Friday, July 17, 2009


Of all the turn offs in the world for me, PDAs would win the race of being the 'worst act' all hands down. It's way too overrated and it's a way to embarrass people like me. I hate PDAs like I hate 'SRgay', I hate it like i hate 'karele ki sabji', I hate it, like i hate getting up at 5 A.M. In fact if i have to name a girl child whose parents are PDA lovers, I would name her as HATE WINSLET !

No offense to anyone who loves PDAs, and by that i mean no offense to Nidhi, coz shez the only person I know, who accepts that she loves it and I don't give a tiny Rat's ass (okaieee, so god i hv started to sound like ROSS, Damn again!) to other concerned people reading this post. If you are one such kind, you have all the liberties and statues, rights and wrongs in the world to paint a picture about my character OR you can save your time by typing as "nice blog", "LOL" ,"nice post", "hehe" and similar-other-non-acceptable-disgusting-diabolical- comments, which i ignore, like I ignore vodafone's computerized calls. But the best option for the frowned-up souls would be to write down long anonymous comments, which again i would delete if I find it offensive. Now that's called a win-win situation.

The PDAs I hate the most are these (don't tell me, that i missed alpha,beta, gamma types):

THE FRENCHISTAAN PDAs : It has nothing to do with the French-Fries but it has everything to do with the French Kissing. The hands, while the process is going on, traverse all the way, that I would say, starts from France, passes and presses the frozen gulf of Finland and lands in Andaman and nicobar. It's a normal 'bio' and 'logical' process inside a room but in the open places, It sucks or may be I am a narrow minded guy. But at least I won't bake such kind of cookies , I swear by geeta, seeta or any margarita.

THE DO(N)'T-NET PDAs : These are the online PDAs, in which one party is a PDA-holic and the other party tries not to get affected even if he/she is embarrassed, coz he/she doesn't want to complain. So obviously keeps mum and instead of returning a whole "I love you" package, just makes random smileys or types either of the words in extreme circumstances as "Love XYZ" or "Yours XYZ".
THE DO(UGH)-NET PDAs: Now this one is the worst of all, and occupies all the positions in my list of 'thumbs down' from 1-10. I hate Blog world posts, dedicated to one's lover and surprisingly the name is mentioned and the lover comments back with even a bigger post or a comment. IMFAO, if the two souls are so desperately in love they aren not required to announce it to the world. Some flaunt, some want fame, some are attention seekers and some are just average sort of retards. The trend continues not only in blogging world it is on every damn networking site. I feel sorry for those who take it seriously, and by that i mean a lot of girls and a few guys. Guys doing such activities are perverts, at least 95% of them are. I have no hesitation in uttering the truth.

When I see tag lines like "I am here lonely without you honey" or "Baby my heart broke, fix it" or "I would love you even if stars don't approve" . I just feel like putting my hand in his profile, through the screen of my Samsung Syncmaster and taking his tongue out of his mouth and wrapping it around his neck so tightly that he dies getting choked. I mean why does he have to sound like he is the only Romeo the world has ever seen. When the fact is that he will drop her, like he drops his underwear every morning, if he gets a girl with a better figure.

PDAs Suck Or may be all Gemini guys aren't comfortable with it.

P.S: That's all from my side and I am sure that if you read between the lines, you have a lot to say too.


  1. Standing Ovation!
    bilkul sahi likha hai.. PDA karne walo ka toh beech sadak pe.. err.. rehne do! hehe..

    Seriously man, why do these people want to make India what its not and never can be..!

    Its not being narrow minded. I don't like people make love or even fist fighting!
    (why have you types again and again.. that you never mean to hurt anyone.. hehe chalta hai bhai...!)
    Let there be peace!

  2. ur right in saying it's a really big turn-off...but nowadays i hardly find ppl who hate pda's...

    people don't understand that it's embarassing for others, if not for them :(
    sahi post hai...

  3. I wont say iam against PDA.....but i do feel there should be a line drawn....
    some people go over the line and forget that people are around...
    They go so far off the line that the line is a dot to them...[ok ok i know its joey who say this]

    as far as its in limit its fine with me....and i really don'tthunk people actually have time to see and get embarrassed by what happens in front of them...they don't care a shit... atleast i don't....

    OOnly voilent characters get cheap pleasure of it and njoy...

