Monday, October 26, 2009

How normal are you ?

1. Did you ever turn the shower knob instead of the Tap Knob and got wet?

2. Did you ever shout, while listening to some song using your headphone/earphone, and you realized some 10 odd people are staring at you ?

3. Did some XYZ ever wave at you and you gave a friendly smile and greeted him back, but as soon as he left, you asked your friends, "yeh kaun tha be ?"

4. Did you ever, wake up in the dusk confusing it with the dawn and started getting dressed up for your school/work ?

5. Have you ever smiled at someone, who you thought knows you very well and he/she did not smile back, coz it was crowded and he/she was looking at someone hot and obviously of the opposite gender standing beside you ?

6. Did you, ever throw the chocolate in to the dustbin instead of the wrappers? and it goes worse when you throw the lighter away instead of the bomb ?

7. Did you try writing down something using a pen upside down ?

8. Did you laugh out loud remembering something, in a class/meeting when others are busy sweating their brain out?

9. Did you ever, ignore someone's effort to make a handshake unintentionally and after two seconds you realized it, just by looking at his/her embarrassed face?

10. Did you call someone on his mobile and started talking about all the alien topics to him in the world and suddenly you realized that, he is someone of the same name but not the one you wanted to call ?

11. Did you ever type your Password instead of your Username,when 2 people were staring at your computer screen?

12. Did you ever miscalculate the number of steps while using a staircase and gave yourself an unbalanced and shocking time?

13. Did you ever kick your enemies in your nightmares and someone (sharing your bed) really started crying, coz you did kick him somewhere, you shouldn't have.

14. Did you ever taste shaving cream and did you ever rub toothpaste on your face ?

15. Did you ever feel embarrassed after you shouted your friend's surname by which you always address him and suddenly his father, elder brother, mom and who else not, responded in chorus?

16. Did you ever abuse someone, thinking he is your best friend when he closes your eyes and later he regrets having done that, since he got his dose ?

17. And finally, Did you ever chat with Anurag Chatterjee thinking he is different from the blogger Anurag ?

P.S : Even after having done all that I would call myself normal.How normal are you ?


  1. Oh! You're normal alright. I identified with everything you said there... including smiling and greeting people who you hardly know (even if they do). So that would make me normal too no? :D

    My cousin kicked me once during sleep. Ouch! Damn you sleep kickers..

  2. Arrey isme se maine sab kuch kiya hai... :D :D bas shaving cream and anurag waale ko chod kar :-s and I don't kick in my sleep, at least I don't think I do... :-s

    I have to take a head bath everytime I do turn on shower galti se and invariably get late :(

    Pen upside down, pen with cap, sab kiya hai maine!

    16... koi nahi kar sakta, specs mere savior hain ;)

    Pata nahi vaise whether I am normal or not, doubt hai... :-s

  3. barring the last one, coz i do not know the person concerned, i guess i'm pretty normal. ;)))
    waise,i have come across a similar post somewhere else as well..cnt recall where....these are the traits which normal humans do but are too embarrassed to admit

  4. you posted at 2.33 AM... raat bhar kaam karne ke baad you have energy... how normal are you... :P

  5. Another grt post From apna Shitter fren :)
    Peter.. I love you :P
    well i never shave so i havent confused myself with shaving cream n toothpaste and ya never tasted shaving cream thought. Chote main by mistake tasted Soap though .. yuck.
    many time i had headed to kitchen to pee instead of bathroom n smiled at myself.. Stupid me.
    Many times i use the phone beside the lap top thinking it was mouse.
    I screamed one name today thinking about other gal and the name i screamed just siting right next to me and asked :y r u screaming?
    today i set in the loo without putting the seat cover dwn by mistake and whn i sat to pee i said myself "what happen to the seat?? Ouch it hurts" n whn i realised i forgot to put the seat cover dwn i felt so flushed !! :P
    I have msg wrongly someone thinking about some one.. Fingers does magic too, it makes some connection with brain n heart

  6. What a co-incidence..about the 'normal' post.

    I love this list.Kaise socha itna sab kuch ?? Sahi hai!
    Except for 13 , 14 & 17..mai bhi ekdum normal :)

  7. I am extremely normal
    even more normal than you are :P

  8. Nice post.something that I am connecting to since the last few days....
    will post something related to this soon....
    ever debated about the pros and cons of being an ant before an end semester exam?
    i did that :P

  9. as i read this post, i threw pistas in the dustbin leaving their leftovers shell in hand!

    password things is so embarrassing..! khoob logo k password dekh liye maine!

    yeah I am normal.. what about u?

