Saturday, April 18, 2009

SING-errrr ME !

"If you can sing then you can sing and if you can't sing, then you can't sing."

That was my whole point for a friendly debate, which later went on to become a serious one. The other day I was discussing with my friends about a few wannabes. They have this flaunting hobbies, for learning music, guitar & even dancing and they kinda screw themselves up in the process. My whole idea was, that you must have at least some musical sense, some rhythmic sense, somewhere in your brain for learning music. It's more of a gift, without it you can't sing or play musical instruments.

Imagine a 30 year old guy, with a horrible squeaky voice, with no rhythmic sense at all trying to sing "tera tera tera surror". Ok you teach him for 5 years and i am damn sure he won't show any improvement and Now imagine a 3 year old kid, who can barely speak, and has a vague and fumbling accent but a good musical sense. you teach him for 5 years and by the time he is 8 he will out shadow that man.

Ok i know a few of you must be thinking exactly opposite of what my concept is. For those who think my thoughts are not congruent enough with their opinions, Let me share something about myself. I sing, i never learned music, i mess up my scale, beats, tune,expressions, honestly a lot of things,a lot of time, but still there are a few people who say I am a damn good singer, I sing like Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam, Niraj shreedhar(bombay vikings) and don't know who else on this earth.My point is, that I realize when I make mistakes, and that's when I curse myself for not learning music, I could have done a far better justice with my voice if i had learned it and to understand that I have a little sense in me since I was born.

My friends then debated that singing may be tough but it is not actually the same case with dancing or learning guitars. Now I want to ask that, what happens when in the school u see a kid, doing a horrible job at the march past ? and some doing it absolutely fine. Is he sick ? or is he bad in grasping things? I guess he just doesn't have a sense to catch the drumbeats & dancing, for that matter surely needs more than that, you must have flexibility along with your rhythmic sense which obviously you can't generate one morning when you get up and feel dancing like Hrithik Roshan.

For learning guitar, again you have to have the dedication & if you are a wannabe, with insanely long nails(which will hurt while playing it) or you have seen a guitar hanging on the wall and which tells all it's life's story about how the spiders spun their web inside it since you were a tiny ass, and you being an arachnophobiac, never touched it, then let's face it, you cannot learn guitars!

The debate was over that day but I don't think anyone else was as satisfied as I thought would be. I had said whatever I wanted to say since long, directly or indirectly to a few wannabes who actually have no idea how much they suck when they do it just for flaunting.

Hey btw here's a collage of whatever little i did in my college I mean the so-called-stage-singing.
In case you have a feeling that i am a braggart :D

Gawd!! I am on a collage making spree these days :D


  1. funtashtic.. :) Ashwin inna saara gyaan.. inna bol bacchan.. :)


    I can't sing.. - so never broke my head in that.. :)

    i can dance - not an amateur but not a professional either..

    i can write - no comments, i write to get my mind some peace.. i don't know if i write good or bad..

    me liked the post.. :D

  2. *do what they do best .. i meant..:P

    my typo shows blogging is my obsession.. :P

  3. i knw i cant sing but i love to sing to myself, specially iin bathroom
    i knw i cant draw but i do amzing things with adobe photo shop.. .so glad i have sense of designing..
    there are kids who dont knw wht they r good at but with teaching and grasping they become good at it.
    I have seen kids playing piano . they been learning since they dont knw whts piano is all abt..
    But reaaz is smthng.

  4. [-( okay, forgive us himesh reshamiyas for existing, our voices suck, but we weren't born sonu nigams unlike u :P

    i agree with the musical sense part...totally... i can't sing for nuts, but i hv something like a natural talent at playing the least i used to have :P

    interesting post :-w \:D/
    collage cool che but mine is betterrrrrrrrrrrrr :P :P :P ;))

  5. hey u..u sing like Atif???? do u know how crazy i am for that man??
    gosh! this is the nearest i can get to Atif's voice:):)

    cool one here...n yes, one needs to have that inborn something for sing/dance,etc n then train it to perfection!

    aive hi nahi bantha koi hero-vero:)

    P.S: at risk to modesty, u could put up a video of ur performance

  6. Totally second your opinions! Pretty true..! Esp after watching American Idol auditions!

  7. hmmm whenever I listen to "tu meri adhuri pyaas" I think of you

    Loved listening to you Live

    Keep Singing :D

  8. uhhh..I thought..sum lecture is going on peter :P:P:P..
    nyways..I can sing..bcoz i hav the sum musical sense....:D..
    bcoz I hv learned it ;)...

