Saturday, May 16, 2009


I blinked and four years turned in to nothing but a mere memory imprints in some part of the brain that I adore. I am sad that my engineering life has come to an end but I am happy that I have lived, breathed & celebrated it for four years. Now I realize that there are hell lot of small things that i will miss, here is a list dedicated to all my batch mates.

1. No More common early hour lectures. Awryt I attended them sincerely till second year only but still they were a part of the curriculum.

2. No more wild series of exams, no more one night stands with the books.

3. No more borrowing CALCIs, Aprons and sometimes Note-books too from the batch mates, sometimes from the Juniors too.

4. No more watching TV, shouting in Hostel's common hall or Playing T.T.

5. No more watching Fantas talk with their Fantis and giving their whole friend circle so many gossips. Gawd !!So Many times I have sacrificed my celphone's balance too.

6. No more scribbling my quotes (yes my drawing sucks) on the benches. I have left enough entertainment marks for the future kids.

7. No more getting anxious before taking those grade-sheets with random alphabets put on it and then complaining that GPA system Sucks big time.

8. No more singing loudly even at 3 in the morning as if i owned the boys hostel.

9. No more witnessing or hearing about the break-ups, make-ups, crushes , dumping stories.

10. No more counter strike clans, no more Tournaments, no more other Lan games (D.O.T.A, A.O.E), No more counter strike names and the similar fantasies.

11. No more late night canteens, or an early morning rush to have idli-sambhar, upma, tea, sutta etc.

12. No more b'day bumps or those night orgies with rotten eggs, tomatoes, water balloons.

13. No more begging faculties to consider for the attendance or asking for those make-up exams with the lamest excuse possible.

14. No more inter-college cultural or sports fest, late night DJs and soothing eye moments for both the genders (ahem ahem, if u know what i mean).

15. No more liberties for the couples to guttergoo around and no more pissing-the-evening-wind for the singles.

16. No more dirty talks, no more sleeping till 3 in the afternoon on holidays.

17. No more Ragging fun.(Yes it's fun to get ragged and rag, if you don't get ragged u miss out a lot, I bet).

18 No more fun in wearing those whacky quote wale 'tantra t-shirts' and no more fun in reading a girl's t-shirt, which sometimes is mistaken as an obscene behavior, but whatever ;)

19. No more fun in upsetting friends with the worst teasings possible and then making him laugh over a sip of tea/coffee/coke, a puff of suttas for some people.

20. No more playing loud music all day long and as if comparing with the other guys that "hey look my song reaches girls hostel nicely than yours."

21. No more rolling on the floor laughing on the silliest of the jokes possible, till the eyes get wet.

22. No more late night movie shows to the nearest multiplex possible with a group of at least 15 guys and then jumping the boundary wall and showing Rambo skills.

23. No more calling names, No more bunking classes without any reason, no more boring internships, no more '5 minutes more morning sleep', no more sneaking and poking in the exams, no more abusing friends, no more fracas, no more scuffles, no more partying over a cup of Maggie, no more sharing suttas, no more fun, no more healthy laughs, no more life.

The season that was rocking, will now be dry.
The Jokes that made you laugh, will now make you cry.

A life time is over , 'The fun-reality'.
A new beginning awaits you, 'The work-fidelity'.

Some day, I will gather memories and will turn sublime.
Some day, I will come back to see, our footprints in the sands of time.


  1. first one to comment tadaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. hey this day had to come. and every break ups its different. we said school life .. the golden life had to be over and it is, College life too. and then wrk life and then no more bachelor.
    all we earn is bitter and honey moments. Memories lives it again as flash back :)
    Hey dude u graduated ya. Cheers.

  3. chor..u written this senti post to make my eyes wet...damn..I m feeling so bad..but ya true even i m happy bcoz i lived this 4 years..

  4. lovely post...8th wala was super cool :))
    u lived ur college life to the fullest, and it shows, through ur post....hope ur batchmates read this and im sure they'll love it....just be lucky that ur one of those fortunate ones who have loved their college life...not like me, who cannot wait to get out of the place... :D
    wishing u a bright future ahead... :D

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  6. Hey..I cud read it just once..such lot of things we never wanna let go...u srely made me nostalgic..n will srely miss evrythn..gud dat u didnt write further..

  7. ahhh..senti Peter!
    ur blog has recoreded most of when u guys meet up for ur 'x-students meet', ur blog could be on a projector!

    sweet line this - The Jokes that made you laugh, will now make you fact very true!

    u have a wonderful life ahead, Peter. Best Wishes to u!!

  8. i wish i cud ccp this exact post when i passout next year..Its such an amazing pendown of emotions!!

    but may be i wont require that..every person should write an epic on this changing phase of life!!

    so many things common, and so many true..infact everything so true :)

  9. ooyeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the first time ever blog vibes has made me sentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. :( :( :'(

  10. Hmmm.. u seem to have enjoyed those lovely 4 years! 'Congress' on becoming an Engineer bro! I ditto on almost every point except those hostel ones but still I share quite a lot.. :D

    I cant say much.. reading this make me envy for so many reasons...!

    Do well everytime!!

  11. hey good one, me at the same stage too.
    i wrote a post on the same lines too... i did not copy yours, infact after seeing your post , i have deleted some of mine....

    let me knoe how did you like it..

  12. Friends make little things of our life so special!
    nostalgic :(

    lol @ no.14
    'soothing eye moments' :D

  13. @ Nidzii

    Congratulations on being the 1st :D
    yes i knw every day has a night every ..every dream is lost in to the reality, every star dies, ever sentence has a full stop.

