Sunday, May 31, 2009

A No Brain-Errr !

Aye yo, talkers, Shut up and listen

I am da talk machine,

Make a pin drop silence, I got a skin drop licence.

You are just you and you are not me,

You are ordinary and not a V.I.P.

Get this straight in your tiny lil head,

If you can't, then just nod, else you are fucking dead.

I got a shitlist and my own blunt vision,

from IPL to Superman and every damn superstition !

Filmstars in sports and sportsmen in films, for filthy fame,

thatz like a mis-match of password wid username.

Actors and actresses lack vitamin D and stagger,

that man AB fainted in sun like a faggot.

Mista, Minista, just relax in siesta,

talk all shit and freak out in ford fiesta.

Media sucks, all Cock and Bull story and tension.

Ohhh Gawd !! Barny is gay, I can't belive the legendary Stinson.

Claudia called, A liar, a liar, I read in T.O.I

Now It's our BIPS whuz "HIPS don't lie".

Bitches calling every single man, MCP.

Wa? aren't they straight, like Y= mX+ C ?

Awryt one more theory thatz uncanny and bleak,

Y2A says "anythng thatz not straight is Oblique".

Have you ever left your life on a freaky toss?

I did that, No I ain't no Geeky Ross.

I am Sylar, I have the Hunger for power,

So what if Salman Proposed Asin near Eiffel Tower?

Devils did not dare, chargers, spanked the butt,

Underdogs excel, all mouths are now shut.

Kings put the poor damsel in distress,

Knights in the faded armour were keen to grab the last place.

Not worth a nickel are the Ads of Tada Indicom.

Waddup wid the Zoo Zoo midgets of fuckin V*dafone ?

Curry Bashing ? It's insane to stab browns and make it lethal,

Letz pee on OZs damn burger and every fucking-racial-punk-weasel.

All eyes and talks about my last post's last word 'Senorita'

Would it matter if I replace it wid 'Seeta', 'Geeta' or 'Margarita' ?

Fucking retard is everyone, everywhere, When I see around.

and I thought It's only LIMP BIZKIT, "rollin with their hands up,and hands down."

Don't crib, it's a no-brainer, won't change for at least another decade,

YES !!! I am EMINEM I like stripin, people naked

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Have Seen !

I have seen People smiling in Pain,
I have seen Daffodils dancing in rain.

I have seen Scotts, singing Spanish lullaby,
I have seen heavy snowfalls in July.

I have seen roofs without ceilings,
I have seen hearts without feelings.

I have seen lovers betray each other,
I have seen a rooster cry over a broken feather.

I have seen monsters being so nice,
I have seen a man taking his last breath twice.

I have seen, honey sprinkled over a bee,
I have seen the enemy residing in me.

I have seen rivals turning in to friends,
I have seen fashion turning in to trends.

I have seen angels fly, I have seen Devils cry, I have seen Springs turn dry, I have seen Villains die, I have seen a last goodbye, I have seen the stars up so high, I have seen the world,Its contrast and its beauty but......


p.s : someone said I can't write simple posts with feelings.

P.P.S : and plzzzz I am not in love.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I blinked and four years turned in to nothing but a mere memory imprints in some part of the brain that I adore. I am sad that my engineering life has come to an end but I am happy that I have lived, breathed & celebrated it for four years. Now I realize that there are hell lot of small things that i will miss, here is a list dedicated to all my batch mates.

1. No More common early hour lectures. Awryt I attended them sincerely till second year only but still they were a part of the curriculum.

2. No more wild series of exams, no more one night stands with the books.

3. No more borrowing CALCIs, Aprons and sometimes Note-books too from the batch mates, sometimes from the Juniors too.

4. No more watching TV, shouting in Hostel's common hall or Playing T.T.

5. No more watching Fantas talk with their Fantis and giving their whole friend circle so many gossips. Gawd !!So Many times I have sacrificed my celphone's balance too.

6. No more scribbling my quotes (yes my drawing sucks) on the benches. I have left enough entertainment marks for the future kids.

7. No more getting anxious before taking those grade-sheets with random alphabets put on it and then complaining that GPA system Sucks big time.

8. No more singing loudly even at 3 in the morning as if i owned the boys hostel.

9. No more witnessing or hearing about the break-ups, make-ups, crushes , dumping stories.

10. No more counter strike clans, no more Tournaments, no more other Lan games (D.O.T.A, A.O.E), No more counter strike names and the similar fantasies.

11. No more late night canteens, or an early morning rush to have idli-sambhar, upma, tea, sutta etc.

12. No more b'day bumps or those night orgies with rotten eggs, tomatoes, water balloons.

13. No more begging faculties to consider for the attendance or asking for those make-up exams with the lamest excuse possible.

14. No more inter-college cultural or sports fest, late night DJs and soothing eye moments for both the genders (ahem ahem, if u know what i mean).

