Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last couple of days !!


I did not eat for almost 48 hours and the best part….errrrr…..the worst part was that I did not feel hungry at all. But just to make sure that I am normal, I went and thooosofy a masala dosa and l feel like puking since then. I shared my this problem with a few of my friends and the comments which I got were:

1.“sale tujhey pyaar ho gaya hai”

2.“Ohh I did it for 60 hours so you still have 12 more hours to go”

3.“OMG, eat something else you will die”

4.“Ohh okay”


2 A.M and I look at the the orkut window and see the latest updates, I gazed at a pic and a person there looked like me, wait was it really me ? I mean I never had that t-shirt which he is wearing, I don’t remember giving such a pose, I don’t remember going to such a place. This guy looks muscular, popular and spectacular and I am just a bachelor. So it can’t be me. I woke one of my flat mate to confirm and he was like…”yes it is you, no wait a second, abe koi aur hai,nahi tu he hai parrrr……”

ME: arghhh ! okay shut up

So I left a comment there.

“Ok this is about to sound funny but Is that right most guy me by any chance?”

and the following comment was

“tu he hai be”


Duration : 30 mins , weightage : 5 %, No of questions : 3

I am solving my last question and the time is almost over and then I do a blunder with my FX991MS calci.

X= {(2.89-2.37)x(2.34x3)} /2.4 = SYNTAX ERROR

Me (thinking)= How silly could I be, I can’t just press the right buttons, I should do it again.

Teacher = Time is up !

Me = Wat the fuck !


5 P.M today and I am relaxing & trying to forget whatever happened, In my rest of the classes and viva.

My celphone rings on the highest possible sound limit.

Peace Up! A-Town Down!

Yeah, Ok! Lil' Jon! Usher, Usher, Usher

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

And I am least bothered to pick it up, I am kind of enjoying my ring tone. But I pick it up in the second time.

Me: Hullo ! , haan bol ?

My best Friend : Sharam nahi aati hai ?

Me : kya hua ?

My best friend : Aaj mera b’day hai.

Me(silent) : Orkut pe show nahi kar raha hai updates mein and mere cel mein reminder nahi baja,

My best friend : you only manipulated my orkut's settings..duh !

Me: Okay.. happy b’day, Wherez the party?

My best friend : blergh X-(

I felt bad, I mean it never happens, but it had to happen today , anyways I went on his b’day treat ..Ate like a dog and here I am feeling pukish again :(

Sunday, March 22, 2009



I gotta perform miracles,
with these damn Syllables.
with the ideas that are so wet,
and insane like the Russian Roullette.
I went high, goin down instead,
caring a damn about the freaking airhead.
They call him an Ace,
& I call him an Ass.
He is a big mouth that stinks,
and a crap weasel that only drinks.
I got  nothing to loose,
You got nothing to booze.
The key to defeat you,
Is to remove my ADIDAS and beat you.
Now I gotta veg-out & catch up some rays,
You gotta drool out with the plenty of lays.
Your accent and out-fit is so cheesy,
I pukin hate it,coz it makes me dizzy.
I dun see myself in the mirror when i See,
I gotta blame you for this coz the moment is dicey.

Aw Snap!! I wrote all crap jus now,
Aw Snap!! I got a feeling it's WOW.

Aw Snap!! why the hell are you thinking even?
Aw Snap!! it's a random shit for the sake of heaven.

Aw Snap!! I can go on & on & on,
Aw Snap!! what else have I been doing, Moron ?

Aw Snap!! I gotta Put an end to this.
Aw Snap!! I discovered, Ignorance is not bliss.

P.S: I Can RAP this  :D

P.S.S : Check out how nicely, you comment @ Come Comment ;) 

Monday, March 16, 2009

the ENEMY is IN ME

Recently two people have designed my fav poem (of course by me duh!) and the best part is that they both are bloggers and both are gals.One pursuing animation and the other one is a media student. Here are their designs, check out and appreciate. Don't dare to compare or criticize.

NEHA (a blogger turned friend and a media student) .. has used my pic and her skills to make it look proper and apt. She wanted my real 'gunda pic' ..toh mainey bhi bola le lo ....main bhi Y2A jaisa wanted banana chata hun :D

(CLICK ON THE IMAGES) ab yeh bhi batana padega kya ?

SWETA ( a friend turned blogger and an animation student) who emerges like a phoenix once in 500 years and the 1st thing she does is to write a post on her blog ;)
She has used her skills and her creative pics design this ..actually she made quite a few designs.But this one is her latest.The theme is apt for the poem... isn't it ?

Thank you both of you, now I am hiring you two as my personal poem designers ;)...see I am coming with new kind of job opportunities for the talented students even when the market condition sucks ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Random Facts !

