Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mixed bag !

When you are bored and bored and yes Bored then you type rubbish, iterating one particular word. Ohh!! I think I did something like that just now. Ok, cut the crap ! I am bored (damn, again the same word !) to the core. As a result I had a hair cut.yes that's lame, I know but I couldn't think of anything better. So they gave me a ceaser cut, with more defined front hairlines and intact sideburns,basically a low-care contemporary look. After the cut, It so happened that whoever saw it, either said I look like an idiot (as if idiots have a particular hair style) or I look like a kid of 8th standard. But I have my own laws:

Peter's First Law: 90 Percent of the people ridicule your hair cut the very first day.

Peter's Second Law: 70 Percent of them start liking it after a week or so.

Peter's Third Law: At least 90 percent of those who liked it, go to the same saloon to have an exact cut after 10 days and give you no credit at all.

I know after reading this, people would either say,

"Hey upload a pic of your new look, LOL"
"Ha ha ha,I agree/disgaree with your laws, but I want to see what's the fuss about."

So for all you excited straight people and Karan Johars, here are my BEFORE and AFTER hair cut pics, uploaded on Photo-balti. You can see it, ridicule it and have the same cut, but do gimme the credit and Female bloggers if you like Barkha Dutt, you can try it too.

2 AQ and 8 AC series of Rs1000 are not accepted these days. Many people don't know this,specially Forgeiners. So a french couple at CCD, after gulping a gallon of coffee, as if, had it for the first time, gave a Rs 1000 note of '2 AQ' series. But CCD boys did not accept it, and could not explain the reason either. So they turned up to me and asked in English and French combined, that I would rather call as 'ENGLICH' or Shiney Ahuja can call it
'BAI-LINGUAL' conversation.

"Bonjur, Your countaree notee, 1000, they not take,why ?"
I said "yeah there is some problem, even banks are rejecting such notes"

Then they uttered something in French, probably,some maa bahen gaalis to our gov Or something About my hair cut. Damn! I am too apprehensive.

Je veux apprendre le francais :(

Replying to the comments have become a tedious job, after every two seconds, a messege pops up, saying: "jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting..." on opening any pop-up window, Don't think I am not commenting intentionally. I will fix this problem soon, I just bought a Fevi-quick for this (can you crack a better PJ?)


  1. OK... I can smell the boredom... :P

    More than your hair-cut, your face-cut is prominent in the pic... :P

    Sorry, the law remains unverified... I need proof... (Hah! not for nothing do they call me half engineered! ;) )

    I didn't know anything about the notes either... :O but then I don't have any 1000 ke notes, so... :|

    You an TOI should join forces against Shiney, every Joke of the Day has something to do with Shiney these days... [-(

    Comment problem... dunno... haven't faced aisa kuch abhi tak.... try opening with a different net browser, and if unsuccessful... go to the saviour... google search... \:D/

    So(oooo) much for your not commenting... >:P

  2. ahemahem Mr. Katora Cut :p
    yaar u pehle insaan lagta tha ab Katora Cut lagging :D
    seriosuly ur new hairstyle Suckssss :D

  3. Lol ! The Laws are abs true!! Cldn't agree more!

    I too got a haircut & wrote a full post on ppl's reaction & all that :D

  4. lol..I guess we both are going through the same phase..Pay a visit to my blog and u may see the reflection of your boredom :D

    Though I have to get a haircut ..soon ..Damn :P

  5. God..This post is so random.. so arbitary.. Lame, yet Fun. Its oh-so-blah..! =)
    And now..
    I am bored again :|

  6. Btw..I had a haircut when i was home last month..I was subjected to so many varied reactions too. So yes, I know how it feels. With all due respect to our hairdressers,It always looks "God,Thats Weird".. and then becomes.."Its not so bad actually"..and consequently goes on to be "Oh,Now now..its lookin cuteee and naaaiice u know"..!!
    I like ur new haircut though.!

