearl.

Toughness in his face and the power you can’t replace,

he is a boy and he is the synonym for joy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

F*c* OFF !

Since the day I started facing the outside world, I always faced a certain someone who did not like my FACE.

In kindergarten, there was this class monitor who would hate me for no reason. Once I was so happy to have the same colored 'Donald Duck' Instrument box with me, that I actually went up to him and showed it expecting that he will be excited, Kid's psychology you know ! But he gave cold shoulders and if that was not enough the very next period he complained about me that I was talking loudly in the class.

Then in class 5th my English teacher slapped me 10 times for a very silly reason, that I laughed in the class..but I was not alone, at least a bunch of 20 odd kids had laughed. But she picked me up, may be coz back then I was bald headed and I looked ugly of course.

When I came to High School, my games teacher hated me to the core. He would insult me in front of everyone, would kick me out of every alternate class and made sure that no one helps me out. Once I remember I got injured in the playground coz of a defective sea-saw and the injury was so extreme that my toe's nail came out,even though I was wearing formal shoes. Socks were all red and soaked in blood, but I did not cry, till the time the asshole gave a smirk and said "You got a nice lesson, I am happy now".

Then there were those senior guys who never missed a chance to bully me, that prick who stabbed his divider on my palm, the fat-ass who kicked me and pretended that it was a mistake and said sorry,the retard who pushed me all of a sudden and my face got bruised, the mocking meatheads, who made fun of me in 11th when I failed for the first time in Maths. Engineering Professors who intentionally screwed up my grades throwing me in to exceptional bottom cases.My team lead, my boss who can't see me having a better logic than what he has and hence screws up my QA reports. A few far-off relatives who always made sarcastic remarks when I tried something different.

Everything common with these guys are that, somehow they all did not like my FACE and I am not just saying it, I have gone through it. The very first day I meet someone I get to know that he/she simply doesn't like my Face hence my expressions and sometimes it's the way I talk. Some say I carry arrogance, some call it attitude some don't say anything but hate me, as if I kick their balls on a regular basis when they are asleep or as if I have taken out their kidneys and sold it for free.

Whatever the reasons may be, I know I don't come across as a very nice and pleasing person to everyone I meet and I don't think it's even necessary to please everyone. I told this to my friend and she goes like "haan teri shakal he aisi hai" so yeah, be it "ab meri shakal he aisi hai, change nahi kar sakta isse" so if you got a problem with my FACE, then F*C* OFF.

Not Everyone is good looking, not everyone is fair and charming, not all of us are the same. But everyone is beautiful the way he/she is and it's not their fault if we don't like their face, It's actually our fault that we discriminate on face-basis. But contradictory to whatever I just wrote I know a few people personally who have the most slapable faces in the world.

Don't let them say you ain't beautiful, they can all get fucked just stay true to you - EMINEM !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

'D' graded !

"Lectures 1-5 done ! Mugged up the whole chart from 6th, okay from 7th too,8-10 are pretty manageable. So overall first test chapters are finished. Since I did not give the second test I don't have any idea what shit is in there in those lectures from 20 to 30 and well, I am as ignorant about the last 10 lectures as they are about me. "

As I said these words I looked at my watch, it was already 9:00 P.M.

"Shit man have to get the xerox too from the girls hostel before it closes. You know they jot every single thing down, like EVERY single thing !! from the Historical dates to Biological fates" I panicked and the guy next to me adjusted his specs and replied "yeah I know thats how they increase the class average, Bitches !"

"Alright So I will get papers xeroxed and also Get the reference books issued from the Library" as I finished my last line the moron again gave me '....And Yeah I will be waiting on the edge of my seat to welcome you' look, adjusting his spectacles for the 10th time in a minute. Well, he was a typical breed of asshole which you usually find in all the Engg colleges. He criticized everyone in the world for everything they have done, are doing and are planning to do and his criticism always had the hardcore maa-bahen gali back up. In fact, on a given day the guy would have criticized himself for everything he did.

