Thursday, June 11, 2009

^Dates !

I had my b'day with Angelina Jolie and Anil Ambani (the beauty and the billionaire) on 4th and I gave these kids a chance to cut the cake on my behalf, just coz the fact is that I don't really celebrate my birthday.Yea call it a typical Guy's attitude or an unwanted Rakhi Sawant types tantrum, but the fact remains that I never celebrated it, even though I got 22 chances so far. 4th June falls in summer vaccation if you belong to India,so never had to distribute chocolates/sweets in school and never had the whole assembly go literally ga ga over me. Same case in college, but for once I had it away from home coz I had my 1st internship running at that time.Fortunately or unfortunately I did not get the feel of chappals on my back and rotten eggs on my head. But I have beaten up other not-so-lucky-chaps with everything possible on their b'days even during the exams, and a few of them gave their exams standing, coz they had severe butt problems the very next day.

Now coming to the point, this year a lot of people wished me,but the coolest thing is that, I don't even talk to so many of them. They are just physically present and ignored in my friend list like Nagaland on Indian map. A lot of bloggers wished me too, A huge thanks to my Joint bloggers(Abhinav,Mads and Nidhi ) for putting up a special post for me, even though it was expected, but the song dedicated to me was innovative in caps lock. A big thank you, to Pink Orchid for wishing me on her blog, when she was feeling hot and thinking about me (she had 219.2 *F fever for all you dirty minds and 219.2*F = to 104 *C for all you arts students). So many bloggers wished me twice,thrice,messgd me, sent e-greetings, thanks to all of them, it will take another post if I write down all the names. Abhinav Made this header for me and I had to make a 'photo-balti' account just to upload this one, coz my blog template is rude to me, it doesn't allow so many things. Around 230 people wished me including "hey I forgot, belated happy birthday" wishes. Yes I counted the numbers, I was as jobless as Tushar Kapoor.

Recently I had the chance to go to tirupati and a few other famous places in South with my Family of course, as I am not a big fan of Temples, and religious places, I find sitting at home and praying better than standing in a Q and wondering "bhagwan mera number kab ayega?". Anyways after darshan and all I felt nice everywhere, and I don't complain anymore to my parents for dragging me all the way from Kolkata to A.P and T.N for it.

In Vellore I had a tragedy though, It was burning outside so I removed the lower half of my detachable Pant and at the time of checking I wasn't allowed since there is a rule that you can't go inside the temple in shorts,undies or naked for that matter. So they had another option ready for me, ready made traditional Lungis, ranging from 60 bucks to 600 bucks,I guess I wasn't the only one. So I tried my best possible face and looked up to my family members for mercy and to avoid any chance of being an example of a walking fashion disaster. I said I won't go inside but I was forced to wear that Lungi over my shorts and every time someone came closer to me, a fear insinuated that he will step on the edge of the lungi touching the ground & I will fall down or this Lungi thingy will get unfolded. I was feeling like "YAM YES DHONI from Chennai, all u fast bowlers rascalllannnnn, I have the bat, Do u have the ball?, mindhhhh ithhhh !" types. Everyone wanted to have a snap with/of me but thank god ! They don't even allow cameras/celphones inside the Temple, and I removed it the moment I stepped my right foot outside the temple gate and still my whole body was inside the premises.I was damn FAST but not GORGEOUS at all.I guess this was the first and surely for the last time I was wrapping anything around my waist other than a towel or anything that remotely resembles a lungi.

My trip has not ended, still I have to visit a few places in South with my Family of course. So once I am done with my Roaming I will be regular again.With my life's uncertainities and college life getting over I have all the time in the world from next week :)


  1. ROFL...

    Peter- the rebel in a lungi... OMG, main toh imagine karkey itna hassi...hehehehe

    Kya ramleela lag raha hoga tu... chal chal aur torture nahi dungi tujhey...hehe

    I have been to Tirupati... Although am a Hindu by birth, I am not ashamed to admit, I hardly go to temples... I just dont understand the funda of standing in lambi lines ab... :( Waisey bhi meri boodi haddiyon mein jaan nahi...

