Friday, January 23, 2009


It faded, before it could emerge.
It is soothing rhythm, but sounds like a dirge.

It's so gloomy but i see,it's so clear,
It's far-off but relatively near.

Some SPY at work or a secret admirer?

Blandishments are cliche, and I need a thought stirrer.

A gruesome cruelty , isn't my cup of tea.
I need to change, before I start being ME.

The fog won't clear and i won't again fly up.
Was I dreaming reality, or did I just wake up ??

Monday, January 12, 2009


The phenomenon where the left becomes right and right becomes left is called lateral inversion.
This theory i read when i was in standard 6,while reading about mirrors and I was immensely fascinated by it. I always thought about writing or doing experiments related on it but somehow I realized that life itself justifies this theory a lot, atleast in my case it does. So I wrote a poem on it.

Read the poem and let me know what could you figure out of it ?


When the sun comes up, every night.
when the stars twinkle, in the day light.

when the fault is yours, and yet it's mine.
when i stand alone, yet last in line.

when i adore someone and when love is fight.
when heart is my brain, then my wrong is my right.

when i fail at times, my dreams come true.

when i know the outcome, I get bolts out of blue.

when the moments are like my sorrowful delight
then i am for me, is like black is for white.

I am the smoke, still I am dumped in ashtray,

I gulp my predator, even when i am a prey.

I pity me coz i fall when i rise
I am petrified by me coz I am prominent in disguise

I am so expressive and real, when i fake,
I am so constructive, coz I mend when i break

Comfort is me, yet my soul suffers
I walk contradictions and my similies are metaphors.

I see my future, like I see my history

Yes! i am like an open book & yet like a mystery.

P.S : In case you couldn't figure out or did not read it nicely,then let me help you. Every single line contains contradiction, either of words or of the logic (logic ?? wat's that BTW?)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1024x768 Resolutions this year :P

I am back after almost a 3 week long hiatus from blogville and supposedly the longest for me in the blogging life (which is like 6 months young so far :D )

Year end was not so good coz I wasn't well, had mild fever (kolkata is cold in winters I tell you, it's just that people there pretend that it is not). It's my fault though, I should have been careful, shouldn't have been in ganjis and shorts all the time *Sneezee*.

Well this year world alrdy had it's more than 72 hours of Joy and resolution brains-storming sessions. I guess I am late but not an ordinary man can make truckload of resolutions in jus few mins, but guess what ??

I did :">

Yeah I want to change every damn thing in me that irritates me. I want to change me for the better me but what I lack is the list of such things. I have had enough of resolutions every single year since I was a tiny ass but i never stick to any change for more than a month. But this year has to be different.

But what is worth a million dollar question for me is:

"whether retrospection with a blend of introspection is better than making resolutions??"
If yes, then I have always been doing it since I was a tiny ass :P

P.S: But just to give you a hint, I think I need to change my habit of cracking slapstick and sarcastic jokes at all inapropriate times, But Can Chandler be happy without being funny :-? funny is what he has.

P.P.S: By the way 2008 was LOL'able isn't it ?? check out A SHIT-FOR-TAT !!