So I got the important last year's question papers xeroxed along with the keys, important paragraphs underlined,important pages and topics tick marked. As I crossed the common hall, I saw guys playing T.T, watching TV loudly, some discussing their last counter strike match's details, a few talking to their girlfriends in the corridor over the phone .

"DAMN the other branches !! Why only Biotech people have to suffer ? We lack unity, Girls increase the average all the time and we guys suffer. Look at these bloody computer science chilled out guys, they bunk 8 out of every 10 lectures on an average, sleep all night before the exam and each of them are as goosey as the other one is, still everyone has a decent CGPA....."

Yes the frustrated guy had started complaining again.

"Okay shut up, we hardly have 12 hours to complete the whole portion, but then have done it before, we can do it again, as of now I am in B grade If I crack two exams well then I will safely remain in B... even after an okayish end-sem." I reminded the guy and he nodded, but with an evil smirk.

We mugged till 3:00 A.M, "Okay I am exhausted will have something and come back, else the night canteen will get closed in sometime, you want something to eat?" I asked him and he took his eyes out of the book and they were red, hair all messed up, spectacles tilted..."No I am fine" came his reply.

"Yeah You do look fine, in fact you look as fine as a gang-raped-prisoner" I thought and gave an evil smirk in return. I did that on purpose but he perhaps did not notice or was too used to it. I had always hated this jerk and so did everyone, in fact my roomie always slept in someone else's room whenever I had an exam and complained about him the very next day.

I came back after having Maggie and coffee, I had coffee or tea only during exams to keep me awake. I still don't have either of them, they give me headache. Pretty strange? yeah I know !

I came to my room and the guy was sleeping on my bed with his legs on my pillow, butt facing the roof, head over a thick book and the horror of all the horrors, he was salivating like how a buffalo ruminates. I checked the book from a distance, and thank god it was his own book! I took out the pillow gently put it out of his reach and started mugging up more..and mugged from 4.00 a.m-8.00 a.m non-stop, did not try to wake that guy up. "If he doesn't score in tomorrow’s exam, then at least there will be someone who won't raise the average." I thought. Now that's what a competitive world does to you, you become selfish !

The guy got up at 9:00 A.M, looked at his watch and took 5 mins of nap more. I said softly and reluctantly , "dude get up, we hardly have 2 hours more" I actually wanted him to sleep till 11.00, but probably he did not hear anything, because after 5 mins he got up screaming and abusing everything and everyone in the world, including himself. "Why did not you wake me up man?" He was sounding as frustrated as Chetan Bhagat's main leads.

"10 times, yes 10 times I tried waking you up, but it seems you were in your deepest slumber" I of course lied. "But don't worry, I have almost covered everything up, Will teach you in the next 2 hours all the important topics and you can score decently" this time I meant whatever I said and the guy looked convinced.

He rushed to his room and came back with his toothbrush in his mouth and went on flipping pages madly, tried to rub the saliva from the book and I pretended not noticing all that. "Okay so look here, this is pretty easy and important they have been asking about Drosophila melanogaster's life cycle since 3 years in every exam and also polypodium's and angiospermic life cycles. They all can together fetch you 20-30 % marks for this exam I bet." I explained all the cycles to him, to make everything easy and I revised along with the guy till 10:45.

"okay 15 minutes left, I will change my dress, you also go and change, and don't forget to keep a pencil to draw the diagrams, last time a guy used a pen and the professor whacked his ass off and yeah you have to sit in room number 4 and I am in 3. so see you after the exam, best of luck." I wished him. The guy said "thanks" and left the room hurriedly without wishing me, as if only he had to appear in the exam.

I looked at the bed, it never looked so tempting. I looked at my watch, I had 10 minutes. "It will take 2 minutes to reach the exam hall and I know where I have to sit, so don't have to waste my time in searching for that hence I can afford to lie down for 5 minutes." I said to myself and went to the bed with 70 % of upper half of my body lying on it.