    Baaki chutti time hain... toh njoy maar... :D

    hehehe...Lungi...hehehe... Sorry...LOL

    Header sexy che (Mads Lingo)

  2. hahaha :P lungiiiiiiiiiiiiii offences to lungi lovers bt the very thought of u wearing it reminds me of tht kind of quiz in which upper half may be of amitabh bachchan and lower half of malaika arora...and we r made to identify both the celebrities..

    yam yas dhoni part ws awesome too!!i hv been to tirupati im an avid bhakt,so dont mind all this though.
    hilarious post hoti

  3. awww seriously regretting that no one could take ur pic when u were wearing a lungi :(

    heard tirupathi is a very beautiful place so glad u enjoyed it :D
    header is mast and lol @ photo-balti :D i liked the background. looks nice...
    so cute, u put lungi as a label :D
    ur first bday on blogging world was a double century wala hit \:D/ :D

  4. LMAO!


    Put up a pic with you in lungi ..pls pls!!:P

    n 600 rupye ki lungi?? kya baat kar raha hai!!:O itni special lungi thi kya? zip vip vali? aur vo bhi sovone ki??

    LOL @ rascalannnn!


  5. sone vone*

    and lol@ u had to make an account on photo balti!!!


  6. majjje yaaar itna ghoom raha hai tu...aachi naukri mang le bhagwan se nai toh phone wala bhaiya ban na padega

  7. peter kabhi toh main sochu y dont u come online these days.. acha.. tht lungi walal kissa was o funny. i cant imagine u in tht. photo photo
    and our new pic was awesome. i will put in FB :D

  8. @ Harshita

    arey utna bhi bura nahi tha..actually that's pretty common in that area so people dun mind it, but i was damn apprehensive, for that one hour of my life.

    hanslo hanslo meri tragedy pe :(
    yes header sexy che :)
    bhatt k jalwe hain sare :P

  9. @ Chitwan

    how can u identify malika arora from her leg :O
    and Plzzz dun make me an ardhnareswar ...opsss kuch jayda sudh hindi nikal gayi :P :P

    I too dun mind standing in lines if it's a clean temple and the crowd is decent.

  10. @ Mads

    yes i am glad it did :)
    Tirupati is indeed beautiful and the way to tirupati temple is great too.
    I am regreting the fact that i had to wear it and damn happy that no one took the pic :))

  11. @ Apparently

    arey no one took the pic naa, Celphones and cameras weren't allowed \:D/
    and I am glad that no one cud take the pic.
    Lungis are special in that part of the world ...sone vone ki nahi thi bas simple thi i wish thoda funky lungi hoti toh main bhi pic k liye mana nahi karta LOL :P

  12. @ Joidevivre

    chup wala bhaiya x-(
    he he haan ghum raha hun maze hain abhi toh :P

  13. @ Nidhi

    haan I will be regular soon.
    Lungi wale kissey ki pic nahi hai \:D/
    yeah that pic is awesome put that one :P :P

  14. Am the 231th person now..many happy returns of the day! ( belated )
    Header's pretty cool!

    Lol @ lungi :D That must be something. And damn no one managed to take a pic of yours.Too fast , weren't you ? lol

    Tirupati's a great place.
    Keep enjoying the South.

  15. Thank you thank you :)
    Yes indeed it is.

    I was as fast and not Gorgeous :P
    Yes tirupati is damn gud :)

  16. bribing all the Gods for a good job, good biwi, good car, etc etc... ???

    u should have put up ur pic with lungi in the header...a free advice to increase ur blogs popularity:)

  17. Wow.. err... WOW in caps for the mast header :P

    You seem to be enjoying the honeymoon period well... honeymoon period is the period between college and THE NEXT step...!

    I like Lungi.. its so comfortable.. air flowing here and there.. obv. you can't run in Lungi if a dog likes the color of it!


    North west main aajao.. its so HAWT here..! but ab toh monsoon aane wala hai.. tussi bhi aaajaaao!

  18. peter parker in a lungi!hahaha:P
    good post!

    and is seems I am the last one to wish but what the heck!
    Belated Happy Birthday Peter!Hope you have a great year ahead (with a lot of these lungi moments...hehe...kiddin' :P;))

    keep blogging!

  19. hehhe..air conditioner lungi :P
    MS dhoni :D..lolz..
    ab chala he gaya hai toh
    chal re..pray for me :P..
    mast ghumo :D

  20. Hilarious.. sorry But I was laughing really hard... Peter do you know that most of the South Indians will find the same lungi pretty comfortable?! Shorts se jyada Lungi ka sales jyada chaltha hai !!