  10. Well i am different from the lot here.. without doing any of the aforementioned activities, i m so happy to admit that "i m just so not normal" n dat is my USP !!!

  11. @nidzi - y on earth do u pee a lot?? n u so love sharing ur peeing experiences,haa!! :P
    *gives dat dirty look now*

  12. 14, 15 and 17 - Except for thee three nos I have experienced the rest and Yes I am pretty much normal! Jo nahi maanta woh baad main doob marey :P

    Sooper post! I enjoyed it! Take care :)

  13. normal...hoon..mai normal hoon..:D:D:
    ye koun tha be wala.. :|..
    and 2-3 ...more..matches...thou..:(

  14. now regarding pt # 11-
    i once tried to give my password 2 someone!! yeah u saw it rite- poora green signal 2 chk it out!! (abnormal dat i m :D).. but dat scared him off!!
    coz obviously he was oh-so-not- normal, reason being- 99% of d normal population wud live 2 (as a human nature n d thrill factor involved) like to pry into another's lives.. n wat better dan emails !!

    bt i guess he was just being oh-so-ethical .. uff! i tel u aise sacche log hote kahan hai aajkal ki zaalim duniya me.. LOL :P

  15. yes im normal...glad to be tht ways :)
    i woke up at dusk but the sweet ignorance dint extend till the time of gettin ended soon :)

    yes pen upside down is frequent

    i hardly humm along a song,so ppl dont stare..

    but yah,i hv been caught makin some really weird expressions to my buddies @ public places by strangers and they for sure believe me to be insane.tht is embarrassing.

    awesommmee :) loved ur post

  16. Dont know about you, but its confirm i m normal.... i can relate what u have written 70% almost...


  17. :) it's like one of those fb quizzes .
    i think i've done most of 'em . yeah.except the shaving cream . the anurag thing happened with someone called gargi.

    no 2. is pretty normal ,why did you list it ??? ye sab to usual hai :)

  18. 1. and 8....all the time!!
    I start laughing every time I remember something totally random and silly in class..and people give me the..."what's wrong wid u" look...hehehe

    And abt the password!

  19. completely normal :-D
    I can relate to everything written in the post :-P

  20. As normal as you, hero :)

    Hi5s... we are similar in a lot of ways...

    I have never tastes shaving cream though... :D but I fear that someday I will mistakenly put hair removal cream on my head instead of the conditioner... :D :D

  21. shit how did I miss this post...

    *Roles his eyes on point no.17* ..Wtf! yes it is me..but it is so weird....Do u know any other person of the name similar to mine...I mean I would ask why me?...Yes ur not normal...*Certified* :D


  22. @ dhanya

    sahi hai many normals out der :)

    @ Akansha

    ohh u too ? gud !

    @ Prianca

    OMG, everyone is equally weird or equally normal !

  23. @ Nidzii

    u are ultimate, you know that, and after than Hrithik wala dream it's confirmed :P

    @ Sugar cube

    hai naa ;)

  24. @ priya

    u mean u are Normal'er :P

    @ Mads

    I am too late in replying :(

  25. @ abhinav

    mainey bhi dekha hai par logon ne mere passwords jayda dekhe hain :(

    @ Shruti

    I pity u then :(
    it's fun to be normal !

  26. @ Thoorika

    join the club then, what are u waiting for ?

    @ amrita

    Tere smileys samjh nahi aate mujhey !

  27. @ shruti

    u did a mistake, shudn't give ur password to anyone. God bless that gentleman !

    @ chitwan

    thnks :)I see loads of normal ppl here, and i am proud of everyone !

  28. @ Pallav

    70% is not good enough :-w

    @ I'll try to be

    well creativity u see ;) FB stole it from me !

  29. @ PJ

    u are an engg, u have to be normal

    @ ankita

    :) :)

  30. @ harshita

    haha the day u do it, let me know please :P:P

    @ anurag

    if i am not normal then ur name is not normal either, why do u appear different at both the places :-w ?

  31. oui

    kabhi socha nai be..

    almost every second thing i have done...har baat ka logic nai hota..itna mat socha kar

  32. @ joie

    tu toh kuch jayda he normal hai ..pata hai mujhey :D

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