  7. I really liked your haircut...though u say u just got it out of boredom, from your pics it seems like you really needed one!!!;)

    i think your laws are totally true...and the bilingual conversation you had was hilarious....seems like you've learnt a bit of french yourself too..i had never known any such thing about 1000 rupee notes...i guess i just don't handle them that much;)

    this is the first time i've visited your blog...you write well...got me smiling:)

    will keep coming back...keep writing..

  8. bored isliye hair cut? :P u needed one..and it looks nice...
    lol @ those poor french wale.
    and peter's 3 laws are so damn true.
    ...and my turn will come to go under the scissors soon :-s

  9. Even I am bored!! :(

    PS : And you look damn different in both the snaps!

    PPS : No comments on your haircut! :P

  10. Bored?? ;) Kuch naya bol...hehehe

    Arey yaar... kya mast cut hain... Sunny got the same too... I love men in cropped hair... pehley se much much better cut hain... :) haha... yeh cut Barkha Dutt cut nahi hain... toh I'll leave it for the men to take it up... but it really is AWESOME... atleast it looks so on you.

    I also don't know this abt 1000Rs notes. I am such a loser when it comes to GK... uhuh!

    ENGLICH!! LOL....

    Tuney google nahi kiya iss sentence ko... kuch translation mil jaati... ;) ;)

    Chee Chee... Thanda PJ...hehe...

    Chal Aish kar... aur iss cut ko flaunt kar.. ab toh tujhey aur khud ko bachaa ke chalna padega... kudiya toh tere aagey peechey ghoom rahin hongi... :D :D

  11. LOL.

    Uhh. Well, I like you in the BEFORE pic better. The second pic's not well taken, I guess? It doesn't show the full you!! And you're not looking sexy, just BTW! :P

    The laws are absolutely true!! The jealous ones (The good ones liked it, alright!;-)) were calling my cut a Jassi cut, a Sadhna cut (yeah, google that), a whatever else cut et al when I went all experiment-y and got fringes done! And a week later, what do I see!! 2 people had gone my way already!! 2 of the prettiest people I know AND I got credit for it too. :P

  12. whoa... Man ur looking cool ...rocking
    listen why i m apprecaiting this bcz i hv same cut..so it is better to praise...hehehe..
    n bore ho rahe ho to haircut..wah wah..
    Bro..i think it is good Pj none else can crack better than this..hehehe...
    First i thought tum bore ho rahe ho isliye tumne apne sar ke baal khichney shru kar idye n bcz of tht u hv a new hairstyle
    just Kidding

    cheers :)


  13. ok, I learned a new theory here (lets call it..umm.. the Peter Parker theory:P)

    "wen you get bored, you go ahead and get yourself a hair cut done!"
    now that's some interesting theory!

    btw loved the post...really funny!:)

  14. but I do agree, that some sort of change is necessary to break out of the boredom and getting a haircut is good way to do the same.Kind of makes you feel different about yourself.

  15. yeah tat 1000rs problem was in d news..poor french guys..!!

    i can relate with ur state, i am completely velli dese days ....its sick and scary to sit ideal...!!

  16. oops....its 'idle'..hehe..sowiee!!

  17. Yep yep, that was gloss - the shiny sidey remark. Mast ekdum cut to cut.

    Ur pics are on photo balti but u ever got a katori cut??

  18. i dunno..u look fine in both the hair cuts...yah second one makes u look younger no doubt!

    its terribly hot here and even im bored to the core..although i have my internship to commit..but anyways boredom is boredom :(

  19. haircuts are fun.. esp when u have hair that grows back fast.. same case with beard and moustache...

  20. tu pehele se he smart hai..re :D
    btw....i ur getting very bore..try ganji :P:D..

  21. oooof had to do a google language research for that french thing!
    and pata chala to kya? :P

    as for your hair cut,its not looking bad, but u do look a LOT like this guy--->http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1235784192/nm0870204

    do check the picture. this stuart townsend guy was in the movie 'Queen of the Damned"

    lost twin ?