12:05 P.M, "My great lord, you had not given your second test coz you were not well and guess what? you just missed your third test for no reason at all. Now they can consider to give a make-up exam, for those who were not well during 2nd and 3rd tests separately, but it looks like you can give only one of the two exams. From B grade, I welcome you to D grade. Ohh !! by the way,the question paper comprised 90 % of whatever you taught. Thank You." The guy was happy and satisfied like he had the best sex ever.

"Okay shut the door properly as you walk out, cya in the evening" I said.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peterosphy !

There are a few things about this life which makes it funny, weird and ironical. I am not too much in to philosophy but then it is in my genes coz of my mom (whose a philosopher btw). I have seen a-little-too-much-enough (and whatever that means) about this life, to at least go ahead and write a post about it. I generally try not to bore my readers but then I can't guarantee about this post. It's not one of those 'YO' posts and neither those 'YUCK' posts which you see here normally. It's just a post Post which I will post, post which you can post your comment.

So here are a few things,facts, questions, in fact it's a mixture of a few questions unanswered and a few answers unquestioned...

1. Everyone comes in your life for a reason, irrespective of how small/big, good/bad, relevant/irrelevant the reasons are. But the answer to the question I am seeking for is,"What if you don't understand or refuse to understand what the reasons are?"

2. You run away from responsibilities and they run after you, they throw shit at you, you try to duck and someone else gets the shit & you run away clean. Next time the same person ducks after being chased by the responsibilities and you get the shit for no reasons whatsoever. It does get balanced ultimately.

3. You get a hair cut & the whole world notices, someone gets his/her wrist cut and the whole world remains ignorant about it.

4. Someone fails an exam and commits suicide because he is afraid of being called a loser and some losers make that as an issue for the next election and rule a territory.

5. Sometimes the life is so hectic that you don't have time to have a look at yourself in the mirror and sometimes the mirror is the only source of entertainment you have around. May be coz you need to take a break from laughing at others and laugh at yourself at times for a change.

6. There are times when a song reminds you someone and then the next moment there is someone who reminds you a song, both equally good, that someone and that song.

7. Someone leaves you and you miss him/her and someone one misses you, but you still leave him/her, so does that get balanced ultimately ? The person who loves you, makes you hate him/her and the person you hate, makes him/her love you even more. what an irony !

8. When you are right, others look at you and give you a mocking smile but when you are wrong and lame they appreciate your silliness and want to see YOUR mocking smile at any cost. I say take revenge, being Silly Rules !

9. When you are at your best there is no audience, but when you are below average they are ready with their video cameras on.

10. When something goes wrong no matter what, people are always there to help you, but when something REALLY goes wrong no one is there to help you, No Matter What !!

Now as it has become a fashion to write your favorite quotes at the end. I too have one to write for this post and it's one of those Coolest quotes that I have ever come across, for more than one reason.

In life go straight and turn Right - Salman Khan !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Irritate !

This post is dedicated to all the irritating people in the world. You people do your job so effortlessly, that it seems it's in you genes and I will have to meet your parents to confirm it. Man ! do you guys get paid for all the things you do ?or are you all naturally annoying ?

Trust me, it doesn't matter which society you belong to, it doesn't matter how big or small a group is and it doesn't matter how stupid or intelligent guys around you are, you will always have one JERK who misfits in your group and gets on your nerves. I have seen plenty of them everywhere right from my innocent kindergarten days to happy high school days to vulnerable graduation days to my working days. Sometimes I think about them and the activities they perform every now and then and I start wondering whether they do it on purpose to annoy me or is it something which is their life's motto ?