15. No more liberties for the couples to guttergoo around and no more pissing-the-evening-wind for the singles.

16. No more dirty talks, no more sleeping till 3 in the afternoon on holidays.

17. No more Ragging fun.(Yes it's fun to get ragged and rag, if you don't get ragged u miss out a lot, I bet).

18 No more fun in wearing those whacky quote wale 'tantra t-shirts' and no more fun in reading a girl's t-shirt, which sometimes is mistaken as an obscene behavior, but whatever ;)

19. No more fun in upsetting friends with the worst teasings possible and then making him laugh over a sip of tea/coffee/coke, a puff of suttas for some people.

20. No more playing loud music all day long and as if comparing with the other guys that "hey look my song reaches girls hostel nicely than yours."

21. No more rolling on the floor laughing on the silliest of the jokes possible, till the eyes get wet.

22. No more late night movie shows to the nearest multiplex possible with a group of at least 15 guys and then jumping the boundary wall and showing Rambo skills.

23. No more calling names, No more bunking classes without any reason, no more boring internships, no more '5 minutes more morning sleep', no more sneaking and poking in the exams, no more abusing friends, no more fracas, no more scuffles, no more partying over a cup of Maggie, no more sharing suttas, no more fun, no more healthy laughs, no more life.

The season that was rocking, will now be dry.
The Jokes that made you laugh, will now make you cry.

A life time is over , 'The fun-reality'.
A new beginning awaits you, 'The work-fidelity'.

Some day, I will gather memories and will turn sublime.
Some day, I will come back to see, our footprints in the sands of time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

50 SENT(iment)S

This is my 50th Post.
So what ? I don't have even a single reason to be jubilant about it, coz Perhaps the weather is corroded, the Pain is inevitable and I don't have the illusion of being Invincible anymore.

I signed up on blogspot on 4th July '08. Gave an unreasonable name 'BLOG VIBES' which just came out in spur of the moment. Wrote a few posts, advertised it, requested people to read and comment, and somehow got in touch with some awesome bloggers. In due course of time, I realized that they were not simply some unknown random ass prints on the chair in some part of the world, trading in binary and digital modes. They had a life and so it's own brutal and silly bolts, swinging along with them, on fucking broken earth's axis. Some of them turned in to great friends, some were and still are formal with me, and some just pretend that they are friends. A leap from blogspot to orkut, gmail and FB happened. Did conferences, made rules, formed a joint blog. But I realized that frequency mismatch causes noise not only in physics but also in real life. The first joint blog was a dud, and somehow I was responsible for that fiasco, but then I guess,
Throwing up is a better option than getting choked.

Then 'a-shit-for-tat' happened, the idea was to make it funny and wacky just like the name sounds.As an author, I try being a little different on S4T than what I am here, Though I don't fake when I write there, that's somehow my evil and sarcastic side.S4T is alive and I pray that it doesn't get shut down, in the near future.

I used to think that I will thank every single blogger who has read whatever shit i had here, once I hit a half century. On the verge of making it, I was even more eager, but now when I am doing my 5oth post, the timing could not have been worse. I would have elucidated every single life problem, had I been an anonymous soul, without anyone breathing around me, being aware of what I am puking on the cyber world. People know I exist, they have seen me still/moving. My family knows about my blog and so many people who know ME personally, sneak around once in a while. I have a lot of motherf*cking shit to blabber about and take it out off my chest, else I am going to explode. I can't just shut up after being accused, for the so called 'guilty conscience ' will eat me raw, gradually.

College is ending, I have two more exams left, in fact I have one tomorrow, but I don't even feel like flipping the pages, and going through those black letters that I abhor.My roomie is packing his bags, his exams have ended and he will move today, It had been an awesome four years with him. Engg life has given me some awesome friends, that I could not have asked for more . But half of them will move away and I will move away from the rest half.
My world is getting torn apart and i am horizontally attached to both the halves.

Sometimes I feel my life has just shown its trailer, and the movie is still left. I don't have the popcorn or a balcony seat, all I know is that I have a pass to get a free entry and then fight and search for the perfect comfortable seat.

In between the conundrum of future boxes, Series of never-ending nostalgic moments, betrayal and accusations of being a cocky & insensitive individual and a crux of my own choices, I see some of my favorite people disappointing me big time. A big 'THANK YOU' to them, on this special Post.

I don't think, I require to thank individually to all those blogger buddies who have been awesome all this while so thank you all of you, who know, that I would have written the names had this post been a little jolly.

Blogging is the best thing that has happened to me in the recent times and as for the impediments, I guess I have to suck it up and be normal.

P.S : From now on I will be on and off because of the reasons mentioned above but please bear with me and Ohh !! btw for This new template I thank Nidhi, even though It's still incomplete but who cares ?