Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Damn the route & Damn the dreams,
it's all exploding, emotions corroding, People nodding,
It's all Slow lyka program loading,
complex lyka digital & binary coding,
I made a winzip rant, like someone unzip your pant,
this rhapsody will blow, lyk I.E 8.0
laughters, slaughters, innocence half there.
Luminescence, at the other side of the fence, no offense
but this z oh-so-dense, I sense, take back your non-sense
Go dance, enhance your moves, you prove, till u get it,
f'rget it, I hate it, I read it, I said it, I mean it,
I ain't not sardonic, not demonic , not a phony,
I just don't know me, I just don't know me.

I hated the ride, inside the void,
emotion's access denied & I lied that I never cried,
acted like a clown, with lips upside down,
I smiled to hide the pain, else coulda died

I tried, but the soul didn't reside on its own side, inside.

Gimme a pill of donepezil, No please no needle,
Lil I forget, that i cud still perform that drill, man it's no thrill
without that reckless kill, without that acclimation, strangulation,
of mental aberration, freakin hesitation, I learned a new lesson,
for this season, I dun need no more reason, I took my decision,
damn recession, no I ain't no dissing myself, not pissing on u man,
not missing my mind, just kissing the line, just reminiscing the time,
when i cursed nostalgia, I was so fragile ya ! I was so agile ya !
I was so volatile ya! lost within one mile ya ! Gullible I wasn't,
Malleable yeah but then lyka syllable in a word & lyka rolling pebble,
but yeah a rebel, they tagged me, I was on a spree,
for a wee, May be i was being me, now i gotta believe, that
I just don't know me, I just don't know me.

I hated the ride, inside the void,
emotion's access denied & I lied that I never cried,
acted like a clown, with lips upside down
I smiled to hide the pain, else coulda died,

I tried, but the soul didn't reside on its own side, inside.


  1. Okay! Peter... This post shook me and then froze me...

    I felt I was almost going to get killed with the darkness of thoughts expressed here.

    All I can say is.. yaar.. although its a masterpiece but I hope the phase in ur life is not as dark as the post...

    Darraa diya yaar...

  2. It's awesome...but too gothic...but it's completely your types...the way it's written i mean.

    not my favourites coz it's not happy happy but loved the style.
    u got a tune for it?

  3. Whoa! it's... super superbly written!!!

    I could quite hum the tune you'd probably take, obv I'm not so good at it, but it's really cool... it's one of those dark rap songs you hear... and it's just awesome yaar...!

  4. Dark, frustrated, bursting to speak out.
    This definitely has a tune to it...
    more linkin park than G-unit...

    Crazy styles man...wish there were a "like" button here as on FB.

  5. Swallows.. rubs his eyes...
    what can I say, the poem is awesomly nice!
    this is not a poem, it is a fully blooded rap!
    each word having its own weight, not even a single bit of crap!



    "fence - offense - oh so dense - sense - nonsense

    lesson - season - reason - decision-

    whoa..that's something!

  7. hahah!! does this have a nice guitar to back it!! i guess it wuld be a real cool ROCK song!!! wuld suggest LP!!!!
    flabbergasting lyrics!!!!!

  8. haila..mazze aaye..hero..
    experimenting with new guitar..
    superb poem..i mean rap..:D
    this rhapsody will blow, lyk I.E 8.0
    bow down :D

  9. I don't know wat to say....sadly, my knowledge and level of understanding is zilch when it comes to poems, especially those which have a goth-emo feel to them. nevertheles, it does not mean that the post is so-so. it only means that i'm not the authority to post anything sensible on it @ moment and i'm in no mood to fluff by saying lols, nice, poem etc....

    waise, what were you thinking wen u wrote it? is it inspired?

  10. Hey! Mads recommended this blog to me! Enjoying it quite a bit..

    Stephen was right. You write songs quite well!

  11. I am so bloody bad with so called poems.. so no comments !

  12. whoa! Was that a poem or the entire software programming dance!

    Loved these line sthough- I smiled to hide the pain, else coulda died,

  13. neat post.

    Watch the video of the

    in the World

  14. mast likha hai...ekdum jhakkas...akhir shishya kiska hai??(hint: mera)

  15. @ Harshita

    yeah 40% reality and 60% inspiration. I was absolutely fine when i wrote this :)

  16. @ MADS

    i understand ..yeah too got one tune for it ;)

  17. @ Akanksha

    yeah RAP ...inspiration ..but i am still way too bad :(

  18. @ shaunak

    YO !
    let'z Rap it up !

  19. @ abhinav

    haan hum sabki bhawana hai ismein :P
    thnks :)

  20. @ sugar cube

    yeah :P tell me about it !

  21. @ anuja

    two words ..Thank & you !

  22. @ Donna

    I wish i was that much talented.
    thnks anyway :)

  23. @ Priyanka

    I understand i also dun feel like commenting on other's blog ..if there is somethng that is more than what my brain cells can take.
    and well yeah it is inspired :)

  24. @ Dhanya

    Ohh MAds Suggested ? :P
    I thought my blog holds some gravity :P
    thnks Stephan :) yeah yeah and thank you :P

  25. @ scattered thoughts

    err see i am bad too .I thought it was a RAP and u called it a poem :P

  26. @ numerounity

    thnks :)
    yeah S/W programing inspired me :|

  27. @ abhishek

    yeah ..you are my best teacher :P :)