  9. @ the pink orchid

    Yes i know, It's all preaching preaching...preaching !

    ohh so u dance great ?..i can't dance ..i mean i can dance with 150 other people but not alone :(

    You sure write well...and thnks for liking my bol bachan :D

  10. @ Nidhi

    I also sing in bathroom a lot :D
    and yes btw u din make that design for me ..which i asked u too >:P
    and a kid just below ..u is gud in piano stuffs :D

    Riyaz is not something it is everythng :D

  11. @ Mads

    Himesh Reshamiya has far far better musical sense than me or million other ordinary people like 'US'.
    I am not even 1% of sonu nigam ..and i hate when someone compares me with him like a Musical God for me ^:)^

    Keyboard k liye bhi u have to have that musical sense me !!

    Yes ur collage is better :D

  12. @ Vinnie

    No i don't sing like him but some people feel that i do ...and no how would i know crazy are u for him :P

    and I can upload the video ...but trust me You don't want to see it :P :P

  13. @ Thoorika

    Yes i am sure too ...even though i did not watch American Idol :D

  14. @ bhaw

    You owe me a RAP performance !

  15. @ amrita

    Yes ...bahut preaching ho gaya hai ...par i couldn't have said this without so much gyan !!

    and cool u learned it so u ca teach me sometimes :D

  16. I have a slightly different opinion.. I think if you get a gud teacher(rarity I agree), there is nothing in the whole damn world one cannot learn.. Arey when Farhan Akhtar whose voice is so harsh that it can be used for filing, can sing, why can't anyone else!!!

    And yaar please, even if one hates him or not, Himesh rocks...! (His music, not his singing!) I am not his fan but there's something in him...!

    And I think anyone can sing, but the real singer is the one who showcases his talent on stage which is more difficult than mere singing..

    Shhh.. I own a guitar and I don't know how to play! :P

  17. And your COLLAGE clearly shows that!
    keep singing...! Keep smiling! {:-)

  18. thats not bragging bro.. its your blog and you ahve every right to do that.. add more fotos... feel like a king.. live life.. king size

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  20. @ Abhinav

    Hey yes I know a good music teacher can improve u a lot can take you from -ves to ...infinity but u shud have some sense of music least, u shudnt be a retard at all for the musical arena !!

    Farhan akhtar ho ya himesh reshmaiya ..unki voice jaisi bhi ho sense is far far better than all of us...that is my whole point !!
    u shud have at least some sense ..and dedication too to learn it !!

    anyways thats my point ...waise bhi .there is no parameter to judge these kind of things ...!!

    and yes stage singing is tough, and singing with karaoke is even tougher ....thats why i find all these reality show wale contestants as marvelous singers :D

  21. @ chronicwriter

    Yes ;)
    that was a useless shit i wrote which i shudnt have written :D

  22. Yups, of course you need to have something in you by default... Your point is correct that not any aira-gaira can sing just like that! but everyone is not as talented so they do bring in something else to compensate with their singing talent!

  23. yes, i felt this when i started learning dance!
    i was not that bad..but some people have it in themselves,as f they have it in their blood or in genes...i can dance but cannot sing for sure...
    but 1 always have the freedom to enjoy their whims and its kindda ok..!

  24. I do think there has to be atleast some amount of inborn skills in you for you to be able to sing. Not so much for playing the guitar or for being good at the march post though.

    Wow! the Picture collage. You're like a rockstar man!

  25. Err... I can't sing to save my life... and so have never 'treated' anybody to it... Dance I had a flair, but have never learned so can at the most dance with '150 other people' just like you...

    Very unPeterish post!First of the kind I have seen on your blog...

    Agreed with what you're saying, but I will definitely add a line... To know whether someone actually has that talent or not, it is a MUST for them to try at the very least once in life... sometimes it so happens that your talent remains undiscovered not coz you can't do it, but coz you haven't realised you can do it.I see it all the time with people who're attempting to write for the first time.It seems stupid in the beginning to even try coz you get kinda self conscious, but till you try, believe me, you can't say...

