Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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I created a blogger community on orkut called 'Blogger B.U.D.D.I.E.S' and i know so many of you are a part of it but No one bothers to open it up or participate in the forum. The threads are dull and the members are still less. So it's a request to all those bloggers who are still not a part of it, that please join the community and the existing members please contribute there. I am not against discussing serious topics like 'Terrorism' neither i am against , playing "who is the most lovely Jodi in the page" kind of games. All I need is an active participation.

For the Orkut link click here

And now to all the Orkut haters and Boys out there, there is also a site Which is a combination of your 'thobda' and your 'book'. Yes I am talking about Facebook. I have created an almost similar group over there too, It took me almost six months to figure out how and why should I have a community on FB but I figured it out finally.

For the FB link click here

P.S : Give me some suggestions or ideas If you really think you have one ;)


  1. Joined!
    [paise mere dooosre wale adde pe bhijwa dena!]

  2. joined!!
    LOL@ abhinav hahahahah

  3. got active on the introduction thread.. :)

    daraane ke liye dhanyawaad! :D

  4. Wd u believe me peter if I said only I was active in it :P

    I hv participated in it ...And yeah it's all good :)

  5. @ abhinav

    Theek hai tumhara maal main bhijwa dunga tumhare addey pe :P

    Par meri maal kahan hai? =))

  6. @ Bhaw

    now LOL at my reply too [-(

  7. @ Pink orchid

    arey FB pe kaun join karega huh :O :P

    thnks for showing interest :D

  8. @ anurag

    yes i knw that ..i have seen you there ;)

  9. @Peter's reply to Anurag
    Thank me for that! \:D/

    Joined FB too... n orkut pe toh main hoon hi! ;)

    Dunno about Bhawana... I am ROFLing... :D

  10. @ akansha

    ok thank you for that ;)
    thnks for joining FB ..
    and thnks for ROFLing :P

  11. :(:(...joined..
    bus wait kar...will be active member soon...

  12. Sirji main toh tabse uskey saath hun jabsey woh do din ki thi ;)

    hehehe...I mean community...


  13. hh..i came to knw first time abt ths...
    will join... :)

  14. yay \:D/
    i think i will be active :D :P \:D/

  15. yeah..will join it on both!
    bas...kal ka exam ho jaye... :-))

    vaise bhi, will not be active in bloggin for long.. :-(

    will stay in touch via them.. ;-)


  16. @ harshita

    haan haan bas active ho jao aap ;)

  17. @ MADS

    wats there to think ..huh ?

  18. @enchantinganki

    best of luck for ur xams ;)

  19. ya i know even i have joined that group but havent contributed to it at all...sorry mate

    will try and be active there

  20. bade khatinaiyon ke baad blogging ho paatha hain mujhse...ab doosra kuch join nahi kar sakthi...maaf karo bhai!

  21. @ Rakesh

    are u are the founder of the community ;)
    remember we discussed about it first and i guess u ver the first member ;)

  22. @ vinnie

    haan waise iskey liye xams nahi dena hai naa he ..koi minimum criteria hai till the time u are a blogger ;)

    aur nahi karna hai toh mat karo mera kya ...commission nahi milta hai mujhey ussey :P :P :P

  23. Okay.

    I will join the community(s). Oops. That is incorrect English. I will join the communities :) And I will also not charge rupees like that Abhinav :D I used to accept Dollars. But now to be on the safer side, I take only Gold ;)

    I will not be able to join straightaway as I am in office right now and all these keep-in-touch-with-people sites are blocked :(

    Also, I may not be able to be very active since I have been able to live without an internet connection at my home :(

  24. @ urv

    good good karna hai karo yaar ;)
    in whatever way u are comfortable ..koi pressure nahi hai :P:P

  25. i quit orkut.. and i am not facebooking also


    but i do blog and i do twittering.. :)

  26. @ chriz

    it's ok's not compulsory ;)

  27. @ i'll try to be truthful

    yes yes u have been active :D

  28. woh community mar jaye isse pehle usko bacha le community owner :P

  29. @ neha

    help karo moderator :P