Thursday, May 7, 2009

50 SENT(iment)S

This is my 50th Post.
So what ? I don't have even a single reason to be jubilant about it, coz Perhaps the weather is corroded, the Pain is inevitable and I don't have the illusion of being Invincible anymore.

I signed up on blogspot on 4th July '08. Gave an unreasonable name 'BLOG VIBES' which just came out in spur of the moment. Wrote a few posts, advertised it, requested people to read and comment, and somehow got in touch with some awesome bloggers. In due course of time, I realized that they were not simply some unknown random ass prints on the chair in some part of the world, trading in binary and digital modes. They had a life and so it's own brutal and silly bolts, swinging along with them, on fucking broken earth's axis. Some of them turned in to great friends, some were and still are formal with me, and some just pretend that they are friends. A leap from blogspot to orkut, gmail and FB happened. Did conferences, made rules, formed a joint blog. But I realized that frequency mismatch causes noise not only in physics but also in real life. The first joint blog was a dud, and somehow I was responsible for that fiasco, but then I guess,
Throwing up is a better option than getting choked.

Then 'a-shit-for-tat' happened, the idea was to make it funny and wacky just like the name sounds.As an author, I try being a little different on S4T than what I am here, Though I don't fake when I write there, that's somehow my evil and sarcastic side.S4T is alive and I pray that it doesn't get shut down, in the near future.

I used to think that I will thank every single blogger who has read whatever shit i had here, once I hit a half century. On the verge of making it, I was even more eager, but now when I am doing my 5oth post, the timing could not have been worse. I would have elucidated every single life problem, had I been an anonymous soul, without anyone breathing around me, being aware of what I am puking on the cyber world. People know I exist, they have seen me still/moving. My family knows about my blog and so many people who know ME personally, sneak around once in a while. I have a lot of motherf*cking shit to blabber about and take it out off my chest, else I am going to explode. I can't just shut up after being accused, for the so called 'guilty conscience ' will eat me raw, gradually.

College is ending, I have two more exams left, in fact I have one tomorrow, but I don't even feel like flipping the pages, and going through those black letters that I abhor.My roomie is packing his bags, his exams have ended and he will move today, It had been an awesome four years with him. Engg life has given me some awesome friends, that I could not have asked for more . But half of them will move away and I will move away from the rest half.
My world is getting torn apart and i am horizontally attached to both the halves.

Sometimes I feel my life has just shown its trailer, and the movie is still left. I don't have the popcorn or a balcony seat, all I know is that I have a pass to get a free entry and then fight and search for the perfect comfortable seat.

In between the conundrum of future boxes, Series of never-ending nostalgic moments, betrayal and accusations of being a cocky & insensitive individual and a crux of my own choices, I see some of my favorite people disappointing me big time. A big 'THANK YOU' to them, on this special Post.

I don't think, I require to thank individually to all those blogger buddies who have been awesome all this while so thank you all of you, who know, that I would have written the names had this post been a little jolly.

Blogging is the best thing that has happened to me in the recent times and as for the impediments, I guess I have to suck it up and be normal.

P.S : From now on I will be on and off because of the reasons mentioned above but please bear with me and Ohh !! btw for This new template I thank Nidhi, even though It's still incomplete but who cares ?


  1. @ Pinkzz

    thnks kiddo but have u read the post ?

  2. what is happening guys?

    you all were the coolest things to happen in the blog world , i mean , after reading loads of hi-fi and sentimental stuff , your posts would be the one i could connect to. :( am feeling sad as now will have only blogs full of lament to look fwd to.

    i could never think that the writers of such awesome posts could themselves be going through emo turmoil !

    leaving college is a big thing -from the safety of the college grounds you"ll be going to the big bad(maybe good? ) world .

  3. Welldone!
    staying online for 50 posts is kaabil-e-tareef!
    S4T is one blog of mine which is very very popular so I am proud to be a member of that!