I Hate tags and when i say that...i mean in upper case (HATE) but a few of the tags are so nice that u don't have to answer stupid questions like
"whose butt you want to kick right now?" (of course the one who started this tagging business)
"If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?" (how does it solve your constipation ....huh ?)
"what will you do with a million dollars" (I am not chandler, i never wanted it)

so this new '25 random facts' about myself tag intrests me and that is because I can write my heart out without caring a damn.So here the list...begins...sit back and enjoy or you can stand up and read (who the hell cares?)

25. Okay I am peter(nickname)/ashwani(on the certificates)/Ashwin(friends call me).

24. Don't you dare to laugh, reading the above line and don't you dare to comment without reading, a few bloggers are on my hit list for commenting absurdly after just reading either the P.S or the Header.

23. I am 21, single (if that intrests you),Indian ..I guess i just wrote my not-so-called-ASL (age, status,location).

22. I have two make-up exams the day after tommorow. So Holi will just be a formality for me this year. I am supposed to study today and tommorow :(

21. I am thinking about getting a spiky hair cut, but i am afraid, coz the last time i had it , it was horrible and the time before that, it was the chances of me looking human after having it is 50 %.

20. I am rude,if you are a moron.

19. I am doing in Biotech (final year)..and i am not placed yet and yes you can smirk..coz you know what? I DON'T CARE !

18. My last post was not about Jimmy Shergil or my exams, it was about my quotes.

17. I make a lot of typos, Nidhi inspires me...(and when she reads this, I am dead).

16. I just hate being questioned a lot, i hate giving clarifications, i hate misconceptions. are 10 facts closer to me by now all of ,you isn't it ?

14. I share my b'day with Angelina Jolie and Anil Ambani (beauty and not the beast)..i have told it so many times. You should have it on ur tongue tips by now ..duh !

13. I hate gals, who smell/show off/are despos/have dirty or too long hair/grammatically incorrect/are fake/are arrogant/have bad sense of humor.

12. I hate guys, who show off/fake/cry/are gay/wannabes/dumb/selfish.

11. I am a non-boozer and a non-smoker by choice. Though i had falvoured hookah recently and it contains no tobacco, i guess.

10. I hate saying sorry when i don't feel it, and i don't mind saying it 100 times on even the smallest thing which i feel for.

9. I want to MEET all the BLOGGERS I know, coz blogging is best thing that has happened to me in the recent times.

8. I Wear a white friendship band in my right hand, which looks out-dated and has faded (it had UK's Flag over it) but i love wearing it and before you make your own assumptions let me tell you, that a guy friend has given it and no we are not dostana lovers.

7. I get Deja Vu more than any normal person. It has reduced in recent times though.

6. My worst poem ever, was based on the special category of ..noodles, which ruined the last joint blog I had.

5. I have walked Ramp twice in my life and the fellow gals gave me the height complex, though i am decent (5'9.5"), I am no model btw.

4. I day dream. I get nostalgic. I get embarassed when i am supposed to blush.

3. I am a Gemini, so a dual personality and that should not be confused with Split personality.

2. Sometimes when i say "i don't care" i actually care and vice versa.

1. So you all know me by now does it feel, eh ?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back with a BA(n)G of !-quotes part-2

Exams are over and i am a little more relaxed than before (on competitive terms), although I couldn't give two exams coz i returned one day late than my scheduled time.

Reason: I missed my flight, now before you scream how lame/unplanned/idiotic/unpunctual one can be? let me tell you, that i was stuck in a jam (naxalite protest) for 10 hours and i did all my permutation combination to arrive on the time but failed.But it's okay till college people agree to give me make-up exams for those two horrible subjects.

I wanted to meet Nidhi this time and give her the opportunity to write HOW I MET YOUR PETER's all three seasons, but i couldn't.

And ohh btw I saw Jimmy Shergil (yeah the mohabbatien wala ladka) on the rajiv gandhi airport & that's nothing stupendous, i know, but the best part was that he looked at me and i looked away ;) though we sat in the same loby for at least 1 hour. He must have been disappointed that no one gave him any bhaw. Bechara !

Since i have hardly anything to blabber about so here i extend my lame 'part -2' of '!-quotes' ....


1. Men are from Mars but i am from hell, else why do you think i die and i dwell ? (well this line is from my 1st poem ever)

2. If the total energy of the universe is constant then someone is having a good time when i sweat.

3. I blinked and a decade was over, i meditated and i died.

4. why isn't the north part of the south pole, called the north pole?

5. If miracles are rare, then how come i fail every day ?

6. Dragons are hot.

7. when you realize that you have forgotten something before, then is that feeling called 'amnesia vu' ?

8. Politics is a misanthropic-philanthropic profession.

9. For being a DJ all you need is a mixer, two cd players, speakers and the hands that can go all the way, zig-zag.

and the last one is dedicated to all the fellow bloggers .......