Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Have Seen !

I have seen People smiling in Pain,
I have seen Daffodils dancing in rain.

I have seen Scotts, singing Spanish lullaby,
I have seen heavy snowfalls in July.

I have seen roofs without ceilings,
I have seen hearts without feelings.

I have seen lovers betray each other,
I have seen a rooster cry over a broken feather.

I have seen monsters being so nice,
I have seen a man taking his last breath twice.

I have seen, honey sprinkled over a bee,
I have seen the enemy residing in me.

I have seen rivals turning in to friends,
I have seen fashion turning in to trends.

I have seen angels fly, I have seen Devils cry, I have seen Springs turn dry, I have seen Villains die, I have seen a last goodbye, I have seen the stars up so high, I have seen the world,Its contrast and its beauty but......


p.s : someone said I can't write simple posts with feelings.

P.P.S : and plzzzz I am not in love.


  1. everyone has someone in their lives to make them a poet...

    your someone has made you feel special..

    and i can see that in the words here..

  2. No wonder you are a ladies man!!

  3. loved it. and the best part is that its something which is so different coming from u....

    someone must hv inspired u to write this ;;)
    even if there is no someone, u can dedicate it to that someone when u get her ;;)
    or him =)) :P :D

  4. Hey, you have seen too much! yeh aankhein mujhe dede Thakur..

    Okay bad joke agreed!
    Super poem/song! I don't care how people rate poems but I liked the contrasts in successive lines!

    # MADS
    galat baat! }:-K

  5. waah waah waah
    bohot aachi hai...and u use too much of contarts in your poems..but then again good hai

  6. names have been altered to protect identity?? :)
    hehehheheee...Congrats yaar..more poems r in the stack!!!

    P.S: n where exactly did u see a rooster crying over his broken feather? :D

  7. Ladkiyon ka aadmi. (Ladies' man =P)
    But will someone please explain to me how a man breathes his "last" breath 'twice' :-\ =D
    Cutting my logicalinterpretations apart..this one's awesomely good..senoreetaaa...mujhe DDLJ ki yaad mat dilao please!

  8. If this is what you write when you are not in love..I wonder what all you would write when you are in love :P

    Lovely poem !

  9. "I have seen a man taking his last breath twice." --- so cool !
    the rest of the poem too !

  10. and PPPS main add kar Tht u r r not drunk hehe :D
    nice poem.

  11. @Abhinav- bad joke??? i ROFl in ur comment :D :D =))

  12. ye sab chamatkar kahan se leke aata hai!! too much hidden inside it seems...nonetheless now I know whom to bank upon if i need some last minute poetry to impress someone ;)

    dont worry u'll get ur royalty :P

  13. hehehe..
    u r not in love love..but u surely think abt it a lot!!
    i liked the rhyme..simple but nice..

  14. wow nice dude ....

    Line I liked best "I have seen lovers betray each other,
    I have seen a rooster cry over a broken feather"

    btw who said you couldn't write simpple posts with feelings ??

  15. your eyes see/observe a lot dude!!!
    nd senorita? ddlj se inspired hai kya???

    berry berry nice poem. ;)

  16. I think am recognizing your writing pattern, its like contrasting contrasting yet rhyming rhyming :).

    "I have seen rivals turning in to friends,
    I have seen fashion turning in to trends."

    this one took my heart away :P

    and ahem by the way thanx that u clarified , me and mads are looking for a single hero to be cast in our new production called 'parai ke side effects'

    good to see your post.

  17. @ Chriz

    yes true but my case is a lil diffrnt ;)
    thnks btw :D

  18. @ Abhishek

    :-/ i am wondering but :-?

  19. @ Mads

    I knw ;) thnks and not him x-(
    u can dedicate it to Nidhi if u want !

  20. @ Abhinav

    le le 4 aankh laga k kya karega ?
    thnks anyways :D

  21. @ Neha

    Not alwys abe kisi kisi line mein hai yeh contrast !
    that i had to include !

  22. @ Vinnie

    P.P.S is true ..u knw !
    and it's a poem re if i have seen angels fly :P

  23. @ Crystal

    I have seen somewhere ..why it's a big deal??
    everyone is asking me the same question:O
    It's just a poem and thank you very much for liking it.