    As far as engg is concerned, believe me, those days were one of the most happiest times of my life, so I think similar will happen with you!
    I dnt wanna sound a pessimist but I guess, life becomes dead after education gets over!

    All the best with all your future ventures and keep filling up the Blogger's memory by posting and posting and posting!

    Cheerz.. all the best for rest of the exams!

  4. ending haan?...i can understand, i just have one more year left before it gets over..:(

    but hey guess what?...the sweet memories will always stay behind!So thats one reason to cheer up!

  5. congrats on finishing 50 posts...and all the appreciation u hv got from all over has proved ur talent and u dont need to thank everyone for that, but its vice versa :D everyone needs to thank u for all the entertainment u hv given and u will keep providing :)

    college life's over but u had the best 4 years ever and u cudnt ask for more...right? :)
    congrats again and chin up che. hope to see ur 100th post and wo bhi ek happy wala =)
    p.s- i wonder why sft is gonna close down?

  6. I don't even know what to say... :( :( :(

    Moving out of college... guess I'll understand only when I myself will move out... But yeah it's an unknown world out there...

    And it's okay, it'll get better... after hitting rock bottom the only place left to go is up, so it will!

    I hope woh formal waali line mere liye nahi thi... :-ss

    >:D< >:D<

  7. Oh peter.. congrates on ur 50th post.
    god so many of us are off blogs.
    u were always like celbrity to blog world. a chadta sitara. a post and so many wud just pop in to see whats new this time on Blog Vibes.
    U madsi off blog and I m too.
    some bloggers are even asking me if i Quit or m i alive.. lol
    SOme back soon. Judna bichadna kismat ki baat hai yaaaro..
    bas yaadein raha jati jai kuch baatein rahajati hai.

  8. @ I'll try to be truthful

    Hey I am not leaving blogspot..just will be irregular for sometime, but will post in between and comment too.
    I am not strong enough to quit. In fact I can't think of quiting !!

    and thnks for being sucha sincere reader of 'blog vibes' all this while I mean you people have always been nice :D

  9. @ abhinav

    arey I can ...stay ol for next 5000 posts. and i am proud of being S4Tian too...!

    Engg was fun ..I mean not the study part ..but the masti part ...!
    Letz c what i can get from my life ahead.

  10. @ PJ

    one year is a lot f time enjoy like anythng, nothing else matters.

    and those sweet memories make u nostalgic sometimes :(

  11. @ Mads

    Thnks..but some people are just busy taking breaks they won't read further [-(
    Yes i cudnt have asked for more that is why i am going to miss it !!

    SFT shouln't be closed X-( any day.
    and yes i will write 10000 more posts before i die :D

  12. i really wanna know,wats it tat engineering do to people...??
    i have heard from so many people:-|

    ohh,1 aur engineer bazaar mai :-D

    vaise i found this post a combination of real life and virtual life's current phase..

    me too having exam tomm (same pinch and best luck!=)

    i agree with u on many things written above..

    have fun :-)

  13. @ Akansha

    Ok you don't have to say anythng have a lot of time ..enjoy ur collg and thnks for being so nice ...
    aur Formal wali line jinkey liye hai unko pata hai :D

  14. @ nidzii

    Arey I am not leaving :(
    I will post ...and you too better keep posting.

    thnks for being so regular on blog vibes..
    Yes I love that line "bas yaadien rah jaati hain"

    Purani jeans wale gaaney mein bhi hai !