    PS : Though it opened quite late but still header is really cool !!!


    ehhehe put up ur pics from the mandir trip :D, peter ke saare talents ke baare me pata chal jayga .

  22. jaane de, jaane de, mausam ko jaane de, HAVA AANE DE!

    ROFL! But lungis are fun, even though our traditional dhotis are good competition.
    (never learnt to put one on though)

  23. lol
    u r with lungi...
    u r such a fantstic writer....
    yar sachi yeh dhakey mukey lineooo me lag ke khaye nahi jaatey
    nyways luck u enjoying chutti

    so hv loads of fun
    cheers :P


  24. belated happy budday dosth!

    me too is number 4 - April 4:)

  25. lungi?
    me dun know how to wear a lungi
    got a lungi picture?

  26. @ vinnie

    I dun bribe god ...chiii ..I even hate the idea of mannats :(
    And no one took the pic :D

  27. @ Abhinav

    Yes header looks better when i have finally put it up :D
    and Dog ho ya mouse agar he gets after u and u are in a lungi u can't escape.

  28. @ PJ

    Not Parker ..juz Peter :)
    yes thank you thank you :)
    and well I dun think these lungi moments wud ever return in my life \:D/

  29. @ shaunak

    Yo ..par jayda hawa se dokha ho sakta hai :)

  30. @ Pallav

    Yes I wore lungi ..that seems a big deal now :P
    thnks :)

  31. @ Thoorika

    yes i knw ...and i genuinely like them when they wear it, it's just that i can't carry it :)

  32. @ I'll try to be

    Yes I can put the pics ..par sare normal pics hain ..dekh k maza nahi ayega :D

  33. @ vinnie

    Ohh cool do u knw I am sucha Hardcore numerology believer :D
    I believe in it more than Astrology.

  34. @ Chriz

    ohh same here :)
    No pics available \:d/

  35. Lol..that was funny..althgh i dont kno u..i had a gr8 time imagining u in the lungi!!

  36. going to a temple in a lungi can be a very unique experience, I have tried it many times, though was not so horrified as you. Leave aside the discomfort while walking, it is indeed a very comfortable costume..

  37. Ah i see someone is way too modest these days.. anil ambani..*ahem*..
    make it bill gates

  38. @ Shanu

    Ohh laugh laugh..all the strangers were laughing that day too :(

  39. @ Sarath

    arey u must have had the exp ..naa it was the first time for me :(

  40. @ Shruti

    arey it's a fact :)
    and yes i am bragging :P

  41. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a change to visit this space earlier… poor me.

    I found it quite refreshing!

  42. Peter
    U r funny as usual...u manage to crack up a lame person (like me) within seconds through the humour of your written words.
    Your words echo your spunk and zest.
    Sahi hai bidu:)

    Nd u in a lungi??????
    must have been a sight!!!. geesh, i can alreasy imagine you in one..damn, you would hv lukd cute. (i know you would hate to admit this. you are free to ignore this part ) :)

  43. @ Prianca

    I am Phunny :O? I guess I am just me :D
    Thnks :)
    Yeah it was a stupendous sight for the young ones..I ignored them but i was damn apprehensive for my looks :-s

  44. your first time with a lungi ??

    going to temples does feel good afterwards... :)

    enjoy !

  45. lol.... my sympathies for the lungi incident.. :P and oye god bless! :D

  46. @ HP

    Obvsly first time :O
    yes enjaayeed it's over ..i mean the trip :P

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  48. @ Pink Orchid

    *sob Sob*

    thnks :D

  49. Yes yes 230 odd people wished u but u still havent found time to accept a whole post dedicated to u on the Fb community of which U r ADMIN!!..kyaa re!!

  50. ohh I must have missed ya, Dun think i did that shit intentionally to diss ya :P
    Aho Eminem effect :P :P

  51. A very witty birthday post...

    Very few dont celebrate their birthdays and i am not one among them ...

    Donno why..dont ask why.. :-P

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post..

    At least looking at your blogger profile pic, i am not able to imagine you in lungi.. :-D

    Anyways cheers

  52. @ Mahesh

    and they way I write tells u what? that lungi is my fav dress ?
    :P :P

    he he thnks :)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.