Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rumors R Rawsome !

A few days ago I came to know about something that I did, which probably would be the last thing on the earth I would do. Makes sense ? No ? Well I heard a rumor about myself. A drunk friend told me something that he had never told me before, but obvious. My reaction to the news was like this :O :O :O :O. Why why why would she say that ? I mean I would rather prefer to Jump off my own ass and die instead of doing anything remotely close with her or to her.

Then I realized ok, lets not overreact, after all it was a rumor and I don’t care. But two very important things which I should now know are:

1) Girls Brag probably more than guys.

2) Rumors about yourself either make you laugh or Piss you off. However in my case both happened. I was pissed off but then I managed to laugh too.

Now I realize that film stars, sportsmen are human beings too and we should respect their emotions. Poor guys, but yeah again I am not sorry for my Jokes on any Bai-sexual Ahuja.

So all of you reading this post please do share your RUMOURABLE moments, your one such incident may help a poor-rumor-affected-pissed-off-normal-boy, to gain serenity and sanity of his mind back.

I am sorry for not commenting and not posting recently, but I am suffering (still) from Writer’s block. It’s been so bad that I decided not to blog anymore in fact, if recently you have pinged me and I haven’t replied then just think that I was searching for the ‘HI’ word.

Oh, Btw today is Joie de vivre’s a.k.a Neha’s b’day do wish her in case you know her and do wish her in case you don’t know her.Yes a compulsion !


  1. People spreading rumours about you.. on top of that girls! Aren't you popular?

    Yeah, girls do brag and gossip more than guys. But then it's fun that way! :D We rock!

    Bai-sexual Ahuja :P Nice one... (finally I get a joke of yours)..

    I already told you about my rumourable moment - when everyone at work thought I had a Bahraini bf! :D Like you, I laughed it off too later on...

    Last but not the least, Happy birthday Neha! :)

  2. girls brag more than guys...i take it, u haven't really talked to amith then....oh one min, are we talknig abt boys here? sorry for mentioning him/it :D

    yeah rumours are always laughable after they piss u off...

    the rumourable (nice word waise) moment of mine..hmm...the usual link ups only i guess...i was very pissed coz of the words they used to define me :|
    now i just laugh it off..kya karein...
    will wish Neha on her blog :)

  3. i have had my share of terrible past full of rumors..some of the shitty and pathetic ones,when i ws linked to my female friends in the group (in every possible way u cn imagine) with reasons unknown to us,till date.
    tht pissed me off like anythin which ws followed by my cut-off phase from the crowd..

    well that's a thing of the past and now also whenever i hear them,im glad tht i learnt to laugh on them

  4. cheers!!! actually im in deep shit too..!!! rumours rumours..!!! brad pit says hez gonna quit acting n concentrate more on family matters..!!! itz true dat angelina messages me ..but how cud people mistake her 2 hav a crush on a young mr.perfect like me..

    chetan bhagat postponin release of new books!!! people say he fears my new blog updates..hoo rumours..!!

    what more...i started havin workouts!! rumours dat surya, arnie, amir khan r all headin 4 newer trends like 16 packs !!

    im fed up!!!!

  5. hehe rumors aur mera choli daaman ka saath hai!
    I have been involved in many rumors and I have my share of spreading some shhhh news items myself!

    Waise.. wat was the rumor abt u btw?

  6. :D:D..
    when rumor is abt u..that means u are popular :P..
    enjoy it..r haan..i wished her..
    even enjoy the party..missed u :D..
    or gift likha small letters :P

  7. Yeah rumors annoy you & then later on makes you laugh.
    But it makes you laugh only after things are sorted out..until then it buggers you!

    I don't have any rumourable moments ..nothing so major that bothered me much :P

  8. rumours??? :P and women?? Man,they can eat ur head off.. :D

    Everyone tries to see the funny side though a time comes when it gets onto ur head..I simply keep quiet coz I dun prefer the angry side of mine,myself.. :) Peace!!

    Came here from madzzi.. :)

    am blogrollin ya mate!
    wished joiee already.. :)


  9. However well you took the rumour, i hope it didn't make you more mature!..that's quite a wretched thing to be ;)

    Happy birhday, Neha... and everyone else who shares their buddays with her!

  10. ahem...achhoo..oops..oh yeah, film stars n sportsmen hv 2 face rumors(u being 1 of 'em...phurr :P)

    n bdw..u ought 2 have mentioned dat oh -so-'u dnt care cum pissed u off' rumour for better clarity on the topic ;)

  11. Hmm... rumour-mongers...

    College mein I had enuff of them... and it is so stupid and humiliating at times... they link you with X and then X with someone else... and create imaginary fights... and crap... when I am old, I realize, it is better you ignore them and enjoy life... coz people dont bother what u have to say abt a RUMOUR anyways...Let the rumour die its sweet natural death...