  4. Half way through the post I thought you were talking about Personal Digital Assistant wala PDA (silly me!), anyways I hate them too!
    I have only one suggestion, If you hate PDAs, and if you ever come to mumbai, please never go to carter road or band stand... Coz, they are to PDA as Ethiopia is to bhukhmari.
    I think there is some sort of advance booking business happening there for doing coochie koo, coz every time i pass by that place, i see so many cars and bikes parked on the side of the road, as would not have been present even in a showroom.
    Anyways... Giving you something you wished for:-
    Nice Blog
    Nice Post
    You are so JOKEY!
    Ha ha ha... :)

  5. Lol @ I just feel like putting my hand in his profile, through the screen of my Samsung Syncmaster and taking his tongue out of his mouth and wrapping it around his neck so tightly that he dies getting choked.

    Sry..cldn't resist that :P

    Hmm so PDA depends on the place you are at.I always hug my cousins if I see them after a long time no matter where I am.If its a male cousin..ppl might as well assume am hugging my bf or something but am not at all uncomfortable with that.

    As far as 'Frenchistaan PDA' is I don't think you are being narrow minded.We have lived & grown up in a country that has a lot of moral & ethical rules.Its very awkward to find someone in that situation. I wonder how ppl can just go bout it.

    Hmm the dough net PDA - If I were to know someone personally who writes bout his/her love , I would just find it adorable.Otherwise I don't give a damn.
    But yes , I certainly loath the PDA on social networking sites.

  6. what's up dude??? seems like u seeing a lot of PDA recently... N i admire the way you have types for every damn f@###ing topic. pretty systematic.

  7. Itna gussa?!! kya hua! got stuck in any embarrassing situation huh?! I got stuck recently.. at that time murder ka koi faida tho tha nahi.. mann kar raha tha ki suicide kar lu .. :D and you are right.. gemini guys are not so comfortable with PDA's!

  8. Arey yaar... hyderabad mein woh kaun saa restaurant hain lake side pe... EAT Street haan...

    By gawd!! wahan gaya kabhi... wahan saarey PDA's ki bharmaar hain... people making out... and uhum! uhum fondling and groping each other... yucks!!

    PDA as long as it is like... just walking by ur gal's side and never letting her walk on the traffic's side... IS good enuff...

    May be my Indian mentality... I dont mind it when am outside India.. but here.. I think its more lusty...rather than being an expression of love... People just donno where to stop...

    Good post... Naya sa post... Tere jaisa post... ;)

  9. hmm PDA are really " pervertic" i may say so...... and i do not at all like pda....
    i guess all gemini's dont...

  10. well that's an awful lot of comparisons mr-cynic..

    - which i ignore, like I ignore vodafone's computerised calls.

    -is that he will drop her, like he drops his underwear every morning

    well u get the drift rt? :P

    Anyhoo, the french ishtyle maybe a lil over the top, and i agree the immature blog posts are pretty sad too. But there're other forms of Pda too u know..the subtle ones...That, my friend, is not only okay, its required..

    making your loved one feel 'wanted' & 'loved' when your together or not, is essential.

    So i wouldn't be a spoilsport n say i hate all forms of PDA like i would say i hate all forms of cricket...ok now,im just talking like u :P

  11. @ Abhinav

    Yes France mein french kiss karney pe koi objection nahi hai :P
    India ,mein it's like if u pee om the road it's ok but if u kiss openly u might be penalized ...abroad mein it's exactly opposite :)

  12. @ Mads

    When i say means if someone whose wid me does it ..!
    uskey alwa koi kuch bhi kare i dun care :)

  13. @ Rakesh

    Well thats how it is ..some are just attention seekers !

  14. @ the misdirected arrow

    Ethiopia to bukhmari :))
    yeah yeah almost every city has such a college and school too had a lovers point.

  15. @ Sugar cube

    hugging a cousin is not the kind of PDA i am talking about :P
    If people don't understand which (obvsly they wont) least u know what it is like.

    Frenchistan PDAs and dough net PDAs suck ...any day !

  16. @ sarath

    Yea been thinking a lot bout writing this post ...nd yea systematic i m only in blogging :P

  17. @ thoorika

    not really ..but yeah been observing a lot :P
    murder kar dena tha :)

  18. Damn Right bro...I am on your side hamesha...I myself have written so many posts on pda's now that I hv lost all counts....btw it's nothing abt being a gemini or a taurean to hate pda's...U hate it ..U hate it.Period.

