Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I lost my lucky charm a few days ago, it was a white coloured friendship-band (the one in the picture). Call me superstitious, but it so doesn't feel right nowadays . A feel a void in my life, something is obviously missing.

After losing it, my life has become weird, Ironic, and abusrd, in fact ;

1. It's like, crossing a one-way road by looking at both the sides.

2. It's like, a 'C' Program with '100' errors but '0' warnings.

3. It's like, when you sneeze in the traffic and press the 'accelerator' instead of 'breaks'.

4. It's like, a guy excited by 'Article 377' sharing a bed with Angelina Jolie.

5. It's like, playing a CD in a Tape Recorder.

6. It's like, when your Celphone rings loudly & you are faking a talk.

7. It's like, a Twitter application on Facebook but accesible by Orkut.

8. It's like, Eminem Singing Gulshan Kumar's Bhajan.

9. It's like, when you try to spit from the window of a running Car and you spit it on your own face.

10. It's like, holding a pen upside down and trying hard to write.

11. It's like, Stepping on a Dog's Shit before meeting your date.

12. It's like, a guy giving a girl's proxy and vice versa.

13. It's like, 100 comments on your 1st post and 0 comments on 100th.

14. It's like, getting a deja vu that you had a deja vu.

15. It's like, Waking up yesterday and sleeping tommorow.

16. It's like, Joey saying, "kaisaaaa challllll raha hai" ? instead of "how you duuuoin?".

17. It's like, Watching Spiderman-3 in Bhojpuri.

18. It's like, 'a-Shit-4-Tat' turning in to a seedha-sadha, puja-paath karney wala blog.

19. It's like, Me exgaggerating my post over a lost white band.

20. It's like, you reading the whole post sincerely and trying to figure out the logic and now making faces.


  1. I totally understand what you must be going through..and ppl say it's immaturity when u talk abt such lucky charm..but :-s it's not that case.
    will tell u abt my lucky charm ka story in chat :P
    and..hope u get it back or u get a luckier charm... :)
    nice post and loved the way u connected ur way through the whole thing...

  2. first to comment btw :D
    after sooooooo long :D

  3. lol@16th n 17th point..
    hota hai..
    mil jayega..dont worry..:)

  4. yeh kya tha yaar... hahahahaha!!!!!

    ~ C prg mai warning aati hai.. i had forgotten...
    ~ Eminem hehehe.. Gulshan kumar.. hehehehe!!!
    ~ Car's spit happens! hehe!
    ~ dog's shit happens as well...! :(
    ~ SpiderMan-3 was actually dubbed in Bhojpuri.. wasnt it?
    ~ hehehe.. S4T pe ek din jagrata karwate hain yar.. ya fir lets have some havan some day? or why not a satsang by me? nice idea! Jai ho (all puns intended for ex-members.. remember.. forgiveness and non-violence rocks)
    ~ yeah.. it was just a band.. buy another one...

    Faces: :D }:-D =) (= (',')

  5. Hmm... sorry for that... :( :(

    Gawd! u r some techie... aisi situation mein bhi C nahi bhoola...

    Sambhal ke for #3

    #4 is ahem! ahem! weird yet funny

    Eminem singing Gulshan Kumar bhajans... ROFL

    #9..happened to me when I was a kid... :D :D

    #15 sounds like PREMONITION!!

    #16 LOL... am imagining that...

    #18/...hope it never happens...

    #19 : Now I gotta be honest...yeah yeah!!

    #20.. I tried doing that but then I remember how I wrote a poem abt my dead mobile... so its okay!!

  6. 14. I thought that least to me :|

    17. Done that! erm....nothing more to say on that..

    18. Lets try that, impossible is nothing after all..

    Interesting post, and the way your thoughts flow. Me likes!

  7. "guy giving a girl's proxy" :P :P that happens 'a lot' .

    buy another one?

  8. eminem and gulshan kumar ka bhajan :D

    this sentence gives the exact importance of your WHITE BAND

    ASHWIN u rock !!!!

  9. Baap rey Baap.... itna sonch dala..? agar main hota to break leta aur kit-kat kha leta..after all break banta hai mere dost...

    So tumhara white band ke saath kismat konnection tha...

    Kuch bhi ho, tumne heights kar di aaj.... u simply rock ashwin..