  22. Whoa! Both da cuts give u drastic makeover. 'After' luks quite formal the other quite..'Yo-yo' kinda.

  23. you look 'different'!
    n yes..i have my hols going on n getting very very bored..i need a haircut too! yes! finally sth to look forward to!YAY!:D

  24. hey
    u got some Awards
    Do check my Post


  25. bhaago...Peter aya!
    ok...its not so bad..in fact its smart - ur haircut i mean!

    the laws r cool..i thought only girls followed it!

  26. If you ask me, mujhe to dono ok lage...par mujhe pehla wala achcha laga..

    Not that you look bad in "after" one, its just that you look simple and good in "before" one.

    I agree with few, that your face is dominating your har-cut in both pics.

    Same style mein photo kheecho , to shayd main kuch aur bolu.. :-P

    meri team mate ko pehla wala hi achcha laga...

    She had taken keen insterest in reading your stuff from last thurdsday, did i did a wrogn thing by advertising you and your hair-cut :-P


  27. @ Akansha

    Yea thats coz i din have a face cut :D
    Proof chaiye ?
    are u a Lawyer like M I ?

    Read the comments :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. @ Bhaggu

    bhag ja yahan se :P

  30. @ sugar cube

    Ohh same pinch then ;)

  31. @ Anurag

    yeh i know dude ;)

  32. @ Ishani

    Yo ! see my Laws rock :)
    i know it happens a lot, specially with girls :D

  33. @ Ayushi

    Thnks :) keep coming

  34. @ MAds

    I needed one ..but i ws bored too >:P
    go have it now :-w

  35. @ Harshita

    This is not that great as i thought wud be :(
    fir bhi i am happy coz i needed a change :-w
    That sentence i already know ..it means "I want to learn French"

    they were talking something other than that ..why wud they speak like that :P

    LOL shayar and all huh ?

  36. @ Dr.Acula

    Ohh and I thought I always look SEC C :)

    I know Sadhna cut, I hav heard a lot about it :P :P

  37. @ PJ

    yo! book publish karwani hai ab toh Laws and quotes ki :)
    Boredum sucks X-(

  38. @ Enchantinganki

    I got a mail...thats how i was knowing about it :)
    i know Ideal doesnt make sense there ..duh !

  39. @ Anand

    No i din get ..i guess those military guys they get it :)

  40. @ Chitwan

    Yeah i know ..versatility u see :)

  41. @ Chriz

    My beard and moustchae dun grow faster and I thank god for that !

  42. @ Amrita

    toh baal nahi katwaun kya ?
    Ganji kya ?
    u mean ghajini ?

  43. @ I'll try to be

    That guy doesnt look like me btw he is i dunno which number of celebrity that people have told me looks like me B-)
    yeah i get that a lot :P
    I wonder i have so many job oppertunities to work as body doubles :D

  44. @ Shwetha

    thnks :D
    keep coming :)

  45. @ apparently

    yes i look very diffrnyt to me too :)
    go try it out today itself :D

  46. @ Pallav

    yo hi-5!

    and thnks for the awards :D

  47. @ Vinie

    thnks .then why are u shouting bhagoo >:P

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. @ Mahesh

    Well i know its a lil weird ..i can feel it myself :P

    thnks anyway ..and wah u are doing free service to my blog ..cool B-)

    thnks to your team mate for liking it :D

  50. Fifty First Comment!

    You look good in shirt hair as well..
    I too had haircut last sunday.. I laid off almost all may hair and people commented as they always do!
    most of the people are actually jealous! I pay less money and get rid of more hair... :)
    wats ur rate... i mean what do u pay to get the job done anyways?

  51. happy yappy budday to u
    happy yappy buddday to u
    happy yappy budday dear Blog
    happy yappy budday to uuuuuuuuuuuu

  52. @ Abhinav

    thnx :)
    Did u go ghajini all the way ?
    Mainey toh 100 de k katwaya ..yahan min ..40 hai ..woh be under the tree wale salon ka ..main thodey dhang k salon mein gaya tha :P

  53. @ bhagguhey

    abe ..b'day wale post pe wish karna tha naa :P

    thnks waise :)

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