    Hey but you missed another "PDA" ...Public Display of Arm-Pits :D :D

    Guess that wd require another post :D

  19. @ Harshita

    haan haan gaya hun ..bahut baar :)
    Hyd he nahi almost every city has that kinda spot. Obvsly i won't care about it when i am abroad ..coz it's normal ..but India mein attention seekers ki bharmar hai :(

    thnx :)

  20. @ Mon Espace

    Awright, when u say Being loved and wanted is essential ..I dun think u have to go public about it :O

    It's just that I don't like it, so i will find flaws in every form ..and that does make me sound a lil cynical and finical both in this regard. Like it probably makes u too when u talk about cricket :P

    thnx for dropping by :)

  21. @ Anurag

    YO !

    Gemini wala line is twister ..I have read somewhere that Gemini guys are not comfortable wid PDAs okay thats a reason too.

    and whatever i said about categorization ..i guess u probably missed that :P

  22. Hmmm.. though you mentioned in the end but through out the post I was actually trying to read between lines.. guess I know some of the inspirations behind this post or at least few types but better keep them to the guessing level..

    BTW, you are saying Geminis are not good with PDA but I know at least one Gemini who fit perfectly in one of the types you described here..but then exceptions are always there :)

    And yes, I have been to your blog earlier as well but just couldn't resist to post a comment this time..!! try to read between lines now.. you might find appreciation :))

  23. @ Scattered thoughts

    "I know some of the inspirations behind this post or at least few types."

    There you go ..u have hit the nail on the head or i wud say the whole head on the nail (all fun intended :P)

    and yes When i say may be (read:ALL) gemini guys are not the same ..I mean exactly what u mean :P.

    Well i thought even if one person understands what i hve written it wud be a successful post ...and since u did's an appreciation for me indeed :)

    keep coming !

  24. Agreed...
    Heck off with PDAs!!!!
    Wats supposed to be kept private has to be private... why in the world would you want some Tom, Harry or Dick to get to know what you feel for somebody?????

    our life is no open book and plus we aint no celebrity to do promotional showoff!!!

    guess uve put up a nice show on PDAs.... specially the DO(ugh)nt PDA!!! I find it disgusting to check out ppl professing of their feelings on social networking sites.. IT just sucks!!!

    Hey why not get ur hands on RAKHI SAWANTs SWAYAMWAr!!! a nice example i wuld say!!!!

  25. :O :O u have seen real people do french kiss ??? :O :O aaila !

    see Rakhi S. doesnt like PDA the guy who tried to do her ( errmm.. ) was kicked off the show :P

    i get similar feelings whenevr " baby jigri poo make my heart beat" type of msg comes across.

    i was thinking of more like chopping their hands of like shahjehan .

    but since ajkal mujhe kisi se koi problem nahi hoti hai isliye " in the end it doesnt even matter"

  26. i kep on thinking that why u are so fuming for the PDA(personal digital assistant) :P

    but when i saw the pics on the FERNCHISTAAN PDA, tab jal meri batti.... :|

    keep rocking ASHWIN

  27. i so much agree with you...not just this category but such people also talk loudly and coochi cooo as if they are playing with their pet dogs...

  28. @ Donna

    I agree wid each word of urs :)
    Rakhi's Swaymvar something i can't tolerate ..If I try writing, It wud be offensive and nasty i refrain myself from doing it :P
    keep coming :)

  29. @ Amrita

    u havent seen that ..hawww :O
    ok Rakhi said that she considers herself as an Actress ..islye uskey baad aur kuch bachta he nahi bolney k liye :P

  30. @ Suyog

    how cud u :O :P
    thnks :)

  31. @ enchantinganki

    he he u bet :P

  32. Oh Man!! When I read the title and the first couple of lines, I thought it was Personal Digital Assistant...Phew!! Too many abbreviations and too tiny a brain duh!!

    Displaying one's affection is public is chee chee!!! any time. What on earth do they think when they do that? Do they want to flaunt how much they care? Come on, it sucks and its embarrassing for others but PDA-walahs think its uber cool and the in-thing.

    Its yucky and all I can wonder is - What the heck is different than these people and animals?? Are we tagged as Homo Sapiens and blessed with 6 senses for no reason?