  10. hahahah...mast re..
    1,2,..n gulshan one

  11. "a-Shit-4-Tat' turning in to a seedha-sadha, puja-paath karney wala blog."..
    tu tera address de..mai or joie tere liye..mast colourful..rang birangi band gift karenge :P..:D

  12. arre yaar...yeh bahut overt comparisons the re..
    but this was a nice way of letting off the steam of ur feeling bad by comparing it with funny n hilarious eg.s..
    gud one! but dnt feel bad re... u can always get another lucky charm n hope it turns out 2 b luckier.

  13. Liked all those examples you used to explain the 'void'

    Some confused ppl really do the first one.
    lol @ 4 :D haha!

    5 is good. And the 6th happens often.
    lol @ 8
    No.14 *thumbs up*

    No 19 > Nah this is not exaggeration.We attach ourselves to things we have been associated with for a long time.
    I have a religious band in my wrist that I haven't removed since last 3 yrs.I'm just afraid something might go wrong if I do so.But the fact is ..a lot of things go wrong even when I have it on :)

    You'll find another lucky charm.

  14. lol..u r humorous even after losing it!! see..d bright side..u have written a good post after tat...

  15. cool... actually good!!!
    you have missed out on

  16. Kya jhakkas examples hai !!! hota hai .. hota hai .. definitely I can feel your pain over your loss now, esp after readin all the examples :D

  17. lol @ line

    It's like, a 'C' Program with '100' errors but '0' warnings.

    not 100 but I hv had like 7-8 errors and 0 warnings.... :P

    and how will eminem sing gk's bhajan at that too :D

  18. dat was really awesom bey.....
    hop u debug doz 100 errors soon....
    wish u luck to find ur lucky charm.

  19. ya i lucky charm ws a stone which i stumbled upon and dint fall...i picked it up and kept it beside my study table...

    bt the way you brought about the similarities with the examples!!!!LMAOOOOOO :) :) :)

  20. peter its not about the band...its just in your head.Stop worrying about it too much and it will be alright!

  21. @ MADS

    Yea i did feel bad, but i am ok now :)
    how does it feel to comment first :-w

  22. @ Apparently intellectual

    nahi mila abhi tak toh !
    ab milega bhi nahi :(

  23. @ Abhinav

    Hahaha ..LOl at all the phun wala part :P
    karwatey hain ...Satsang ..puraney members k saath :P

  24. @ Harshita

    Yeah i know it happens but buying another band one wont bring luck.
    May be i am over reacting but whatever !

  25. @ I'll try to be

    That happens but isn't that weird ?
    yeah i already have so many f them ..but they are not lucky :(

  26. @ Suyog

    he he thnks buddy :)

  27. @ Mahesh

    good for u ;)
    Thnks mate !

  28. @ Amrita

    Thnks :)
    abe tu tera ..adress de de main bhej dunga tereko waise bands ..mera ...toh lucky tha :(

  29. @ Shruti

    yeah over toh tha ..I know thats what i wrote 19th and 20th points :P

  30. @ Sugar cube

    yeah, that's true's all psychological !

  31. @ anonymous !

    but u haven't missed it on Blog vibes :P

  32. @ Thoorika

    thnks :)
    i know !

  33. @ Anurag

    7-8 erors and 0 warnings ?
    cool i had it the other way round :P

  34. @ Dashan

    hmm thnks bhai :)
    I shall !

  35. @ Chitwan

    ohh wah u are a superstitious fella too :)

  36. @ PJ

    arey this post was for fun ..i have kinda forgotten it already !

  37. i have watched spider man 2 in tamil and finally i dint make faces :)

  38. how can ppl be attachd to a simple materialitic thing lyk jst a white band...and find luck in dat!!and go on writng blogs on its demise..i mean seriously...buddy u mst be sum setimental kinda guy!!
    and about d comparisons..mind blowing i must say !! :)
    keep it up!

  39. @ Ayush

    How can someone not get the whole idea of a post and comment :O
    It was to pakaofy all the readers :P


  40. @ Chriz

    Ohh u did :O
    and you are alive and commenting on my blog ..kudos :P

  41. Was it like watching Rakhi ka swayamvar with your girlfriend even though there was no one in the house?

  42. @ the misdirected arrow

    No ..I can't think of Rakhi Or any Sawant ka Sawayamvar.
    and I am single so, can't think of watching it my gf either :P

  43. hey Peter! Thanks for reading all my posts so sincerely from the start to the end..hehe.I really appreciate it:)
    Thanks man

  44. @ PJ

    you are welcome :)
    btw i read everyone's post sincerely ...and hate those whu dun read mine ..and comment absurdly !

  45. very funny..continue writing such stuff..!!