I can go on and on and on, about the things that irritate me like hell. But I would list a few for now:

1. Assh*les and assh*lisms : There are guys and yeah girls too,who go on giving their stupidest ever ideas every now and then which even a new born baby would reject. They either inhale stupidity and exhale the same or they eat stupidity in the breakfast and keep vomiting throughout the day.

2. The braggarts : They have a land on the moon, a palace on pacific ocean and a toilet on Everest. Once when I was in school, a guy in front of me went on swearing by his every member in the family that, when Sachin hit a sixer the ball came out of his TV. I mean c'mon I was just 10 then, but not stupid.

3. The irritating eaters : Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrp, Crunchhhhhhhhhh, munchhhhhhhh, and the ooom nooom ooom sounds while eating are so annoying, so so so annoying that I get annoyed by myself when I eat a crunchy cookie or suck a noodle end. But I hate people who do it even while chewing a piece of sliced bread.

4. The High maintenance club : It's bearable as long as a girl is like that but when a guy does it, I not only find it ridiculous but also feel like slapping him hard and there are guys other than Chandler who go for pedicures.

5. The interrogators : Why ? when ? where? what? who? which? Okay these are words to be used sensibly even when you talk with friends but I have seen students and even trainees putting all these words in their stupid doubts. I mean if 'X' is unknown then let him be, why do you care ? when there are so many other variables you can't find either.

6. The loners : They are so lonely and dull that even if you take them to the dance floor in a DJ night with 6000 Watt of rocking music all around, they would somehow manage to take a nap there also. I have a couple of good friends who are the perfect examples and I kick them all the time for being like that.

7. The sweeter than the honey ones : If you have someone like that in your life then go for a check up before you die being a diabetic.

and not the last but the most irritating of all is;

8. The ones who try to outsmart you/me : Yes I hate them and on a given day I can even kill them. Putting up an opinion is a decent thing but putting it up as if it's the only opinion possible is arrogance. People who are always under the impression that they are always better than the best, are losers . No one knows all the things in the world, you can learn from a 5 year old kid and teach a 50 year old man. So, if someone thinks that he is always better than the best, then he perhaps forgets that there is always someone else who's better is far better than his better. So he better be careful.

P.S : Like I said, I can go on and on but it will be too lengthy, so why don't you all put down whatever you guys find irritating ?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exposed !

I avoid writing posts when I don't have any special ideas in my mind, but then I also hate not posting for long. So what I will do is, take up a tag ..Yes I know it's so unusual me and I already see a few raised eyebrows. I will do a tag that reveals a few of my secrets, well actually 7 of them..Okay I see a few more raised eyebrows ..Great !!

Secret 7: When I was a kid I used to kick a lot while sleeping but the most embarrassing thing is that I used to hold the person's ear sleeping next to me.I absolutely have no idea,where did I get that habit from.

Secret6: I get bored quickly of anything, specially of whatever I write. Matter fact, I get bored of my creations as soon as I am done writing them. See, I am bored of 'secret7' and I am on the verge of getting bored of 'secret6'.

Secret5: I day dream a lot and I hate doing it. It only feels nice when you actually dream, but when you are back to the reality,it sucks more than the reality really does. Know wham sayin? :P

Secret 4: Whenever I listen to any song with a certain degree of Rage, I put my soul in to that and it does feel Awesome.

Secret 3: I haven't watched '3Idiots' yet and I am still ALIVE & KICKING, in fact I don't have any regrets and I am not even excited to watch it. I will watch it the day I want to, not when the whole world wants me to.Those People planning to leave comments like "you are an idiot if u haven't watched 3idiots" or on the similar lines are idiots themselves and yes I have all the comments and rights and wrongs reserved on Blog Vibes !

Secret 2: The way I sound or the way you picture me here, I might appear only 40-50% like that, if you meet me in person. But that doesn't mean that I fake it here, it simply means that I don't express things in real life the same way like I do on my Blogs.

Secret 1: I try reading minds, & if I connect well with a particular person I surely do an excellent job.