  33. @ Insignia

    Yeah u are not the only one a lot of people are confused and they even confessed :P

    Yeah exactly Homo SAPEINS rock till the time they have this 'Sapeins' species attached wid their 'homo' genus :P

  34. Uff...i had to quote this- "The hands, while the process is going on, traverse all the way, that I would say, starts from France, passes and presses the frozen gulf of Finland and lands in Andaman and nicobar".. my imagination ran wild n saw myself correlating things n in the process got confused :D
    i mean seriously dude...whr do u get all that similes n metaphors from...u gotta be anointed with the tag of a walkin talkin bank of metaphors :)..
    Hereby declaring u as a potential doctorate holder in the department of allegorical writing soaked in imagery..Kudos!

  35. Now i have never understood the psychology of ppl who r PDA'oholic.. Do they want 2 show that we r i lovvve? Do they wanna show that we know hw 2 do stuff (crass)? Do they think its cool(damn)? Do the men indulging wanna show d dudes around "HEy she's my girl...isn't she sexy...isn't she hot...see she's mine...i got dnt u see her dat way..get off.. dnt u dare come near her u loser"?..
    / I dnt know there may be a million reasons behind..

    What i feel showing ur love or affection towards a lover/beloved is fine as long as it doesnt offend ppl around...its a b'ful thing n nt supposed to become a sore sight just by indulging it shamelessly in public..No one's stopping any body but yes, the environment n d ppl around shud be considered...

  36. @ Shruti

    Thnks for ur impeccable and out of the world tag that u have awarded to me :P

    walking hand in hand is oka ..even if u announce that u love someone in party or an award function is okay as long as it's decent ..but just flaunting it sucks big time..and those who appreciate it just don't really appreciate it they just enjoy the foresight :P

  37. U deserve it!
    oh u wil find quite a chunk of ppl who actually enjoy live
    There's no dearth of that kinda janta

  38. @ shruti

    ohh thnks again :)
    yeah lotzz of them out there >:P

  39. its the first time that i finished reading a post of yours and i find it hard to agree to your thoughts.

    waise, u r pretty smart. sirf wahi pda's mention kiye hain which are outrightly disgusting.
    holding hands and hugging when you meet your gf/bf/friends/friends of friends..watever is PDA and it is not disgusting.
    It is normal. It is necessary to let the other person know that they are not some random strangers whom you would greet with a formal handshake.

    Nevermind, ur comparisons to vodafone calls, underwear were hilarious again.
    And no, I did not perceive you as narrow minded. To each his own.
    But in such situations, i prefer to overlook or respect their individuality as i respect mine. but i never get embarassed if i see ppl indulging in PDA in front of me.

    P.S. No, i am not the one who indulges in PDA acts mentioned in your posts. But I have nothing against it either. Overlook, move on. Thus, the long comment. phew.

    P.P.S yes, you are free to delete this comment if you did not like it. ;)

  40. @ Prianca

    uhhh hunn .. I din mean that if gf bfs are ...walking hand in hand. or cousins and frends genuinely hugging each other ..that i dun even consider as PDAs and I am pretty much sure that they are not PDAs ..People doing it don't do it to show others. They just do it, coz they feel it..they behave the same way inside or outside the four walls.

    What I hate are the categories Mentioned or the deliberate efforts to show ur love to other people instead of showing it the concerned person the difference ?

    and when i wrote i get embarrassed i meant, if a someone is showing it for me ..publicly .I mean say my GF(imaginary) is doing it for me ..I dun care about rest of the world ...even if they have sex in fornt of me :P (well thats an exaggeration but whatever :P :P )

    P.S : i know what u meant :) and no i am not deleting it coz i din feel bad

  41. Uff.... you are so irritated with PDAs... Gosh!!

    It was humorous read... I enjoyed it thouroghly...

    In my opinion... PDAs are okay infact acceptable upto certain extent....

    if its a natural feeling from within you are not going to think before hugging close pal whether people are watching you or not... or not going to stop hugging if people are staring at you and your friend is leaving for some far place for long time :P

    Waise bhi what else public has to do... apart from staring and making non sense stories! They don't deserve a damn!!

    Aisa i think :) :)

  42. But Yes... french kissing and stuff are really offending in public!

  43. @ deepika

    uff so u also got confused :P
    refer to my reply just above ur comment !

  44. Ooooo koochi baby....liked ur ya...;) hehe first time came across ur blog nice dude;)

  45. @ Anonymous

    thnx :)
    but who told u to be anonymous ?