  15. @ enchantinganki

    Engg is a cocktail u see ;)
    everythng mixed. Yes ek aur engg bazar mein :(

    best of luck for ur xam(s) !
    and thnks :D

  16. i can very much relate to u...same here re...i started missing my coll(nahi nahi abhi khatam nahi huya coll :P)
    congrates for ur 50th post :)

  17. first of all the template looks great, a positive change...will wait for it to get completed w.r.t to your P.S.

    secondly a big congrats for your 50th post.. :D raise your bat; its a half century.. :D

    and coming to all the problems that you are going through, I don't know what are they so I wont comment on that but will just say one.... there is light at the end of every tunnel aur har raat ki subah hoti hai...sadness makes us realize the value of a smile! :) now i am sounding like a gyaani baba..but you know what, Ashwin? you are a mature grown up, big guy and no one else but you are the one who knows what is the best that can be done...

    all my best wishes are with you..

    p.s. am I the one who acts formal or pretend to be a friend? (not that i think like that, but haay kya tumhe aisa lagta hai? :(

    BIG HUG!!!

  18. many reactions in one little post...firstly, Congratulations...n secondly All the best in this new junction of ur life..baaki sab ka no comments:)

    thanks to Nidhi..kuch hatke hain!

  19. kya pinku you getting emotional or what??
    it feels bad when you leave colg with best memories of lieftime..even m end up with it..

    and dont give up with the blog thing, this is what most of the poeple do, though its a personal choice but i think many of us like to read you and that's how actually you got connected with people (awesome bloggers as you mentioned)

  20. Peter Oye!

    Pata hain kya... shuru mein post mainey dartey dartey padi.. I thought tu bhi gaya humaari Pagli ki tarah... par thankoo for sticking around..

    Badaa na depress sa kiya tuney par fir mainey aur dhyaan se padaa... aur deep meaning samajh aaya... THIS IS THE NEW BEGINNING FOR YOU...

    I know it wud be weird to lose on all those friendly TP u did during engg years..hota hain hota hain...

    I wish tere results dhinchak aaye...

    Niddzzzzzzzzi... bindaas template hain...

    And you all (Abhinav,Niddzzi,Pagli MAds and Petervaa tum)... keep blogging at SHIT FOR TAT...

    I love you guys.. dont give a shit.. baaki sab gaye tel leney...LOL

    Aur yaar Peter... isey love letter mat samajhna...hehe... par... ab thoda happy ho jaa... even happy singh is shrugging at you :)

  21. Jab tum bachhe log (WHAT! I am 2 years senior to you) college ke baare mein baatein karte ho, toh meri aankhen bheegya jaati hain..

    Congrats for the exams and all the best for the 50th ;)

    Tune Independence Day kyon choose kiya that blogging start karne ke liye :D

    On off rehne waala hai to koi nahi par zyaada turned on rahoge to mazaa aayega :)

  22. Congrats for 50 post..
    n all the best for future...

    btw..Nice Template

  23. yaya :D atleast hakka ko to jhelna nahi parega ( ps this is the first time I'm openly bitching abt ... coz peter wrt her we are on the same boat )

    ps - you might delete this comment! (par mujhe dar nahi lagta)

  24. and peter have i ever siad " ki aao peter paro na paro comment karo???"
    so never say ki " yaa I"ll come to comment too"
    pata hai hum comment lalchi insaan hai , pur ekdin ye realisation bhi hoigi tht sheer joy of blogging is venting out rather than getting *comments*

  25. @ Amrita

    yeah i can see that i went thru ur farewell pics ..acchi hain saari :D
    saari mein hai naa isliye :P

  26. @ Pink orchid

    *raises a bat*
    is anyone watching me even ?

    Ok I guess u are watchin, and yes that gyan helps ..actually everyone knws that ..but we need someone to remind those thngs at the right time and thnks for doing that :D

    and Don't remember what did i tell u the very 1st day when u ver chatting wid me?

    I said don't be formal and since then u have never been formal i guess obvsly i wasn't talking about you now dance \:D/

    thnks >:D<

  27. @ vinnie

    thnks :)
    and yeas nidhi ko thnks from u and via me :)

  28. @ joidevivre

    oye I am not leaving blogging, i can't think of leaving it. but situation aisi hai ki i wont be regular i guess....that's it !


