Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sometimes I scribble madly, to see how I WRITE,
sometimes I WRITE my mind and end up having a fight.

Sometimes I feel my dark shines so BRIGHT,
sometimes my LIGHT surrenders to the black night.

Sometimes I ridicule myself in a MIRROR
sometimes my SHADOW mimics Me,when I go nearer.

Sometimes I cut myself to see if it BLEEDS,
sometimes BLOOD refuses to clot & I fulfill my needs.

Sometimes I abandon myself in a CROWD,
sometimes the CROWD turns deaf, when I scream aloud.

Sometimes I want my world to stop EXISTING,
sometimes my EXISTENCE cries, for that soul keeps resisting.

P.S : It's Just a poem, trust me !


  1. oye excitement me comment likha hi bhool gyaaa... hehehhe... :)

    Awesome .. really beauti....

    "Sometimes I cut myself to see if it BLEEDS,
    sometimes BLOOD refuses to clot & I fulfill my needs."
    this is one of the best lines...

    Cheers :)

    yipeee i m second toooooo

  2. Wow! is the first word that comes out of my mouth when I read this.

    You are simply superb...atleast I think so... coz u knw when to tickle that dark dark soul of mine with the words you pen down.

    I love the darkness tht u bring in your posts at times... and this one takes the cake...

    One of the best...
    "Sometimes I abandon myself in a CROWD,
    sometimes the CROWD turns deaf, when I scream aloud."

    Copyright kar lo isey... else I will copy it :)

    Words nahi hain yaar... U r awesome.. and u knw tht... but this post is going to be LEGEN....wait for it ....yeah...yeah...its coming...DAAAAARY!!

  3. @ Pallav

    he he thnakuuuu :)

    1st and 2nd position goes to you ..2 medals ek saath :)

    and yeah us line mein kuch jayda he zajbaat aa gaya hai LOL :P :P

  4. @ Harshita

    Thanks is the 1st word that comes to my mind when i read your comment ..he he :))

    yes I am the Dark knight :P
    I love that line too :)

    Hey you know what, Neil Patrick is gay I mean just opposite to his character :O

    and he has a blog too :O

  5. @ Abhinav

    hmmmmmmmming ?
    socho socho :P

  6. @ chronicwriter

    I am not in love :P

  7. i trust u mate!

    they all say that...sometimes:)

    nice poem n that effect-wala pic..u learning some new image processing s/w, right!

  8. @ vinnie

    Yes But i said it for the 1st time ;)
    and No this pic i had altered like 2 years ago ;)

    Though I so want to learn photoshop ;)

  9. sometimes ??

    what do u do other times :P

    Nice poem .... Why Write the P.S....People don't believe you?

  10. @ Anurag

    Rest of the times I dun do whatever I have jotted down here;)

    and I had to write P.S coz people woul keep asking, whats wrong with me or M i in love fact someone did that!

  11. I liked the way you used the link between the two words that you highlighted

    Dark yet pretty ;)

  12. @ sugar cube

    so someone finally noticed and pointed out;)

    thankuuu :D

  13. this seems like a logical extension of ur contradictions wali poem..:) nice one indeed...
    if in my exam time i cn understand ur poem tht means sure enough ur skills are bombastic!

  14. i liked the crowd sentence a lot. it's so very true....the ending is perfect.
    liked this one a lot...the words in caps lock are so cool when they are put against each other..

    its awesome how u can bring so much thought through such small words :O
    =D> claps smiley che.... :D

  15. sometimes i wonder .. how do ppl manage to write such poems even durin exams ..tere xams chal rahe hain na?

  16. @ chitwan

    You are free to interpret it in your own way ;)

    thnks I need bombastic skills btw for my xams too :D

  17. @ MADS

    yes even I like that one a lot and the last sentence too :D
    cool so u noticed that caps lock thngy too ;)

    and thnks for liking it so much \:D/:D

  18. @ Think Tank

    arey I am that vella, that i can write books during my xams :P

    abhi chal nahi rahe hain xams ..29th se hai ..
    bahut time hai abhi toh ;)

  19. sometimes,it really makes me think that how good someone can write...

    kudos to you :-)

    i like every bit of it..

    the pic is so it ur btw??

    keep up the good work!!

  20. @Peter
    Yeah! I know that for a long time now.. the first time I got to knw... I was shocked... it is not easy to pull off tht character of Barney when you are gay...

    I am follower of his blog.. he is awesome ;)and so are you.

  21. @ enchantinganki

    thankuuu :)
    yes the pic is mine and almost 2 years old !

  22. @ Harshita

    Yes even I was shocked, but still I watch HIMYM for him only, he is the show stealer ^:)^

    even i have read his blog recently ..and it's just 'Barny-the-legendary Stinson'

  23. hi ASHWIN
    badiya laga ........the best line was
    "i cut to see if it bleeds"


    i now blog rolling you :)

  24. @Suyog

    welcome to my world buddy ;)

  25. it has to be just a poem...!! :P you are way too happy happy wala banda for feeling something like this.. god bless!

  26. hmmm *strong* .

    really peter you r multi talented. all the qualifications to have a rock band of your own .

