Monday, October 26, 2009

How normal are you ?

1. Did you ever turn the shower knob instead of the Tap Knob and got wet?

2. Did you ever shout, while listening to some song using your headphone/earphone, and you realized some 10 odd people are staring at you ?

3. Did some XYZ ever wave at you and you gave a friendly smile and greeted him back, but as soon as he left, you asked your friends, "yeh kaun tha be ?"

4. Did you ever, wake up in the dusk confusing it with the dawn and started getting dressed up for your school/work ?

5. Have you ever smiled at someone, who you thought knows you very well and he/she did not smile back, coz it was crowded and he/she was looking at someone hot and obviously of the opposite gender standing beside you ?

6. Did you, ever throw the chocolate in to the dustbin instead of the wrappers? and it goes worse when you throw the lighter away instead of the bomb ?

7. Did you try writing down something using a pen upside down ?

8. Did you laugh out loud remembering something, in a class/meeting when others are busy sweating their brain out?

9. Did you ever, ignore someone's effort to make a handshake unintentionally and after two seconds you realized it, just by looking at his/her embarrassed face?

10. Did you call someone on his mobile and started talking about all the alien topics to him in the world and suddenly you realized that, he is someone of the same name but not the one you wanted to call ?

11. Did you ever type your Password instead of your Username,when 2 people were staring at your computer screen?

12. Did you ever miscalculate the number of steps while using a staircase and gave yourself an unbalanced and shocking time?

13. Did you ever kick your enemies in your nightmares and someone (sharing your bed) really started crying, coz you did kick him somewhere, you shouldn't have.

14. Did you ever taste shaving cream and did you ever rub toothpaste on your face ?

15. Did you ever feel embarrassed after you shouted your friend's surname by which you always address him and suddenly his father, elder brother, mom and who else not, responded in chorus?

16. Did you ever abuse someone, thinking he is your best friend when he closes your eyes and later he regrets having done that, since he got his dose ?

17. And finally, Did you ever chat with Anurag Chatterjee thinking he is different from the blogger Anurag ?

P.S : Even after having done all that I would call myself normal.How normal are you ?