Sunday, May 31, 2009

A No Brain-Errr !

Aye yo, talkers, Shut up and listen

I am da talk machine,

Make a pin drop silence, I got a skin drop licence.

You are just you and you are not me,

You are ordinary and not a V.I.P.

Get this straight in your tiny lil head,

If you can't, then just nod, else you are fucking dead.

I got a shitlist and my own blunt vision,

from IPL to Superman and every damn superstition !

Filmstars in sports and sportsmen in films, for filthy fame,

thatz like a mis-match of password wid username.

Actors and actresses lack vitamin D and stagger,

that man AB fainted in sun like a faggot.

Mista, Minista, just relax in siesta,

talk all shit and freak out in ford fiesta.

Media sucks, all Cock and Bull story and tension.

Ohhh Gawd !! Barny is gay, I can't belive the legendary Stinson.

Claudia called, A liar, a liar, I read in T.O.I

Now It's our BIPS whuz "HIPS don't lie".

Bitches calling every single man, MCP.

Wa? aren't they straight, like Y= mX+ C ?

Awryt one more theory thatz uncanny and bleak,

Y2A says "anythng thatz not straight is Oblique".

Have you ever left your life on a freaky toss?

I did that, No I ain't no Geeky Ross.

I am Sylar, I have the Hunger for power,

So what if Salman Proposed Asin near Eiffel Tower?

Devils did not dare, chargers, spanked the butt,

Underdogs excel, all mouths are now shut.

Kings put the poor damsel in distress,

Knights in the faded armour were keen to grab the last place.

Not worth a nickel are the Ads of Tada Indicom.

Waddup wid the Zoo Zoo midgets of fuckin V*dafone ?

Curry Bashing ? It's insane to stab browns and make it lethal,

Letz pee on OZs damn burger and every fucking-racial-punk-weasel.

All eyes and talks about my last post's last word 'Senorita'

Would it matter if I replace it wid 'Seeta', 'Geeta' or 'Margarita' ?

Fucking retard is everyone, everywhere, When I see around.

and I thought It's only LIMP BIZKIT, "rollin with their hands up,and hands down."

Don't crib, it's a no-brainer, won't change for at least another decade,

YES !!! I am EMINEM I like stripin, people naked


  1. super duper fantastic... rap-ishtaar :D

  2. @ Pink orchid

    Yea ? really ?
    thnks :D

  3. terrific act..

    pin drop violence it was

  4. @ Sugar cube

    just two words
    Thank You !

  5. @ chriz

    yess i like pinchin wid Ball pins :D

  6. *recovers*
    pehle thappad for calling me a bitch...i like calling guys MCPs :D :P
    next thappad for making fun of zoo zoos
    next thappad for not putting my awards up :(
    and the last thappad for writing so fucking awesomely well... :D
    loved the last line and the lines abt the curry bashing. too fucking good che \:D/

  7. hawwwwwwww... tu kya solid rapper hain oye!!

    Saada Desi-Eminem!!

    Yaar, pata nahi baaki sabki kya rai hain.. par mujhey lagta hain.. kisi poem ko likhney se zyada tuff hain ek interesting aur funky RAP compose karna... aur tussi toh gr8 ho ji...

    Aussies se Zoozoo tak... IPL se Salman tak... aur Bitches se MCPs tak...sab ek dum paisa-vasool tha...

    Yaar, rabb ne mere ko itna bheja kyun nahi diya?? :(

    (Sadly looking up and God Shrugs)

    Awesome is the word... or shud I say Awesomest as Barney puts it...

  8. @ MAds

    *offers water*
    returning u pahla thappad ..u dun call all the guys MSCPs and if u do then u call me too x-(

    second thappad ..I did not make fun of zoo zoos i made fun of voda*one.

    third thappad I will put it up soon :D

    and the last thappad for hitting me so many thappads my face is red :( and thankuu thankuuu :D

  9. @ Harshita

    Yes Poem se jayda difficult toh hai ..mujhey bhi lagta hai.
    Yes i wanted to include sab kuch ..aur bhi include karta par yahi itna lamba ho gaya hai ki aur include karney ka idea chhod diya !!
    u can say awesomest ..I love it when he says that :D

  10. Nothing else.. I just want an audio version IN YOUR OWN voice... hahahah! kya chatakk rap hai!

  11. My god. where u drunk when u wrote this.. i mean its awesome and u have to be really n diff state of mind to write such thing. i smiled thru out the poem,. U r so cute.

  12. ailaa!!kya re!!!
    bole toh ek dum rap-chik aur dhin-chak vali poem likhi hai tune baap!


  13. nahi samajh aaya...seriously nahi samajh aaya!! samjha de pls..

  14. @ Abhinav

    Will do it once when i Purchase [V] or MTV.

    did u notice ur own theory there ?
    pata nahi kitney logon ko samjh ayi hogi ..humarey alawaa !