  27. u cut urself to c if u bleed? haain? mad kya?

  28. "sometimes my SHADOW mimics Me,when I go nearer"..
    the ending lines are perfect...
    gud work peter.... :)

  29. Are you sure it's just a poem??? Coz I write such dark stuff when I am actually feeling it... :P And I am not even a poet!

    Sometimes I abandon myself in a CROWD,
    sometimes the CROWD turns deaf, when I scream aloud.

    I just loooove these lines... they bring out the entire essence of a poem(?) I once wrote... I like the pic too... dark, suits and sets the mood of your work. Hats off che!

    ^:)^ *hail Peter!* :D

  30. @ The Pink orchid

    Yeah but my almost all the poems are like this only :|
    thankuuuu :D

  31. @ I'll try to be truthful

    Arey Rock/Rap songs k lyrics mujhey bahut pasand hain ..saacchi mein !!
    Par whenever i have tried that Rock thngy ..people ask me to shut up ...they say it's equivalent to the sound of some hammer banging the rock =))

    Thanks ;)

    and Finally I get to See the face behind someone who is truthful to herself ;)

  32. @ Trinaa

    arey Read the P.S >:P

    Just a poem hai ;)

  33. @ ams

    Yes that line was my actual tagline for so many days....finally in my poem ;)
    thnks :))

  34. @ Akansha

    Your are not a POET and I din KNOW IT :P

    Yes it's just a poem else the P.S wud have been "IT's Just not a Poem" :P :))

    Yes everyone seems to like that particular line, that includes me too :D
    Pic is old and morphed ;)
    I like it
    Hail YEAH, I do ;)

  35. hey peter....loved ur blog...count me in as a regualr reader too :)

    Its just a poem?? Believing u :P

  36. Hmm.. bole toh mast!

  37. @ Meghnak

    welcome buddy ;)
    temme arentu the person who mailed me ??

    IF no then ignore this comment !

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @ Abhinav

    delicious :O
    he he kha lo fir toh ;)

    It's Poetlicious btw :P :))

  40. "sometimes BLOOD refuses to clot & I fulfill my needs." - wow ! very vampirish !

  41. awesome poem.. loved it to the core. simple in wrds but very nice.. m prud of u ..
    its nice to read such things .. very diff., u can write a song man.. u rap well. u r blessed

  42. @ nidhi

    Thankuu thankuu....
    aur main soch raha tha ki log relate nahi kar payengey issey :P

  43. aaila ! mera comment kaha gaya ::O :O

    *tunee mera comment delete kiya !!!!* nahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii

    anyway , i think this is the poem with whch most people could relate to .

    :) all the lines were very truesome awesome

  44. @ I'll try to be truthful

    Arey hai toh tera comment ...aura mera reply bhi tere comment pe...

    scroll up and theek se dekh X-(

  45. Just a poem.... i don think so
    I mean... its not just a poem... its an impressive one

    well done peter!

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. @ Divkiran

    ohh and i meant that it's just the translated form of my imagination :)

    thnks for liking it :D

  48. really awesome... loved it...
    gud contradicting statements...

    gonna b typin comments regularly

  49. @ haritha

    thnks and welcome to blog vibes ;)

  50. good one.. u really incorporate that opposites wala funda in each of ur poems..

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. @ sarath

    Not everytym :O
    i do it when i feel like doing it :D

    thnks btw :)

  53. is poem mein bas contrast hai..bohot sara contrast

  54. Ohhhhhhhh...achaaaaaa. :-O :-O

    Kidding. :P I can relate to it very very much. Each and every line. Really!! :) :)

    Nice!! :)

  55. @ joidevivre

    Seedha bol naa bekar hai ..tujhey pasand nahi aya x-(

  56. @ dr acula

    and I thought ur name was siya :P

    thnks ;)

  57. i cut myself to see if it bleeds

    i have definitely come across this line somewhere before...
    nd needless to say, nice emo poety. nd dont worry, we do take it only as a poem.

  58. @ Prianca

    Yes there is a similar(not the exact) line in the song 'stanley'.

    Now i remember too why it sounded familiar ;)
    and i dunno if u have heard/read it somewhere else also :-s

    yes you have to take it as a poem :D:D
    thnks :)

  59. My name is not Siya. Hehe..I prefer to write under an alias. Got hell irritated of people calling me Siya..although I used to like it in the first place when I decided to use it.. Umm..don't know..whatever. LOL. :P

    Oye and awesome new template!! So much better than the plain-dull-black one. Sorry. lol. :P

  60. @ dr.acula

    Then what's ur name :O
    Actually u looked like Siya so it was easy for me to believe ..and now dun ask me who is Siya :P

    and this Template thngy is still not complete ...i need to change a few more thngs :D
    thnks btw ;)

  61. hmm ... sometimes I want to write, sometimes I feel its all futile ...

    Nice ...

  62. @ som

    good u are learning too :D

  63. ailaa!
    "sometimes BLOOD refuses to clot & I fulfill my needs"

    what r your 'needs'?:O

    btw..i liked the way u have written certain words in capital,makes the whole thing more effective.

  64. @ Apparently

    Vampire-ish needs :P

    thnks :)