Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating 365 days at your nearest blog !

someone said..

"We all have our time machines, the ones that take us in the past are called memories and the ones that take us to the future
are called dreams."

I am goin down the memory lane and I see one such year of goods AND bads, goods OF bads and awesomeness. Yes exactly one year ago I started blogging, made friends, commented on blogs, LOL'ed, read like a dog, felt happy, felt numb, got ideas, got compliments,got awards, had controversies, had arguements......phewwwww !

It's a journey and it's better than the destination,I can't sum it up in words. Without any hesitation, I have an urge to shout that,


1 year, 57 posts, 2 blogs, 42 followers, 21 awards, may not seem that great to so many giant bloggers out there, but it surely means a LOT to me. I post once in a week on an average, but I have seen blogoholics post twice, sometimes thrice a day. So the statistics doesn't sound clumsy in this regard.

I wish I could write down, every single blogger's every single contribution that meant a lot to me, but I guess I will have to devote another year, for just preparing the list. So I think may be I should just mention my 'I CAN'T' list and the reasons for the same.

I CAN'T just wait to see the updates of: Abhinav (fun factor), Mads (X-factor), Nidzi (routine factor), Harshita (truth factor), Neha (creativity factor).

I CAN'T just wait to see the comments of: Amrita a.k.a i'll try to be truthful (genuiness), Harshita (huge honest remarks), Mads (expressions through smileys), Abhinav (truthful-one-liners), Nidzi (typos and that makes us alike), Chitwan (free gyaan), Vinnie (unique), Neha (Brat-ish and straight).

There are a lot of people I have not mentioned, just beacuse of the reason that the descriptions were on the verge of getting repeated.They are equally important,without their comments and blogs I wouldn't have been able to survive for a whole one year.

Farah,PJ,Rakesh Avin, Dr.Acula(I dunno her name),ankita,Sugar-cube,Thoorika,Divkiran,Sawan,Pooja,Vinayak,shruti,Ishani,Anurag,Amith,urv,kochu,shaunak,
mahesh,anand,mehreen,mayuri,stephan,the trooper,Vemuri,abhishek,aqua girl,Mayz,bhanuja.....
The list is endless.

Thanks to everyone, who commented on this blog for even once.

P.S: To make this one year old kid happy, bring the gifts along :)


  1. Wow..i am first...

    Is that mahesh me , whose name you mentioned..?

    Glad i came to your mind while writing.. :-)

    COngratualtions to you for your one year here.

    In fact it is the best thing happened to me too..

    You got a huge number of awards yaar...give them away sometime :-P

    Chalo khushiyan manaon....


  2. ummm yum yum cake!

    HappY Birthday my first commentor's blog :-)

  3. Happy bday rapper's blog!
    u've been a source of great entertainer so far!!
    n ur mommy(okay sorry daddy!) hasnt mentioned it though..but i m his inspiration..
    and dont u worry hun..i will continue to inspire him in future too so that he nurtures u well!
    *hugs the blog*

  4. Vomit out!! :P
    Happy Birthday to your blog... its like a feel good factor to read our own blog at times when we recall all those moments expressed here... good or bad... happy or sad..
    keep writing!!

  5. thanx for the description :D and whoever that 'someone' is, is a really mahan person.

    congrats for being the most handsome blogger (heheh , nahi main line nahi marti, just stating matter of fact :P )

    had not expected thsi level of enthusiasm from you after the previous post, but i guess you got over it.

    so peter, here's wishing you all the best and to seeing more of you
    simply coz you are non-boring in this somewhat facade of a blogdom.

  6. ohh thank u ..dude..
    aaj bahut dino baad blog check kiya.. n i just cant stop myself to check ur post....

    so thanks a ton...


  7. My name is also there! Badiya hai :D :)

    Happy wala birthday hai tumare blog ko !!

