Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last couple of days !!


I did not eat for almost 48 hours and the best part….errrrr…..the worst part was that I did not feel hungry at all. But just to make sure that I am normal, I went and thooosofy a masala dosa and l feel like puking since then. I shared my this problem with a few of my friends and the comments which I got were:

1.“sale tujhey pyaar ho gaya hai”

2.“Ohh I did it for 60 hours so you still have 12 more hours to go”

3.“OMG, eat something else you will die”

4.“Ohh okay”


2 A.M and I look at the the orkut window and see the latest updates, I gazed at a pic and a person there looked like me, wait was it really me ? I mean I never had that t-shirt which he is wearing, I don’t remember giving such a pose, I don’t remember going to such a place. This guy looks muscular, popular and spectacular and I am just a bachelor. So it can’t be me. I woke one of my flat mate to confirm and he was like…”yes it is you, no wait a second, abe koi aur hai,nahi tu he hai parrrr……”

ME: arghhh ! okay shut up

So I left a comment there.

“Ok this is about to sound funny but Is that right most guy me by any chance?”

and the following comment was

“tu he hai be”


Duration : 30 mins , weightage : 5 %, No of questions : 3

I am solving my last question and the time is almost over and then I do a blunder with my FX991MS calci.

X= {(2.89-2.37)x(2.34x3)} /2.4 = SYNTAX ERROR

Me (thinking)= How silly could I be, I can’t just press the right buttons, I should do it again.

Teacher = Time is up !

Me = Wat the fuck !


5 P.M today and I am relaxing & trying to forget whatever happened, In my rest of the classes and viva.

My celphone rings on the highest possible sound limit.

Peace Up! A-Town Down!

Yeah, Ok! Lil' Jon! Usher, Usher, Usher

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

And I am least bothered to pick it up, I am kind of enjoying my ring tone. But I pick it up in the second time.

Me: Hullo ! , haan bol ?

My best Friend : Sharam nahi aati hai ?

Me : kya hua ?

My best friend : Aaj mera b’day hai.

Me(silent) : Orkut pe show nahi kar raha hai updates mein and mere cel mein reminder nahi baja,

My best friend : you only manipulated my orkut's settings..duh !

Me: Okay.. happy b’day, Wherez the party?

My best friend : blergh X-(

I felt bad, I mean it never happens, but it had to happen today , anyways I went on his b’day treat ..Ate like a dog and here I am feeling pukish again :(


  1. at least u finally ate something :|
    i liked the saale tujhey pyaar ho gaya hai explanation :D why didnt i ask u that? :D :D :P

    sharam nahi aati? forgetting ur best friend's b'day :O on top of it, he actually treated u instead of being pissed wid u !!! hmmph che [-(

    hehe memory loss normal che :P
    and u cant recognize urself in old pics. now u'v seriously lost it :D

    btw 1st to comment :">

  2. So overall a bad day..

    n what was the reason for not eating for 48 hours??

  3. bad hair day...
    uff jane bhi happens...

  4. Ohh..U seeem to be having ADVENTUROUS days...lolzzzzz...

    Pyaar ho gaya hai...:D
    Can't use calci properly..:D
    N kudos to ur best frnd he treated you..he shud hve kicked you whr it hurts the most..;P

    but dont worry...happens wid everyone so chill and cheers..!

  5. Pehley yeh post padkey mujhey dukh hua..shuruat mein...bechaara Peter... pata nahi kya hua isey...

    Fir halki si hasi aayi aur ab aakhir tak aatey aatey am kaafused...

    ;) Ki gal hain??

    Bhayee...yeh best friend ka bday bhoolna is so unfair..par koi nahi...tera dost badaa achcha bandaa hain...treat bhi de di tujhey..

    Doc ko dikhaa...itney din bhookh nahi lagi..pyaa bhi nahi hua...toh kuch gadbad hain...

  6. and i havent been to the loo in 38 hours.. constipation...

  7. Ailaa.. 48 hrs without food..meri to death hi ho jatii...hehehehe

    Thts realy bad u forgot ur best friend Bday..disgusting..
    such a nice friend u got..i wud hv never treated u if tht happens wid me
    jst kidding..
    Probably he know u r liketht, n dosti me to sab chalta hai...

    hv fun

  8. ha ha ha....... did nt.. eat no memory.... and puking...... wonderfulll kepp it up man!!!!

