Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let the Year Disappear !

I will Put 'em chronologically, skillfully
& probably you will See, how woefully
they occurred, some were deferred,
but I preferred, to revert the way we were
supposed to, destined to or was I meant to?
To fathom, the uneven rhythm,
it was a ransom they owe to that anthem,
Scary, a wary scenario intermittently,
very like the Ontario scorchingly fuming,
but I am assuming, this all is ending.

If the bad gets going needs, then how bad the going leads?
If the Pro is all dead then is the Con all I need ?
May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear
May the disdain disappear, Man let this year disappear !

Tiny Peccadillo, result of head over heel oh!
consequently but admiringly, I nostalgically
say and ask, this is the dead end or is this end dead?
I Hit hard the bottom rock, absorbed the shock,
bounced back, pounced back on that shinning
sun,the ray of hope, that massive scope to explore
that hidden horizon, where lies in, the ethereal
rush, that serendipity,It's funny, I know it beforehand,
coz the Alchemy whispered and triggered
a sudden relief from the burden of grief.

If the bad gets going needs, then how bad the going leads?
If the Pro is all dead then is the Con all I need ?
May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear
May the disdain disappear, Man let this year disappear !


  1. I understood one thing-
    that it's a deliberate attempt at forceful rhyming with a dash of heavy duty, incomprehensible words n figures of speech :P
    plus d inclusion of ontario n peccadillo gives it a literature feel.. go n apply 2 be an english ka professor man,n den we'll anoint u or rather re-christen u as Sir Peter Ashwin

    Anyway May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear.. n may u explore
    that hidden horizon...wishin u a happy 2010! :)

  2. I didnt understand a few words and didn't get the usage of some words at some place but as u wud agree with me, that the feel of the poem should be understood, and that should reach out to the i would say this poem is very nicely written...somewhere down the line it was like my 2009 too.

    wish u a happier 2010 :)

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  4. "May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear
    May the disdain disappear, Man let this year disappear !"

    I really really hope that you all your pain goes away, maybe you"ll say this was just fiction and not to be taken seriously but i wish you all the same.

    May you forever pen out the way you do:)
    and year ka utna hi dosh hai jitna hamara ie 0% things just happen.

    have a happy year ahead :)

  5. I need to get drunk to understand this!

    Happy NEW YEAR

  6. I understand this completely (for a change though)... :)

    Pessimism has given way to Optimism...
    the darkness and the heaviness has given way to the brighter n lighter.

    U have wonderfully described the pain, the dilemma and the struggle within.

    I loved it, also, coz I understood it :)

  7. Weirdly, the feel gets thru and the words don't. Even though i still imagine gangsta rap beats to it.

    It's a new year, new things to come. I won't say new beginnings coz things carry over from last year, and the last...goes on n on. Still, it's a point to start with. Pain will go away man, relax, chill, have a drink or two.

    Happy 2010!

  8. mindblowing
    blowed off my mind
    kya likhi hai awesum
    me speechless :P
    sitting down wth my dictionary :D

  9. The rhyme is great as usual.
    Dunno to what extent it is related to your personal life..but I cld sense a lot of hidden meaning.
    If at all its related , then I'm glad you are letting go off the past & passionately looking forward to the future.

    Happy New Year!

  10. huhhhhh

    u made me to grab my dictionary many tyms :P...heavy one..

    the rthym n choice of word..
    i understood it partially thou..

    will read it again to get it totaly..

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