Friday, June 26, 2009

I vs ME

I : Ha ! look at you and your mournful, disgusting, pretentious fucked up life.
ME: What ? I am just a little sad & It's a phase it will pass.

I: Really? Whom are you kidding? You know you are shattered and there are not even slight indications that you will bounce back.
ME: Of course there are, I have a purpose, else why I am alive?

I: Dude, Your spoon feeding phase has passed long back, look around, pinch yourself harder, and if you can't guzzle down the reality then just get a gun or a broken glass or something and finish the journey.
ME: Wtf ? don't I get any credit points for my drudgery or achievements ?

I: Drudgery? Yea that sounds so unlike you, you are a lazy bum waiting for the things to happen on their own, while you indulge yourself in superficial pleasures.
ME: Okay, may be you are right, but I have been kind and nice to some people in the world, doesn't that count.

I: You think ?LOL, you made me laugh, what is up with you?
ME: All right, so you mean I should be a selfish soul henceforth.

I: Eh? I think you already are, somehow, somewhere aren't you?
ME : May be, but then that's because of you and your evil side, I keep blabbering all the time in my poems, in fact I wrote one goddamn poem for it.

I: Ohh! don't treat me like a backpacking, cyphering, cribbing devil. If you have issues, then why don't you overcome it instead of breaking your own head along with mine over this.
ME: I tried but with every step I took it became more complex the problem is perpetual or may be it balances you and me.

I: So now what? will you be like an ordinary, ambition less, crawling insect along with zillions of people out there? You had a dream, a dream to make it big right? Or something similar I heard.
ME: I still have, and will you please stop questioning me this, I am already dead and tired seeking the answers.

I: Opsssss Sorry ! I think i hit the head on the nail, Yea a massive hit indeed!! Look at you, will you sob now? I want to see how boys cry?
ME: Yes, May be, alone, sometime !

I: Will you put the blame on your family members and friends?
ME: No, why should I? They are great, they will always be, I suck, No wait ....You suck.

I: Owww !! Do you see the light at the end and a tunnel broken midway ?
ME: I Don't believe in seeing anymore, I believe in doing.

I: YO ! Mission accomplished.
ME: what ? what did you say ?


  1. Dunno what to say...
    It's just a phase...Things will be alright
    And..Trust yourself, because you are your best strength...and sometimes u are ur own weakness...
    take care..

  2. gosh, i cant believe i missed out on so many of your recent posts. will read them soon. coming back to this post, its nice to see that an individual who is so confused in head actually had the skill to weave out this interesting monologue. great work. and dont worry, you are soon going to kick ass (literally nahi yaar, bhaavnaon ko samjho):p

    and dont worry,as they say, its just a phase, shall pass.
    P.S stop thinking too much if you are. bad hota hai health ke liye. personal experience. touche.

  3. I Me Myself, stuck in the whirlpool of et al.

    sorry i don't have a smart reply anymore. negativity has bored too much into us.

  4. oho!
    this phase too shll pass!
    I can actually totally understand.
    Do you need a hug?
    (nah!too mushy! peter will laugh at me!)

    *shakes hands*

    *pats peter's back* things will be alright! cheer up!!:))

  5. Don't worry dude... finally as u said, u will definitely win

  6. hey
    wjhat tpo say..
    i donno no


  7. "Sigh"

    Sorry! Don know what to comment! Kuch aise hi jhamele main hun main bi!! Cud be worse or better! DOn know!

  8. Oh this happens quite often.
    Your evil side btw is very scornful.Don't listen to him.In fact don't even hear him.

    If its just one of those phases you are 'waiting' to pass..better not! Take a step ahead & do what you want to.Relax & don't think. Just tune in to your heart & follow your instincts.

    The voices in head create a jig-saw puzzle.Don't let all that bother ya.Its only going to confuse you more & more.
    Focus on your dream.And jet set going.

    Good luck :)

  9. I vs ME, U too!
    I thot , its just me who suffers from this confusion vala syndrome.

    phases come and go ,experience stays...

  10. All the while I was like Fuck "I" ....But then the way u ended it gave it a different dimention to the whole thingy ...

    Sigh the whole things true :((

  11. arre!
    hum bhi pagal..tum bhi pagal..this is the sumi sumi...this is the sulu sulu

    ek faltoo bakwas ghana hain...lekin yeh post aisa nahi hain...i perfectly understand dude...L.I.F.E - 4 letters, na?

  12. Ashwin,

    I donno really waht to say on apost which came to me so unexpectedly from a guy like peter..

    It was like Mr.Good Vs Mr Bad ( of one to be specific) to me...

    Am i right?

    Keep writing.

  13. Ashwin,

    I donno really waht to say on apost which came to me so unexpectedly from a guy like peter..

    It was like Mr.Good Vs Mr Bad ( of one to be specific) to me...

    Am i right?

    Keep writing.

  14. Hey Peter,
    keep your bloglist down somewherea dnd keep your archive before that.

    People find it difficult to read your recent post...

    People includes me too :-)


  15. i have nothing to say abt this post,except............................ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :)

  16. Tsch tsch…that’s life and life’s like that…

  17. I dunno what's bugging you... or maybe I do... I'm not smart enough to rattle some famous quote by some famous person, coz frankly I don remember any...

    It'll pass, esp now that you've let it out...

  18. One of those times, when we see shit, we feel shit and we do shit... ;)

    Ek toh boredom upar se self-doubt ka neem chadaa...

    Hota hain!!

    We all have such conversations with the alter ego at times... and see at the end of it all, you found a solution... its all abt DOING... then go ahead and chase ur dreams rey!!

    Bas ab unka peecha naa chorna... ;)

    All the best...

  19. you are being normal...sane and completely justified in all this. the best part is you realize this fact that somewhere down the line you have to strike a balance...
    good post,liked it

  20. I'm clueless abt what to say..maybe life has its phases..and everythin passes away..I know this sounds over-used n seriously, I have nothing better to say.
    and yea, stick the split you together..I am me together form a more strong persona.