  12. Ah! I forgot... Happy Belated Bday Neha..

  13. ankita a.k.a enchantingankiSeptember 29, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    aree neha se toh party lungi mai....thanks for letting us know!!...i was not knowing this...

    neha, happy budday here..and budday bombs..wen i we will meet :-D

    Rumors..yaa.they are funny always and disgustingly funny sometimes...i recently heard tat i am will be in the core team of the organising comittee of my college event...and i was like oh..yeah...fine then....bring it bhi kar lenge..sadda ki jaanda hai ji... :-)

  14. rumours are silly but cute :)
    one rumour was that a guy in school had 5 full affairs , but bechara , asal me 5 girls had a crush on him .

    see isliye main privacy ki respect karti hoon jee haan .

    by the way what was the rumour about you??

  15. Happens! Recently I got to know thru someone that am married! My first reaction - Oh is it?! Who is the guy!!! It irritates you and at the same time humour you!!

    Was out of town so didnt check your post b4 iself but nevertheless HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEHA! Hope you had a nice day!!

  16. @ Dhanya

    Ohh no, I wish I was :P
    yeah girls rock, but not in gossiping :O
    and yeah you are getting jokes now ..u will be certified soon ..dun worry :)
    yeah ur rumor din sound like a rumor though !

  17. @ Mads

    Ohh he's a gossip machine :-s ?
    and yeah link ups and all are very common as in they do piss u off par wat else can u do :(

    I hope u wished neha :)

  18. @ chitwan

    Yeah that's how it is supposed to be ...laugh at it instead of taking it on ur heart :)

  19. @ Kochu

    why can't u srsly comment the way u srsly write ur posts //huh ?

  20. @ abhinav

    ohh u spread it too :-s sometimes it is fun i know :D
    I will tell u about my rumor private mein ;)

  21. @ Amrita

    great :) kuch kaam ki hai tu :P

  22. @ Sugar cube

    Lucky girl ...I m Jealous >:P

  23. @Multimenon

    ohh yea u r in the league too .gr8 !
    welcome :)

  24. @HP
    i din get ur comment :-s please explain :P

  25. @ Shruti

    Ohh yea it is understood :P :P
    umm I guess u already know ..dun'tu ?

  26. @ Harshita

    Ohh yeah college life ! Dun remind ..I already miss it :(

  27. @ anki

    Ohh u from Indore too naa ? gr8!
    ur rumor was nothing :P must have been nice only !

  28. @ I'll try to be truthful

    Ohh yea bechara :P
    everyone should respect privacy and shouldn't respect piracy (silly I know) :P

    My rumor was bad f'rget it :(

  29. @ Thoorika

    LOL .that does sound like filmy rumor :P
    welcome back :)

  30. Thank you everyone for wishin me and to especially Peter..

    Guns n Roses abhi bhi awaited hai :P

    jisko jisko party chahiye gidt leke krapaya mujhse mile ;)

    rumors are part of creativity..kitna ulta pulta things can go

  31. Rumours are stupid really ...most of the time they are used to make fun of others...just coz some of them can get some extra titllation out of it...

    Honestly if it gets out of must take on that guy/gal who spreads such rumors...give him/her your piece of mind :P

  32. @ Neha

    Guns and Roses ..Ams ko bol dene k liye :P
    and welcome alwys :)

  33. @ Anurag

    yeah u r ryt but then's of no use when u get to know about it ages after it actually happnd :P

  34. Hi sorry for commenting so late....wasn't around
    yeah, rumors suck!

    have been a victim of it once and wouldn't wish d same even for my remotest enemy.
    nevamind, hope you get over your writer's block soon. :)

  35. Rumours..? this word reminds me of celebrities ..donno why...

    Yes..girls brag a lot....have enough examples in my company :P

  36. writer's block eh?...Hmmm..happens
    please don't stop it is..most of my blogger friends have given up blogging and it sucks not seeing them around anymore :(

    and hey 'girls brag more'?..its wrong to judge people like that!

  37. @ Prianca

    ohh yeah I know its very common everywhere, but there are thngs u gotta ignore :)

  38. @ Mahesh
    it's everywhere, dude, ur company is no exception !

  39. @ PJ

    yeah wont leave, just take a break if I have to :)