    I like your pics... attitude che! :P

  26. @ abhinav

    yes :D
    thts wat ;)

  27. @ enchantinganki

    yes you can at least sing like Ajay Devgan from HDDCS :D
    sacchai dikhegi awaz mein ..!
    and yes it's in genes i guess :D

  28. @ siya

    March past and was just an example ..i have seen people having a lot of difficulties while learning it ..coz their rhythmic sense is lower than others they will have a hard time when they dance ...that was my point !!

    and guitar k liye ..u have to have the dedication and again if u learn somehow u wont be able to make ur own tunes...however u will be able to play whatever u have learned or simply mugged up !!!

    and i am not like a rockstar me :P :P :P

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  30. @ akansha

    yes Dancing is simple when others are doing it with u like in a DJ nite or somethng !!

    yes i din want this post to sound like this ..but it just happened !

    and there u are talking about latent talent ....which is so true ...i don't know how many more talents do i posses =)) =))

    and the pics could have been better if i would have known that they ver being clicked :D

  31. THE GAAYAK-Peter Kumar :)

    Chal chal.. same pinch... iss maamley mein saam toh saam... me also sang in my college fests and all.. thodey prize bhi miley...aur most common is...I also curse myself for never taking up singing seriously...

    BTW, its never too late... Bhai got me a guitar... and I am someday going to strum it to the song Phir Dekhiye and sing along..

    Chal... uth aur jaag... give it a serious thought oye...

    A handsome mundaa with a guitar in his hands and a song on his lips... hmm sounds FUN :)

  32. @ Harshita

    Kool :D
    same pinch ...aur GUITARing ka bada shauk hai mainu bhi ....will learn one day ...for sure \:D/

  33. I did stage (group) singing in my company.

    People gave a standing ovation.
    i mean they did have to stand up as they started leaving ;)

  34. @ URv

    thats an inborn talent too ;)

  35. See i cant sing...but i m best in day in my college function, my management forced me to sing a bhajan .. n u knw i sang n it was a great hit..because of the music n words....

    so wht i think do wht in which u r best n u hv certain comfort...


  36. @ Pallav

    arey LOL good good :D
    btw i will suck in bhajans i knw :D

  37. mehrbaan ,kadardaan and kader khan ,

    pesh karte hain aapke samne humare dilon ke chahite , ASHWINIaka PETER .

    jee haaan kisi mahaan vyakti ne farmaya " thande thande pani se .....
    gana aye ya na aye gana chahiye"

    to jinhe na aye gana
    wo ache se nahana
    varna peter ki bajana
    par himesh tu na gaana

  38. but with xams around wat r u doing discussin whether ppl can sing or not ..leave the becharas to their illusionary talent .. and whoever said that about dance got it wrong ..otherwise i wud b able to dance by now ;)

  39. @ i'll try to be truthful

    Okay first of all, It's either Ashwani or Ashwin, NOT Ashwini (that's a girlie name)

    And WOW u shud be doing some Road shows :P :P:P
    You have some inborn talent for that LOL =))

  40. @ Think Tank

    Arey thats the fayda of doing engg.. u dun study ...months before the xam ..u start on the day itself ;)

    and u bet he got it all wrong :D

  41. @ I'll try to be truthful

    good for u ;)

  42. sorry to catch up so late..exams goin yah i agree...unless you dont hav the knack of cnt grasp a thing..havin an interest is diff from doing it..
    same is the case wid me..i cant sing and i cant sing...i can dance and i can only dance..when i was 2 and when i wud be 82..person nvr changes..

  43. @ chitwan

    It's ok ..better late than never :P
    and Hi5 u completely agree wid me ;)

  44. I believe that singing is a part of music and music is generally an innate talent although it might be honed over time and practice in some case. I can hardly carry a tune but I sure love music. It is an ability. Some of us have it, some don't. Guitar playing requires a similar set of brainwiring as singing. You need to get the notes right. On a certain level, music follows a mathematical pattern. One needs to get that right to sing or play music. Neither talent can be have had at will.

    I read your comment and replied to it on one of Harshita's blog posts. Please take a look when you have time.

  45. @ firebolt

    Music can be ..honed over time and by practice only if u have some sense for it.
    Btw you are pretty much right here or at least i feel so !!

    yes i read ur comment and commented back there ...hope u check it out when u have time ;)