  8. :P There is more to me than just smileys :X :(

    A toast for Blog Vibes

    Thank you Blog Vibes, for existing and being always around with an update in every possible colour of life.
    Thank you Blog Vibes, for being so different and creative and imaginative...
    Thank you Blog Vibes, for whatever you are, because you are so special to Mads Mad Mess :D (naam to suna hi hoga :-?)

    Happy Birthday to youuuu >:D<
    May you live forever on... :)

  9. kya baat kar rahe ho? only 1 year.. aisa laga ki saalo se I am readin this blog...

    chalo koi nahi...
    A very very Happy Birthday }:-D
    may this blog lives on and on and on...

  10. arre gift to awards ke form mei de diye.... advance mei...3-4 months in advance :P
    abhi i dont think blog vibes would like muahs and hugs :-s macho blog naa :| :-s

  11. heyyyy !! happy blogiversary !!
    may there be many many more.

    and you're quite welcome ! :)

  12. It's just one year since you started... :O guess it must be true about most bloggers being final year engg ke frustu students... :P ;)

    Happy (365*n), where n tends to infinity, days ahead \:D/

    And thank you... for existing... :) [Blog ke liye tha...,Peter ke liye nahi :P]

  13. its just been a year for u!!??wow man...u cn give all those genius bloggers a run for their money..

    you shall be blessed wid my free lemme pass out, and will start charging u for the same :D

  14. Ohh I guess I saw my name :P ...
    Yeah thanxs to you too dude...I wouldn't really disagree with you when you say ..


    Quite true :)

  15. Bloggers are the best species found on the e-world.'
    Abs agree with that!

    happy b'day blogvibes !
    I dunno what to gift to one yr old :(
    But since my name's on list ( yayy ) am gonna go find out something :P

    Be patient ! :D

  16. Add one more name to the list- me…good blog!!1

  17. Seems like i ve commented ONCE on your blog and my name has also been mentioned so YAYYY....but u dont have to thank me bhai...u r most certainly welcome since u already did :D.

    So here's to many more posts from "pan da man" (not to be read as panda man) :P.

    congrats bro


  18. hmm... bacha u r a giant blogger for me..
    Isn't it not a symbiotic r'ship wherein we all are dependent on each other for survival in Blogville??
    Feels inspired when i see active bloggers like you coz that's one wish of mine- to be more active here n read n comment on every nice blog that comes my way.. only if time could be a bit more lenient to me !

    ashwin u rock!..n congratulations dear as ur blogie baby turns 1 :)..

    yaar thode awards hume bhi de do... hum itna bhi bura nahi likhte ;)

  19. awee,,thxs :)..
    and happy birthday to your blog... :)....

    its great to have to as my frnd :)...

  20. Sohnyo!! yeh lo gift mein ek jhappi le lo... :D badey kismat waalo ko milti hain... hehehehehe...

    1 saal ho gaya tujhey blog kartey kartey... aur mujhey bhu tujhey padtey kitna time ho gaya..

    abhi tu mere saath game khel sakta hain.. guess the author... :P I mean ki now I can guess by reading a post on S4T ki woh tuney likhi hain ki nahi... teri baat hi kuch aur hain yaar...

    Aur ab... kyunki 377 ko laat mar diya Delhi high court ne... dilli mein khud ko nazron se bachaa ke chalna... hahahahaha.... waisey bhi gays hit on u right n left all the time... :D :D :D

    HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY... ab lo aur honest bolo...hehehehehehe...

    Aish kar... cake kaat... Blog-baby is 1 yr old... ;)

  21. BTW, thank u bhi toh bolna tha tere ko... itni baar meri itni tareef kar daali tuney... aur paisey bhi nahi liye... LOL...

    Boley toh S4T ke chaaron fundoo bandey mere Blog-hero hain!! :D Cheers to you and to them.

  22. ayer bhai hum totally canphuse ho gaya hu...
    yaha jo neha hai woh kaun hai..
    meri khajua jaye issse pehle bata de..nai toh pata chale bematlab khush ho rahi hu...