  15. @ Nidzi

    arey I am not like u I don't write and drive when i am drunk.

    cute ?

    M I (Virgin mobile wale Ad style mein) !

  16. @Apparently

    arey It's not a poem apparently :)
    RAP(e) hai yeh main toh kahta hun RAp(e) ka baap hai yeh :)

    thnks anyway !

  17. @ Chitwan

    Dimag laga diya hoga tabhi nahi aya samjh mein !

    no-brainer itney bade sabhdon mein likha hai saaf saaf mainey !

  18. wow...this was stunning ....May be you gotta go and meet dr.dre like eminem did...

    Ha! You never know u know :P

  19. @ Anurag

    Dr Dre, is his pimp, now ..tho it's right that he made him :)

    I knw wat u want me to knw :P

  20. hey..Peterji!!

    nikal gayi baadaas?? mil gayi dil ko chain?? ab aya aaraam??

    man, u brought out every damn crapping shit out...n how i enjoyed reading it !!

    thanks.....feeling light now!

  21. lol..arre pata hai!
    vo 'bhai eshtle' amin bol rahi thi na, and bhai log dont know what rap(widout e) is!:P

  22. oo gaye..rapper ji ;)

    mast ekdum :)

  23. @ Vinnie

    Bhadas nahi ....aiwe fantaas, mirandaas ..thi coz pagalpanti bhi jaruri hai :P

    i knw u enjoied reading it coz ek rapper he dusre rapper k zajbaat samjh sakta hai :P

  24. @ Apparently

    That somehow i did not know apparently :-s

  25. Whoa! Very cool! I actually came up with a beat to match while i was reading this one.

    Good one nigga!

    Me following.

  26. hehe, acha now go and collect your award from my blog.

    bhut jagah wish kar chuki hun par ab tumhare blog pe aa hi gayi toh chalo teesri baar bhi wish kar hi deti hun!:D:D

    happy budday!!!
    have a RAP-chik birthday!:))

  27. Thnkyou for the news bulletin,Eminem. yew got tha beats ol ryyt! :P yoooo!..:|
    Seriously..tis damn good!

    And happpppppppppiiieesst birthday,Peetuur-turr-turrrrrr :P
    Have a long long longest life..and stay on taap of the world!

  28. Aha! FUN!!! :D

    P.S. Happy Birthday. :)

  29. @ Shaunak

    Nigga :O
    arey bhai Indians log nigger kab se ho gaye :P ...we are simply browns :D :D
    Plus i said I am Eminem wigga wud have been better :D

    Isi baat pe ek line yaad aa gayi :D

    "there is a lil concept that works, 20 million other white rappers emerge, but no matter how many fish in a sea, it will be so empty without me" :D :D

  30. @ apparently
    thnank u :D
    thaaaank u :D
    lemme check the award :P

  31. @ Shaunak

    ahh u again ..thnks mate :P

  32. Badiya hai !! Iske aage kuch bhi nahi soojh raha bolne ke liye!!

    And ya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Hav a blast !!!

  33. @ thoorika

    thnks thnks :)
    ar kuch bolbey ki jarurat nahi hai :D

  34. yups.. i noticed...!
    its as simple as square root of -1

  35. @ abhinav

    hahhaha :D
    yes Complex (number) toh bilkul bhi nahi hai !

  36. yo bro...

    Doodh, that was some awesome rap..

  37. wohaaa!!

    great yaar! last vala para specially...

    now i know a rap!!

    keep it coming..!!

  38. Ok then, I shutup n heard ja out,
    Wanet to know wot the hell's this all 'bout,

    Heard ja talk and heard Y2A too,
    u right, the world's demeaning, smells of poo

    Its freaky the way curry bashin done in Ozy
    Fuckers jealous burnin' em crazy..
    maybe the world done a big bad blunder,
    shuda let them stay down n' drownin' under..

    n cricky is no more gauged by the hits of the bat
    it's bettr publicized by the various attacks,

    Anyways, good, me is a blogger,
    no need to be on the fight n be a slogger,
    I jus roam in the net world around,
    meet others like me and to me thats a grt sound.

    Haha....I liked ur post, brother !! Gud one.

  39. belated happy budday~~!

    its too late....i know, i just read the post!! S4T pe comment nai ho raha tha!!

    neways, hope u had fun and god bless u!!

  40. @ sarath

    yeh doodh ,,milk wala hai kya ?

  41. @ enchantinganki

    yeah ?
    thnakuu thankuu and thnks for the wishes too :D

  42. @ Anand

    and i liked ur rhymes :)

    see wid u people around it's alwys fun
    Hip-hop is no more in the state of 9 1 1.

  43. Was that a poem... ?

    Baap rey.... gaaliyan hi gaaliyan bhari padi hai usme...

    Super fantastic creativity..

    Good one..


  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. @ Mahesh

    arey this is not a poem this is a RAP(e) so galiyan toh hongi :P
    thnks :)

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