Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let the Year Disappear !

I will Put 'em chronologically, skillfully
& probably you will See, how woefully
they occurred, some were deferred,
but I preferred, to revert the way we were
supposed to, destined to or was I meant to?
To fathom, the uneven rhythm,
it was a ransom they owe to that anthem,
Scary, a wary scenario intermittently,
very like the Ontario scorchingly fuming,
but I am assuming, this all is ending.

If the bad gets going needs, then how bad the going leads?
If the Pro is all dead then is the Con all I need ?
May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear
May the disdain disappear, Man let this year disappear !

Tiny Peccadillo, result of head over heel oh!
consequently but admiringly, I nostalgically
say and ask, this is the dead end or is this end dead?
I Hit hard the bottom rock, absorbed the shock,
bounced back, pounced back on that shinning
sun,the ray of hope, that massive scope to explore
that hidden horizon, where lies in, the ethereal
rush, that serendipity,It's funny, I know it beforehand,
coz the Alchemy whispered and triggered
a sudden relief from the burden of grief.

If the bad gets going needs, then how bad the going leads?
If the Pro is all dead then is the Con all I need ?
May the pain disappear, May the fear disappear
May the disdain disappear, Man let this year disappear !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

But I MEAN ...

Hello Kids !

Today we will see how emotions can get misinterpreted in 'e-world' and also learn about the ways to save ourselves before they turn fatal. So please concentrate and try relating yourself with whatever I say today and I am sure by the end of this lecture a few of you will have a very strong urge to ask a few questions, but that's not a problem with me. Even if you are an MBA student who knows what communication barrier means or an engineering student who has some idea about subjects like technical report writing.Okay Class, No talking Please & for the next minutes try reading the lines and yeah jump in between them at times.

Lesson one:

Let's take up a very small sentence, "Did I say, you stole my thunder?" and now try reading this sentence again and again by emphasizing on one word separately at a time, like this, (here the capital bold letter words are the ones you have to emphasize on.)

1. DID I say, you stole my thunder? 2. did I say you stole my thunder?, 3. did I SAY you stole my thunder? 4. did I say YOU stole my thunder?, 5. did I say you STOLE my thunder?, 6. did I say you stole MY thunder?, 7. did I say you stole my THUNDER ?.

One sentence, 7 different meanings and yeah each one of them could turn out to be fatal, depending on what the situation is and how the person at the other end reads it. At the same time it also depends on how the person at the other end WANTS to read it (now that's a perfect example itself)

I know it's very common and obvious and we all have read about 'syllable and word stressing' when we were in high school, but by the time we came to college we forgot this and by the time we made an account on twitter, we started not giving any shit about it. But the fact is, that it conveys a wrong message.When you are talking about your tooth that is paining and the person other end is enjoying something as good as "people of Pandoras or Pindaris" they just don't get what you exactly mean. So better use this 'gyaan' in those times.

Lesson two:

"I heard about your injury, I am sorry". This plane sentence sounds and well, looks way too formal, isn't it ? So what to do? we should add up a few emoticons. Now if you are on yahoo or on any other chat messenger where you have various options to choose from, then Choose any of these:

1. :( or :(( are Apt for the such a sentence.
2. :-s or :-ss are considerable.
3. :O, :-w or :| are inappropriate and hence bad.
4. :P, :D, :), :)), =)), or ;)) are suicidal.

Emotions are better than emoticons, and that's a fact.The later one is just the substitute for the former, coz you can't talk and make faces when the other person can't even see you, right ? So do use them nicely and appropriately and if you have problems memorizing the codes ..then you know who should you consult, don't you ?

Lesson three:

"OMG, WTF, just happened" Now this sentence can be written in like;

1. OMG, WTF just happened ?
2. OMG, WTF just happened !

Now it's quite possible that if you put a question mark, then are you blaming and questioning the person at the other end, when you just meant that you are shocked. But it's also possible that when you put an exclamation mark, you did actually mean to ask him about whatever happened but by mistake did not use the correct punctuation mark.So in either of the cases, you won't be happy with the answers you will get. So use punctuations properly when you realize that the topic is hot.

Lesson Four:

Once I remember, a friend of mine SMSed me about a vital project report that he had made and and had shown it to me, and I ended up texting him, "Read you project again, will talk later." because I was busy playing counter strike and 2 minutes after that I get a text;

"WTF, I made the project with so much pain and you ask me to read read it again and tell me what all corrections are needed and no I am not correcting them, you will do it yourself. you are also a part of the group, don't fuck it up"

I then replied " Dude, I Read (PAST TENSE) the project again, it's nice, I am playing CS, will talk later."
and he replied, " LOL :D, okay"

So kids, you know what I mean, don't you ?. I can go on and on about it, but then I have a feeling that I have written exactly what I wanted to say, in nutshell.

Any queries ? Raise your hand and one person at a time Please.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Without one !

If your gain is my loss, then may be I am a loser.
If my curses are your blessings,then baby I am an abuser.

It's your mess,I won't clean it up,no I won't even dare,
As if I am only bad to shoes, and you are all heart-fair

I redeem you, yeah may be I am a little sick.
How can I blame you, my life is itself a kick.

I am sick of these games, don't play it anymore for god's sake,
was it me or was it you ? or was it a mutual heart-break?

The lights turn out & I am over like a one night show,
Look here's the reality, I am your friend-turned-foe.

Ain't it funny for you? but for me it's no-fun,
coz everyone's got a deal,but I dealt it without one.