  23. happy anniversary dude.. sirf ek saal hi hua hai?? seems like bahut saal ho gaye...

  24. Happy Birthday "BLOG VIBES"...

    May the insanity and romance keep rocking! Cheers!!!

  25. Aww...happy budday BLOG VIBES!!

    i love this place Peter and the blog simply rocks...!!

    party-sharty karo ab..we want treat too..dont u forget ;-)

    and yeah...its was so sweet of u to mention my name..Thanks!!

  26. ccongrats i wud say.. many more years to go.. and you are rocking indeed.. glad to see my small name too in this post :)

  27. @ Mahesh

    You are alwys welcome :)
    yeah it's you in fact it's everyone who has read and commented !

  28. @ bhaw

    thnks to my very old reader :)

  29. @ Apparently intellectual

    Blogger is my dady not mommy X-(
    thnks for liking me and *returns the hug*

  30. @ Deepika

    thnks thnks you are alwys welcome :)

  31. @ Amrita

    Someone is great ..!

    Ahem ahem thnks :P

    Thnks again for being a regular reader :)

  32. @ Pallav

    thnks to u dost :)
    kitney saare awards diye they mujhey ..abhi bhi yaad hai :P

  33. @ Thoorika

    haanji u have been reading it regularly of late ..i have seen
    thnku hai tumko bhi :P

  34. @ Mads

    yes there are more things about you thats why i have written x-factor naam k baju mein >:P

    thnks MMM for being alwys by my side :)

  35. @ Abhinav

    hssn mujhey bhi aisa he kuch lag raha hai :D
    thnks !

  36. @ Mads

    yeah yeah right !
    good excuse :P

  37. @ HP

    he he blogiversary :P
    thnks :)

  38. @ akansha

    not frustu but being vella !

    Yes it's just been one year :P
    thnks for all ur comments !

  39. @ chitwan

    haanji its jus been one year :P

    please gimme some discount when u start charging !

  40. @ Anurag

    yup ur name is there :)
    hi5 on that !

    you are alwys welcome :P

  41. @ Aparnata

    wow u realised it after an year LOL :P

  42. @ Sugar Cube

    Thnks :)
    ok ok
    *biting nails*

  43. @ Numero unity

    yo added :D

  44. @ Amith

    yeah ur name is there ...
    aaj khush toh bahut hogey tum ...aaayiiin ?

    thnks :P

  45. @ Shruti

    It is truely symbiotic ..God Ranbaxy people taught u these bio terms ?

    thnks for the way u feel :P

    you are alwys welcome :)

  46. @ Amrita

    yo how can i miss ur name :O
    thnks for being there too :)

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. @ Harshita

    thnkuzzz for bringing all the fun and energy in the comment section :)

    Haan haan i can identify ur writing style too :)
    Arey nahi ab gay logon ko liberty mil gayi hai toh apney jaison k saath ghar basa lengey ..acchi baat hai yeh toh :P

    S4T ki jai ho !

  49. @ neha

    tu he hai be :O
    kamal karti hai ..
    khush ho jaao ek dum se :P

  50. @ Sarath

    haan haan mera vishwash kar lo bhai ..ek saal he hue hain !

  51. @ Rakesh

    thnks dude :)
    keep coming !

  52. @ Ankita

    thnks for reading my blog sincerely again and again :P
    yaah treat baad mein, gift kidhar hai ?

  53. hehe...i remember this word 'symbiotic' from my IX class bio classes :P
    this proves my memory is SO STRONG... :D

  54. n haan... now u can officially publish a book based just on ur comments section ;)

    n name it "........" (as per ur imagination n choice)

  55. @ Shurti

    yes yes u do have a good memory :)
    yeah how i wish to do that book thing !

    *is dreaming*

  56. Happy B-day blogvibes! Great accomplishment:)

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