Monday, March 16, 2009

the ENEMY is IN ME

Recently two people have designed my fav poem (of course by me duh!) and the best part is that they both are bloggers and both are gals.One pursuing animation and the other one is a media student. Here are their designs, check out and appreciate. Don't dare to compare or criticize.

NEHA (a blogger turned friend and a media student) .. has used my pic and her skills to make it look proper and apt. She wanted my real 'gunda pic' ..toh mainey bhi bola le lo ....main bhi Y2A jaisa wanted banana chata hun :D

(CLICK ON THE IMAGES) ab yeh bhi batana padega kya ?

SWETA ( a friend turned blogger and an animation student) who emerges like a phoenix once in 500 years and the 1st thing she does is to write a post on her blog ;)
She has used her skills and her creative pics design this ..actually she made quite a few designs.But this one is her latest.The theme is apt for the poem... isn't it ?

Thank you both of you, now I am hiring you two as my personal poem designers ;)...see I am coming with new kind of job opportunities for the talented students even when the market condition sucks ;)


  1. Y2A is chocolaty ladke ko thoda gunda banao..he is meetha i mean sweet

  2. @ neha
    abe ...wanted hai naa bas :D

  3. Good job Neha and Sweta.
    All the best :-)

  4. @ bhawana

    tussi abhi tak jaag rahe ho :O

  5. waaaaaaaah! talented log! :D

  6. Yaar
    applaud applaud for neha n sweta;
    we must appreciate for thier talent....
    Good Work

  7. thnkuz pplz
    Neha amazing wrk re?

  8. Oye woww..I aptly tagged you "wanted among girls"..mai bhi banaungi yea..banau..pleeeaj? :D

  9. @ trinaa

    haanji bahut jayda :D

    @ Pallav

    i already did's ur turn now :D

  10. @ mayz

    sure it is ;)

    @ sweta

    haan amazing both of u :D

  11. @ crystal

    he he yeah if u insist :D

    and yes why not go ahead....wid ur work ..i know u like designing :D

  12. @ neha

    haan be both of u did a wonderful job ^:)^

  13. mast hai ye to...can those two be hired for contractual assignment? :P

  14. @ chitwan

    puch k batata hun ;)

  15. great work by both the girls :D
    i always appreciate any work done through computers :"> :D :D \:D/

  16. Great designs.. n nice poem too..

  17. Wow yaar! both of them designs look so cool and so... apt!!! Where Neha's gives the rugged look and feel to the poem, Shweta's kind of talks about dual personalities... really cool...

    Nice poem and two different interpretations... nice!

    see I am coming with new kind of job opportunities for the talented students even when the market condition sucks ;)

    Yes Mr.Cool... ;) and what's their pay??? :P

  18. @ sarath
    thnks god at least someone noticed the poem too :P

  19. @ akansha

    yeah that's wat's jus the way ppl interpret the poems. there are no premises.

    and thnks for noticing the poem too :D

    Mr. Cool ? i am not cool re i get hyper easily :P ( and i am nt proud of it)

    pay scale ka kya karna hai bhawanon ko samjho ..aur aish karo :D

  20. Peter, you do have quite a following. :)

    I hadn't read the poem earlier... but I did it now. Well written as usual !! ...

  21. mast pic hai peter....
    tere poem mere liye to high funda.
    the presentation was awesome.

  22. aree waah!!
    loved both of them :-)
    kudos to both gals!!!

    Its amazing to see two sides of a coin..hai na??

    btw,i like ur poem too...lately,this is wat i have been thinking now-a-days!!

  23. @ som

    he he u knw wat i forced one them to do this for me :P

    thnks ;)

  24. @ nidzii

    arey nahi nahi yeh toh simple wali hai :P
    naam se he samjh aa jayega kisi ko ..ek baar padh k toh dekh :D

  25. @ ankita

    thnks u ..yes we all can relate to it ;)
    and yes kudos to both the gals :D

  26. wow.. mast poems hain.. i mean dono same hi hain!

    Enemy within me..! You think a lot it seems! Intellectual! The artwork behind is nice as well!!


    (haan haan main hi hoon woh Y2A jiska Peter ne mention kiya hai!)

    Thank u Peter!
    You know what I have lost the PSD file of my Wanted pic! :((

  27. @ abhinav

    yeah yeh poem mujhey bhi pasand hai :D
    The enemy is in me (dun change the title) :P

    yeah art work he toh main hain poem toh mainey ek baar aur post ki thi bahut pahley jab i started blogging :P

    and u can copy that image naa from ur or FB :O

  28. I didnt change the title.. main the ponder kar raha tha iss point pe.. The enemy within us!

    Arey I have its full size JPEG! but not the psd!its okay..!
    fir se nayi bana lenge jarurat aane pe!

  29. kya baat hain?? Tere toh jalwey hain oye!!

    Neha and Sweta have done an awesome job and it is so thoughtful of them to do it for u...

    Lucky Boy... Lucky Boy!!

  30. @ abhinav

    ohh yeah pondering is gud :D
    haan haan mere liye bhi ek bana do ..:D

  31. @ harshita

    arey i had to force them to do it for me :D
    he he ;))

    they are so gud at it :D

  32. Check this :--->

  33. @ crystal

    oye this is jus too gud :D
    thnks a lot ;)

  34. wow peter..the luved the poem...uhh..
    kuchi kuchi..bam bam :P :P...
    and both the gals..did a gr8 job :)..
    mast ..hai

  35. @ amrita

    I loved the poem too :D
    he he thnks ...both the gals are indeed talented :D

  36. glad to know that you have become the poetry in the life of two people...

    thanks for visiting me bro.. keep coming..

    this page looks good.. have added your url to my google reader..

    god bless

  37. @ chronicwriter

    3 so far ;)
    and thnks :D

  38. Oh wow..kudos neha and shweta..
    Its gr8 to see to differnt picks on a same thng..
    Liked it alot..!!
    n fr pete..the poem is gr8 too..

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. @ charzz

    yeah thnks on their behalf ..and name is peter not pete :P
    thnks anyways

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