    But every past has memories too..thats wat matters :D

  14. @ Amrita

    u also wrirte one !..
    I would love to read that :D :D

  15. @ MAds

    Thnks i sucked up in the academics and just did it ..but other thngs were fun. yes a few of them have read it and find it nice ..others just dun care ..which is gud in a way :(

  16. @ Prangan/Chinks

    abe haan ..aur bhi bahut kuch likh sakta tha ..par sala ..bahut bada ho jata isliye had to curtail it ..thnks for reading it btw ;)

  17. @ Vinnie

    Hehe i wish :D
    thnsk for the wishes ..i badly need all the wishes for y future :D and that line yes sure says it all :(

  18. @ Chitwan

    arey it's not a proogrammed post's just from the heart ..has to be touchy and collg life is smiliar everywhere.

    Thanks for liking it !

  19. @ the pink orchid

    Ohh it did ?
    It was meant to be :P

  20. @ Abhinav

    Thanks ..yes u missed out a lot coz u din have a hostel life. I am blessed. YAY !

  21. @ chriz

    ahh I am sure it did :D

  22. @ vemuri

    sure bro ..will read it in some time :D

  23. @ sugar cube

    Yes mission acomplished :D
    and 14 is true ..dun laugh :O :O
    ok was fun :D :D

  24. we all have to go through this...its like an end of the most beautiful time of our life...!!

    emotions penned down at its best..

    Wishing u more such 'full of life' days..

    take care :-)

  25. Been thru this... :) this is phase and it shall pass... abhi new beginning is waiting for u...

    I relived my college days just thru this post... there is so much I miss on... but then, everything has to last naa...

    :) Yeh din..Yeh masti... Kabhi nahi milti baad mein...

  26. I like the new look of the blog... mast hain... a relief frm the dark one... it is bright and speaks for itself... :) a bright new beginning starts frm here...

  27. 'no more life'

    wen my college ends will come back to read this post.

  28. Jeez..Atleast 10 out of those 23 pointers match with me bro...And missing out on all of these will suck no doubt...

    Can understand the pain bro ...on the same path :(

  29. lovely post !!!

    lolz on "No more playing loud music all day long and as if comparing with the other guys that "hey look my song reaches girls hostel nicely than yours."

    I can feel the same since both of us are sailing in the same boat !!! Congratulations of graduation !! :D

  30. @ enchantinganki

    I Knw but the end sucks ..!
    thnks and same to u :D

  31. @ harshita

    Yes that work fidelity wali line usi k liye likha mainey ..I knw a lot more will happen in my life I mean i am 21 ..ok will turn 22 ..soon but still i have just entered the fun zone :D

    and yes all thnks to nidhi ...she desgined the template ..abhinav has to design the header \:d/

  32. @ Amrita

    u better read it now else baad mein ...u will feel bad :(

  33. @ anurag

    I knw it's acommon story man. Hope it doesn't suck in ur case as it does in mine !

  34. Thoorika

    arey yes it's true me guys do that :D
    and thnks !

  35. oh i HAVE read it , but will come again to read it then , coz its so good , samjh aaya? :)

  36. every "no more" u mentioned is absolutely apt dude... wil surely miss dese days... wil miss u... thanx for being one of d best roomie sm1 can have...
    take good care of urself...
    keep in touch... dnt 4get me...

    n keep writing... :)

  37. college life is fun.....never had the chance to expirence hostel life..i have heard its great..
    All the best of life ahead

  38. Shit man! that was a really well written post!! I am entering my third and my final year and I can definitely wait a couple more before I pass out! :)

    Have a great time ahead !!

    Cheers!! :)

  39. @ i'll try to be truthful

    okie dokie :D

  40. @ enny

    thnks be ..and best f luck to u too for ur future ...hope to see u soon :D

  41. @ rakesh

    hostel life rocks :D
    u missed it for sure ..and thnks :)

  42. @ jeet

    enjoy your last 2 years ...therez nthng better than that :D
    thnks for commenting :D

  43. Senti post..

    Well..this day had to come..
    What's important is that you lived a all these years fully..and did everything Possible..

    I am sure you wud get to do alot f greater and better things to do in future..:)

    All the best..

  44. @ chaarz

    Yes Yes !
    I am sure too
    thnks :D

  45. omg!!!! i jus finished my 4 years n i was already so upset abt all the EXACT same stuff dat u wrote abt... it was all on my mind.. awesome list!!!

    btw, first time here. so far looks very familiar. :) wil be back again. :)

    P.S: no.10 depressed me d most. :(

  46. awesome list.. identify with most of the things..

  47. Why so senti-mental? :o
    Everything as to come no? let it..:-)
    aur haan..mai vaapas aa be hap hap happpyyy! :D

  48. the poem was really nice..
    i am gonna miss my hostel and my college too(when i pass out!)

  49. @ Ice Maiden

    Ohh same pinch then ...yes it's so very common for everyone.
    thnks and hope to see you more here :)

    and u played ..counter strike :O cool ..i mean gals dun do that or do they :O

  50. @ sarath

    ohh yes ..i knw :D

  51. @ crystal

    yes it has ur xams ended ..right :P ?
    welcome back !

  52. @ Apparently

    but I am missing it apparently :P

  53. Yess.Yess mate truly agree..And we really llong for that days in our later years..
    and most imp.

    Congratulations Graduate..! :)

  54. @ Rushabhh

    thatz true ...and thnks :)

  55. bas bhi kar yeh no mroe padke m feeling more bad :(

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  57. @ joiedevivre

    haan haan pata hai :(

  58. Hey .. many of the points you pointed may be done even after leaving college. like 9 or 21 or ..

    But yes many of them are classics only possible in college ...

  59. @ Som

    If you see most of the points can be repeated after the collg but you wont have the same fun ..that's what i mean say :)