  24. @ Crystal

    U missed the catch :|

    It's just a poem and thank you very much for liking it.

  25. @ Sugar cube

    Yes i also wonder :P

  26. @ Nidhi

    NO i don't drink thoughts ..u do that :D

  27. @ Chitwan

    Iss recession mein chalega mereko kuch bhi ...batao kab karni hai shayaribaaji :-w

  28. @ Apparently

    Yes i do that apparently ..

    LOL I wrote almost a similar reply to ur second comment ..I like ur name btw :D

  29. @ Anurag

    thnks mate ;)
    somone did can't just disclose the name :(

  30. @ Prianca

    Yes they do :)
    imported hain :P :P
    DDLJ mere se inspired tha ;)

  31. @ I'll try to be

    Ok next time se i am going back to my old pattern ..jismein koi contrast, sharpness, brightness, colour ka option nahi hoga :|

    thnks waise :)

    kitna budget hai tumhari movie ....main aiwe wali movies mein kam nahi karta hun ;)

  32. First time here,good u said ur not in love coz i thought u are...:P u seen so much but yaar abhi tak not seen love :P

    Nice one.

  33. You proved that someone BILKUL wrong... coz this post is for a change SIMPLE and full of feelings. :)

    Nice one yaar... tu shayar toh nahi... magar kisi senorita(imaginary hi sahi) ne shayari seekha di... :D :D

    I think wen u'll be in love, you will not express it with public poems.. but then I may be wrong.

  34. @ FMS1988

    Arey yeh tumhara naam hai ya taxi ka number :P
    Ok jokes apart ..welcome to blog vibes:)
    yes i have not seen love kaisa dikhta/dikhti hai ?
    I have seen Salman tho ..he is Prem 9 out of 10 times :D

  35. @ Harshita

    Haan kash hindi wali shayari sikha do koi mademoiselle mujhey 8->
    waise u are absolutely ryt ...I hate PDAs ...mera toh imaginary tha :P

  36. hehe..thaankoo!
    actually the nae was chosen after an apparent stimulation my my brain's intellect!:P

  37. @ Apparently

    that i can see apparently :D

  38. Tat someone can surely change his/her opinion now !!!

  39. You didn't need to write that you are not in love ... most of the bloggers who follow you kind of knows it .. isn't it ?!!

    Contrast seem to be the flavor of the season ... nice !!

  40. i find ur words as mirror...its peterish poem...loved it!!

    (have read it b4, didnt i comment??)

  41. Wel..I really liked it..It was intersting the way u hve used differnt contrasts and mde comparisions..

    But I have a complaint..

    I just thought You could have ended it better..

  42. @ Thoorika

    Hmmmm ..may be may be not :P

  43. @ Som

    How can they know about my personal life ? I mean i am not frnds wid maximum of them.
    thnks for dropping by ;)

  44. @ enchantinganki

    ohh u mean contrast ?
    thnks i knw it's peterish ..i will try diffrnt things now :)

  45. @ chaarz

    thnks but you know what?
    I thought a lot and i realized that i cud have ended it in a better way but couldn't have ended it in a simpler way.

  46. U seen a rooster cry??? how's that possible??

  47. oye wow..mast hai..
    seen so much :P
    I have seen a poet...and thats ashwin aka peter :D
    gr8 work :)

  48. @ Sarath

    that's the catch.
    Duh !

  49. @ ams

    and i have seen a commentor :D
    and thats Amrita aka Ams
    thankuu :D

  50. Uh huh! Because you asked..

    No one can breath his "LAST" breath TWICE. As in, if you're the last person standing in a line, thr cannot be another person behind you. Okay?

  51. @ Crystal

    yes I knw, thats the catch naa, I have written thngs which are not possible heavy snowfalls in July or a rooster crying over a feather or monsters being nice.

    Just to make one last fact clear, loud and simple..i had to write other thngs which are not possible at all....go it ?

  52. i loved the line of honey being sprinkled on d bee peter!!:)
    n also springs turnin dry:) vividly lovely!

  53. @ Divsi

    Thnks and thnks :)

  54. ANDDDD you're not in love!!! LOL. Okie. Well. :P

    Senorita!! :P Well. Ohkay.

    Do I have to mention that I liked the poem too!!? :P

  55. @ Dr.Acula

    yes u have to :P
    thnks :)