  29. @ Harshita

    haanji sahi bola new beginning kah lo.
    I am open to all the beginnings and a beginner to all the openings ;)

    I won't leave SFT ..chae mujhey kabhi akele he chalana pad jaye :D

    WE love u too ...and Petervaa =)) =)) ROFLMAO wat was that ?

  30. @ URV

    ooo senior ..shud i call u URV sir :P
    4th july ko independence day kaise hua :O

    yes turned on rahney k liye bahut kuch chaiye .andar se ..knw wat i mean :P ?

  31. @ I'll try to be truthful

    :O I am not deleting ur comment.. why shud I ?
    Mujhey bhi darr nahi lagta hai ;)

    and I said I will comment ..that means I will read ur blog ..i will read all the blogs I like reading.

    Unless people don't read ur blog what is the use of having it ?...that's how i feel :D

  32. Blogsville seems to have been hit by depression.Every second blog I read ..somebody's upset , sad , restless , leaving blogging and all that jazz huh :( May madness I think !

    congrats for writing 50 posts.
    Stay here & keep writing =)
    You sound mad ..chill ! :P

  33. Arre US of A ka hota hai 4th July ko.

    Tu kahi Lux ki baat toh nahi kar raha. Kyonki Sunny paaji kehte rehte hai ki andar ki baat hai, andar ki baat hai ;)

  34. yes blogging helps u open a new window to vent out hidden stuff...
    sure its a great experience..congrats for makin many ppl's blog visits worthwhile..and inspiring many to write on..
    cheers..!! :)

  35. @ sugar cube

    Yes read my 1st line ..I feel it's in the weather.
    Yes i will keep writing and stay here :D
    thnks !

  36. @ URV

    ohh i dun knw a shir about US or uska ASS :P

    nahi nahi main normal insan ki baat kar raha hun hulk ki nahi :P

  37. @ Chitwan

    yes i wud have been an awesome/uncontroversial blogger if I had no identity :)

    thnks !

  38. congo for the 50th post!!!

    that was a flavor of mixed reaction in ur posts and like it !!!

    all the best for ur life ahead as u are finished of ur college now!!
    keep rockin...

  39. Congratulation on ur half century :P
    buddha ho gya tera blog

  40. That was laloo hang-over :P

    Petervaa!! LOL

  41. jeez peter..didn't know you too in your last year of your too can understand all the sentiments.....

    Some of the lines in the post as always were just awesome of them includes...
    "unknown random ass prints on the chair in some part of the world, trading in binary and digital modes" Rofl

    Enough reason atleast for me to read you more on blogger...Guess you are being more senti coz college is over..I Can Understand ..Chin up mann ...and do make time....

  42. @ bhagguhey

    chal be ....aisa nahi hai. It's like my blog is no more a CENTURY-VIRGIN :p

    thnks for commenting tere samney toh haath jodna padta hai mujhey :P

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. @ Harshita

    LOL :D

    HE he i knw LOLu is funny :P

  45. @ anurag

    Ohh i did not knw that u are in final year either :O

    yeah..the time is tough but yeah i am better now than the day i wrote this post :D

    thnks for liking it ;)

  46. wonderful..
    very straight forward talk...

    keep blogging bro


  47. @ chronicwriter

    thnks and thnks :)

  48. congos dude on completing ur half century...
    hope to see u writing a 1000 more posts..

    n yes the phase of life after college is somewhat a downer.. college will always remain a nostalgic phase of ur life.. but u will learn to handle it

  49. @ sarath

    thnks man :D

    and yes sure I will learn my from my life :D

  50. Congrats on the 50th! Wishing many more to come!

    A change in phases in life are always a bit turbulent, especially when one has been part of that phase for quite a while......but then, thats life, a scheme of change and newer perspectives!

    Good luck!

  51. @ rakesh

    thats a lot of gyaan and so worth it :D
    thnks for dropping by !

  52. post ekdum dil se.. !!! Congrats for 50th post !!!

  53. Thoorika

    I knw dil se and gussey mein :P

    thnks :)

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