  9. You cld actually stay w/o food that long ? And not even hungry ? :S

    the coolest part about forgetting be4st frd's bday is when they call you back & remind you about it ;)

  10. adventureous time chal raha hai!!
    read ur horoscope daily!!

    Memory loss to serious vala lag raha hai!!

    'bhula sab,bhula jaha...bhula tumhe (best friend ko)"...this song suits ur current sitution!!

  11. quite strange!!
    but somethings up..i'm sure ur future posts would reveal that..
    All the best, man!

  12. @ Mads

    Yeah i wasn't feeling hungry so i did not eat..!
    and yes u find it funny but for me it was irritating coz i was the one who was suffering and they cud have made sense with their words !
    yes somethng bad happening wid me :(

  13. @ sarath

    I did not feel hungry at all so did not eat :(

  14. @ neha

    bad hair day :O
    padha bhi hai tuney post ?

  15. @ charzz

    yes everythng sucked :(
    see that frnd of mine is too polite to say or hit me i take advantage sometimes


  16. @ trinaa

    LOL and you have dwarfism :P

  17. @ harshita

    yeah kuch toh gadbad hai frnd is too polite u knw ..I cant even see him shouting at me ..and hitting toh bahut dur ki baat hai :D

  18. @ chronicwritter

    that is bad ..i will die in such a case :(

  19. @Pallav

    yeah but see i am soo good in bearing thngs ..i wasnt hungry even after that ..!

    Yea even i wudnt have spared him..had i been in his place ..but .he did and thats wat frnds are for :D

  20. @ vemuri

    yes keeping it up ;)

  21. @ sugar cube

    yes After that i was so hungry that i cud have eaten loads sugar cubes ;)

    yes i dun do it tho ,,,i jus tauntofy him/her later on :D

  22. @ ankita

    aaj kal kuch nahi batatey hain horroscope wale :(

  23. @ vinnie

    hmm i guess ..!
    just wait and watch :D

  24. mujhe bhi masala dosa khana hai ;)

  25. Hmm... badi gambhir samasya hai... I'll go for the first explanation.. tujhe pyaar ho gaya hai... ab bhookh nahi lagti, dhyaan nahi lagta, you make silly mistakes, your memory has gone for a toss... boss yeh solid pyaar hai... :D and you better tell us who's the one?:P

    Well you're obviously going to forget a friend's bday na... not your enemy's... so friendship mein it's ok!what are friends for otherwise? :D

    Calci... use the ES waala version. Woh thoda zyada smart hai, and you don't have to use so many brackets, and after a syntax error, you can just go back to what you wrote and make changes, instead of typing out the entire expression again...

    But happens... chill! :D

  26. hmmm ...
    tension nai lene ka...
    bindaas jeene ka :)

  27. @ akansha

    LOL you are sounding like a hero ka frnd from typical bollywood movies :P

    yeah and that b'day point makes sense :D

    Oye i bought that calci 4 years ago so tab se wahi use kar raha hun :D
    and i stil need to learn so many thngs in that !

  28. @ hp

    yeah juice pebanu types :P

  29. tuje pyar ho gaya?? :P :P ...nice frnds..hehehe

    teacher = Time is up !
    Me = Wat the fuck !..heheheh...lolz
    sry..its rhyming..
    hey..nyways..memroy loss is common..
    tc..n get back to ur mode :P

  30. @ amrita

    haanji ...!
    rhyming hui tabhi toh likha mainey ...:D
    yeah i am back to me B-)

  31. WHat maddy...coincidence
    last 2 days I didn't have hing anything either...too lazy to make
    Got a headache!!

    Hota hai, duniya hai, chalta hai...get back to health!!
    Take good care of yourself body's gonna do it for you, its your body and mind!!

    God bless

  32. @ bhaw

    & I just did npt feel hungry :P
    YEah m taking it now ;)
    thnk u

  33. Hunger: It is such a waste of time.

  34. a nice post inspired outta a typical bad day.
    not bad :P

  35. @ prianca

    i dunno whther i shud be sad for myself or shud be happy for ur comment :P

  36. Br happy..for urself..;)))
    i guess that'll suit you best.

  37. @ Prianca

    oki, if u insist :D

  38. yaar masala dosa khane se mujhe hamesha hi pukish lagta hai !!!

    and i never remember friends b'day ( pata hai inna proud hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai )

    Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah
    Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

  39. @i'll try to be

    :P hehehe i can understand :P

  40. That was a fun read man! Awesome! and forgetting your best friend's birthday...well, its almost everyone's thing! :)


  41. @ jeet

    and ohh is it ?