Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On hold !

Now Don't confuse, let's just trade shoes,
Feel how I felt, and see how I dealt,
all this while, with a fake smile,
See how I am on hold, since I just told,
you everything, that I had within,
every single line, that was on my mind,
since so many years, I was hiding tears,
It was never your loss, but I was always on a toss,
this both sided game, only had my name,
and a mere hope, that I would not get any shock,
rather a surprise, & this time the Sun would rise,
from the west, and god would be at his miraculous best,
or else I am just doomed, sulking in a silent room,
not even jealous, but cursing all fellas,
for making me do this, and hope for the bliss,
though they are all right, still I can't just fight,
this battle alone tonight, I need someone by my side,
till I am done with my life, and get customized,
with a new skin, and a soul that would grin,
for no reason, and for every season,
now you know what I mean, as I put this clean,
In front of you, I am all very true,
and it's not a myth, that a confession's death
is a major death, for that one pure faith.