Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be Ryt Back !

2 A.M and i am awake, though it's quite normal for me, but today the things are different,the ambiance is quiet and i am tired,excited,afraid and a little annoyed. Mixed bag of emotions insinuating big time.

I will take a break from blogging for at least 2 weeks. I have my cousin's marriage to attend, followed by my mid-sem exams (in which i am surely screwed).

I had planned so many things that did not work out properly in recent times, but still i am not taken aback or shocked.I will try, try till i am either bored with it or till i realize that i was wasting my time.

OH MY GOD !! this is turning out to be the worst post ever by me. I am blank, ambiguous and now i realize i am getting a back ache and i can sleep too if i force myself.

Ok so if i bored you by my cribbing and sulking then read out a sardonic masterpiece(R*CK OFF) by abhinav on our a-shit-for-tat's recent post :D

P.S : Do miss me ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

VALENTINE? LOVE ? -- It’s either MY WAY or the HIGHWAY !!

There are three versions, equally important, cynical, and somewhat absurd as my reasons of being a single at ‘21’. Fortunately I don’t find a big deal in being a single, but there is an unfolded crux which should unwind today, before it becomes too fussy.

A FEW BOYS SAY: - Dude you look good, you must have one girlfriend. Okay you don’t have to be committed to a vamp or a kitty with claws, but why the hell are you kicking a plate full of whipped cream intentionally? Get someone for fun and as if you are going to marry her. What do want from life, huh ? Katrina Kaif won’t come dancing in the rain or Angelina Jolie won’t stretch her arms for you, Salman and Brad Pitt are better for them any day. Being a guy you are lucky to get proposals, but thanks to the celestial crap and some goddamn satanic saint in your mind you turned down all of it without even thinking once. How the hell can you not figure out a gal’s intention? She was eyeing on you & everyone noticed except you. That XYZ gal made a good remark about you. Are you not man enough or are you trying to show off that you have some ancient worthless family values intact? OMG don’t tell me you are turning in to a Gay !

A FEW GIRLS SAY:- Alright you look nice but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. You can smile and please everyone, but no you have to keep your face straight and show off to the world that you got attitude. Okay I am sick of you throwing tantrums and ‘I don’t care attitude’ 24x7. You are funny but I am sure you are afraid of commitments. I said NO to so many guys but now I know how it feels when someone says NO to you. I wish someone breaks your heart the way you did for me. I never proposed anyone I just wanted to talk to you so I took wrong steps, Okay I am sorry but I did it for you. You think a lot, you go philosophical on the whole world, if you get the time think about it too. I followed you crazily for all these years. I have been excited about your blog more than you. Can we at least be friends?. Okay no ? Fine I am happy to have said what I wanted.
Thanks bro for calling me that I look good, though I always rated myself as just an average looking guy to be honest and no I don’t have worthless but yeah I do have family values intact. I don’t have to be an Einstein to understand anyone’s obvious and transparent intentions on any given day but then why get in to a zone I am not comfortable going in. Why play with someone’s emotion or rather my own and crib about it for long. I would rather prefer an ordinary sandwich on a torn sheet of paper over even the tastiest of the whipped cream served on the costliest of the plate, provided I like former more than the later. I day dream but obviously I am not falling for any dreamy flamboyant beauties. I hear the remarks and I jot it down as my good wishes or rather secret admirations in my memory. I am man enough so I know how to handle any stuff without getting in to a mess, And you call me good looking all the time….now do I need to shout who is turning in to a Gay ?

First of all don’t get confused with the way I talk, I am born talking like that and if you ask me it’s not rude, It’s rather my special tone, which a very few lucky souls get to hear. When I talk like that I am not apprehensive at all. Okay if I know when I have to smile I would, otherwise I can’t carry a fake smile, coz my cheeks hurt, plus I don’t have any plans of signing a Toothpaste commercial in near future. Yeah I have the attitude..And there is a thin line between arrogance and attitude. I prefer sticking to the former. I am not afraid of commitments, I am afraid of fake commitments, break-ups, sulking and a few severe cases of homicides and suicides. Even I fell for someone in my life but then cupid did not approve it, so stop making your own assumptions and stop cursing me ladies. You follow me & my blog and you thought you should tell me in case I did not know, do I look that dumb? You want to be just my friend and nothing else? C’mon you gotta be kidding me? Or are you kidding yourself, huh? I prefer not replying as a better option than replying rudely and making things go worse and present myself as a classy moron who will give clarifications on every damn thing and swear that he did not. For me CUPID has been DEAD In recent few years.

P.S :- Whatever I have written isn’t confined to one single guy or a girl’s view …but some real life advices and one sided talks on their parts. And I did not reply then coz the timing was inappropriate.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

! - QUOTE B-)

Awryt !

I am done with my exams, relaxed, tension free, not thinking anything. I will veg-out for next few days, till next series of exams knock me out, and it's not that i did not enjoy all this while, but i pretended to study too.

I don't study, in fact I have never studied properly, without any pressure. My concentration level lies in somewhere between 0.1 to 0.2 on a scale of 1-10 without exam pressure. But thanks to my college it has gone lesser than that level in the recent few years, coz we give almost 40-45 xams per semester which is approximately around one exam after every 4 days. So the phobia called exam has vanished.

Anyways I have been writing quotes and Raps and what not since long. Here is the list of some no-brainers.Caution : Don't apply your brain too much else you wont get the meanings :-D

1. If xams were people, a wrestler would have cracked them all.
( I have replaced 'I' with 'wrestler' to make it sound more meaningful )

2. Heights of frustration--a devil cursing an angel " go 2 hell. "

3. I heard you read between the lines? then what does my palm shout like ?

4. wat's a mixed bag ? a count of Alphabets till 100 and numbers till Z.

5. 'I' am the reflection of 'MY' reflection.

6. Every Failure of mine is like an exceptionally long deja vu.

7. If I exchange my powers with the HULK, then HULK will die because of xams.

8. If numbers can be arranged alphabetically, then why can't alphabets be arranged numerically?

9. If 'i' stands for imaginary then 'i' am a thought.

10. If 'IN'somnia is the lack of sleep, then i am an 'OUT'somniac.

P.S : If people don't like it I am not posting anything as stupid as this, again on my blog else ..you are soon going to see the 2nd part \:D/